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Publication numberUS1841412 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1932
Filing dateMar 12, 1931
Priority dateMar 12, 1931
Publication numberUS 1841412 A, US 1841412A, US-A-1841412, US1841412 A, US1841412A
InventorsFred Leicht
Original AssigneeHonold Mfg Company
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Casket display rack
US 1841412 A
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Jan; 19,' 1932. 4 F. LEICHT GASKET DISPLAY'RAG'K Filed March l2. 1931 y i BY# Patented Jan. 19, 17932 f cskr'nIsPLY :their nppiieatieiriiid narhfiz, 1931. 'serial 1161521956., 'l

This inventionrelates to improvementsin and displayed thereon, -but 'inl'said construcper and lower supportingarms, the covers 'got the lower Gaskets couldfn'ot 'be opened fup,

15 because of interference,- with'supported cas-` ketsthereabove, to display the` interiors of Y V F i In theaccompanying drawings in'which vthe sainevreference'--charactersindicatethek the lower Gaskets. K

`,The present inventinconstitutes an im-3 provement over saidU. Si Patent #1,169,157 ,v

20 and the present casket display rack,'in addi` tion to all of therobjects'and advantages-.inf

herent to the constructionV ofsaidfiormer patent, seeks to provide a `casketdisplay rack wherein the Vlower supporting :farms are eX- 25 tensible, whereby` a casket mounted tlfiereonfy may be drawn* outwardly with -respectjto al Y casket supported thereabove, permitting the cover of the-lowercasket, as' .well'as that-ot c the upper casket, tobe completelyz openedtOi- 30 reveal the interior of the lowerfca'sket ff i .k .z :A specic object of the present invention is to provide a Casketfdisplay. rackhavinglowfV er casket supporting extensible arms, said arm extensions belng `solmounted and "sup- 35 ported on ball bear-ing 'members thatk when said arms are moved toward'extended posi? tions, certain anti-friction'devices and sup)- ports are put into operation when theequli rium of the ycaskettsupp'ortingarms over-r whereby f littleJ effort fisI required infinoving Vsaid arms to and froml'di'splayingl )osi tions.`r

A further object of the invention isfto provide a casket display rack 'off suchlowar-` 15- rangement and dispositionjthata:prospectivepurchaser ymay readily viewand i inspect 'cas-j arln's of the rack.

A further specific object of theinvention kets displayed onboth the upper and lowerso that 'a casket on a'lower portionthereo 7 maybe `moved outwardly for ready andjcom'i plete inspection, and after inspection thecas` ket may be pushed inwardlydirectly below` establishment isc-greatly conserved. ,-A:further object olA the inventionnis to proiV the upper casket, whereby floor'spa'celin'the Y 5 f Y' vide' afcasket display'ra'ck whichis easilyad-- justed'and manipulated, which isstrongand fdurable,.is attractiveinv appearanceyandis L() welladapted'for the purposesdescribed". y NViththev above and other objects'in'view, theinvention.consists of theirnproved casket display` rack, and itspartsan'dcombinations as sfet'frth in the' claims, andall equivalents 65 same parts in alloftheviews:

awayy toi show a detailof construction;lV

Fig.f2 fis afperspective view of' the rack', i

showingfit supporting apair of openedi ca's` kets, andwith lthelower V*supper'tingf yarms 75 of ,the rack extendedg l -lfig.' 3`is a detail'sectionalview ytakenlon "Fig.' 4 is enlarged v`fragmentary detail` Asectionalview of the upper endportionor` an ,8'0l Y Vupright post andthe engagement oigany upper `arm therewith; and

'whose lower end portions are'surrounded bym-9`0 o fixed': hub portionsf9'-of,loweryrelongatedf horizontally extending casketbrackets 310'.; 1

The flrubportions 901i' the two fpost'hs-arenf joined '.by fan elongated' bar r11; Thewlowerf f Y' extremities of-the posts Smay be formed with flanged 2 supportingfffe'et 112 y' which 'may be ing Fig.l 111s va perspective view of the casket d isplayrackxwith aportionbroker ,c

.The upper end portions of the posts 8 arev adapted to support upper casket bracket-s or armsl3. Said brackets or arms 13 are formed with tubular hub portions 111 through which the upper end portions of the postsA extend, and said arms 1-3 may besecured in vertical positions of adjustment-with respect toV the..`

upper ends of the posts S by meansof bolts 15. The upper arms or brackets 13 are conneoted together Vby )means ofanelongated horizontal rod 16 extended between' and con'- nected to the hub portions 14 ofthe same.

Both the upper and lower pairs 'of arms or brackets are of sufficient length to support thereon a casket, and the inner ends ot the upperrarms 13 are formed with upstanding.

flanges orprojections 17. The outerends of vthe/lower arms or brackets 10 have dependa horizont'al'innerV face thereof, thereis I' welded an elongated dat steel strip 20'for re-4 scribed. f

inforcement purposes and'to form a track for contact with antifriction `devices carried by the arms 10, and hereinafter Vto belde- By referring Aparticularlyuto Figs. and

3 it will be noted that an intermediate portion of each of the lower arms 10 is recessed andpthere is mounted vwithin saidrecess on a screw stud 21a ball bearingor anti-friction roller'22. Each roller 22 projects above the top face Voi. itsarm 1 0 and inthe normal unextended position of the extension aria-1.9

' thereon, the roller contacts with the inner l vor outer'endV portion of each arm 10. Y

. on, said extension arms 19 are borne by the reinforcingV strip and track ,20. A similar ball bearing or anti-friction rollerY 23-is 'similarly mounted withinthe extremeforward The outer end portionsfofrthe extensie arms 19 are provided with depending bifur-j cated legs 24. Each bifurcatedvleg, between its lower extremities, has V`revolubly mounted on a shaft, Va roller .25..

. The improved casket display rackis of,

such a nature that it may be conveniently po,- sitionedadjacent the side wall ofaroom, and;

a casket may be disposed across Vthe uppervr brackets or arms 13 and supported thereby, and a second casket may be disposed across the lower arms or brackets 'lO-19 and be 'supported thereby, belowithe Vupper casket.

Normallythe extension arms 19 areintheir inner, non-extended positions as illustrated in Fig'. 1. l/Vith the weight otra casket there anti-friction devices 22 and 23. It should be observed that the bifurcated legs 24ans ofL such a length that in this contracted position ofthe extension arms the rollers 25 are slight#V ly elevated from the loor.V If it is desired1to` extend the extension arms19; or to move the same outwardly this is accomplished-by the exertion of a minimum amount of force because said arms ride on the anti-friction devices 22. When the arms have been moved outwardly a sulicient distance the casket supported thereby will cause a slight overbalancingof theextension arms19 to overcome their. normalequ-ilibrium. VVhenthis occurs the rollers 25 carried by the legs 24 of the extension arms will then ride en the yfloor and` thus maintain theease of moving the 'arms and' casketk'thereontol a still further forward position, movement to the extended position being 'further aided by the forward anti-friction devices 233.,.*1'1`ransverse pins 26 between the lower inner end portions of the channeled illustrated in Fig. 2, thatthe lower :casket may be opened up andboth Gaskets complete lyviewed* and inspected simultaneously. This arrangement further permits of the construction ofa'supportingstand which is relatively lowkso that theupper casketiwill be Completely'within;` the range of vision of a prospective purchaser; ,The extensibility. of theV lowerfarms orbrackets-19 is suchthat after inspection, -thelower casket-may be easily returned to its position below the upper casket, providing for.' compat'ness and minimizingtheamo'unt of floor space requiredfor` the display ofcaskets.:` A Y FromV the' foregoing description itl will be seen that :the improved: casket display rack is of very simple and novel construction, and is Well adapted -for the purposes described.

-Whatfis claimedas theginvention is: f Y 1. A.display/rack,comprising-asupporting structure, a pair. oflhorizontal arms carried in spaced relation by "upper portions of said supporting` structure, a pair of horizontal arms carried in spaced relation by lower portions vof said ,supportingy structure, extension arms; telescopically:surrounding said lower arms .throughoutthe lengths of the latter, and anti-friction devices interposed between said lowerfarms andthe extension arms. A displaylrack, comprising a supporting structure,va.pairlofhorizontali arms carried in spaced'relatio'nby upperportions of said supporting structure, a pair" of; horizontal arms jcalridin spaced relation" by lowerportions lower arms, anti-friction devices interposed between said lower arms and the extension arms, and normally inactive legs depended from theouter ends of said extension arms.

3. A displayrack, comprising a supporting structure, a pair of horizontal arms carried 1n spaced relation lby upper portions ofjsaid supporting structure, apair of horizontal arms carrled 1n spaced relation by lower por.- tions of said supportmg structure, legs depending from the outer ends of said lower arms, extension arms telescopieally mounted with respect to said lower arms, anti-friction devices interposed between said lower arms and the extension arms, and normally inactive legs depended from the outer ends of said extension arms, said legs being slidably engageable with a supporting surface upon an extension of said extension arms and slight 'overbalancing of the same due to a weight borne thereon.

4. A casket display rack, comprising a pair of spaced upright posts, brackets adjustably mounted on the upper ends of said posts and provided with horizontal arms for support-V ing a casket, connections between-said posts to maintain the same in spaced relationship, brackets mounted on the lower end portions of said posts andprovided. with horizontal supporting arms, supporting legs depending from the outer ends of said lower arms, extension arms telescopic'ally mountedon said lower arms for supporting a casket below the upper arms, anti-friction devices interposed between said extension arms and said lower arms, and legs depending from theouter ends of said extension arms, said legs, in the noneXtended position of said extension arms being elevated from the floor,'but upon extension yof said arms and a slight overbalancing of the same said legs slidably contacting with the floor.

In testimony whereof, I affix my siUna-ture.


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