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Publication numberUS1842873 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 26, 1932
Filing dateJul 29, 1930
Priority dateJul 29, 1930
Publication numberUS 1842873 A, US 1842873A, US-A-1842873, US1842873 A, US1842873A
InventorsLeeking Mary E
Original AssigneeLeeking Mary E
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Mattress holder
US 1842873 A
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Jan. 26, 1932. Mh E, LEEK'ING 1,842,873 v MATTRESS HOLDER ,Filed July 29. 193g nvenlor Patented Jan. 26, 1932 i UNITED STTES TPATENTQFMC MARY n. LEEKING, on Enza-BETH; :New JERSEY MATTRESS HOLDER Application flied July 29, 1930. serial No. 471,478. l

This invention relates to improvements in mattress holders for hospitals or sick beds.

lt will be appreciated that in hospital beds wherein the springs are constructed of several adjustable sections to enable the propping up of a patient, that the mattress has a tendency to creep or Work down toward the foot of the bed. This necessitates the frequent lifting of the patient to enable the shifting ofthe mattress back toward the head of the bed and which requires the services changing of the bed clothes.

Another object is the provision of a mattress holder for beds in which sets of straps have their respective ends detachably counected to the spring frame and mattress, and

which permits the turning and reversal of the mattress as 1s the usual custom.

A. stiil further object is to provide a mattress holder which is simple of construction, inexpensive of manufacture and which may be applied to beds and mattresses now Vin use without requiring any radical changes in the construction thereof.

lVith these and other objects in view, the invention resides in the certain. novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, the essential 'features of which are hereinafter fully described, are particularly pointed out in the appended claim and are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which;

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a hospital bed showing the spring in an adjusted position and with parts of the mattress broken away in section.

Figure 2 is an enlarged yside elevation Vof the mattress.

vFigure 3 is an enlarged detail verticalsectional view on the lineB-S of Figure 2.

' Figure L is 'a detail elevational View of one ofthe 'supportingstraps Referring tofthe1 drawings by reference characters, the numeral 10 designates a hospital bed "of the lconventional type which ilcludesan adjustablespring composed of a foldable head spriiw section 11,- a foldable foot spring section 12, and intermediate foldable spring section 13. It will be appreciated that When the sections 11, 12,`and l13 are in a loweredpositi'on, they provide a flat surface for the support of the mattress 14C', but

by raising the several sections the spring may beadjusted to accommodate alpatient in a sitting orpartially sitting position.

`The mattress 1li is provided with spaced sets of eye members 15 along opposite sides thereof, the said "members being connected means to bepresently described maybe used irrespective as to whichsideof the mattress is face up or whichend is disposed at the headjand foot end of the? bed.

yThe end bars 16of the head spring section 1l andof the foot spring section 12 are each o provided withspaced openings 17, the said lopenings being disposed at equaldistances on the upper and lower ends of the lmattress 14. gA

Y to the sides ofthe mattress by fabric tabs 1'6 In View of the fact that the eye members 15 are disposed at the sides of the mattress, the straps 19 of each set will be disposed in converging relation with respect to each other, as clearly shown in Figure 1 of the drawings. With the mattress connected to the springs in this manner anyA tendency of the mattress to shift or crease toward the foot end of the reason of connecting opposite sides of the mattress to the springs through the medium of the respective sets of straps.

It will be noted that the straps 19 are disposed beneath the mattress to be concealed from view, andthey do not interfere with the folding of the sheets and :other'be'd- Clothing beneath the mattress when the bed is made up for use. As previously stated, by reason of the spaced relation ofthe eyemembersfl, the mattress may be turned around and reversed so as t0 change its positionv with `respect to the spring, and still be connected to the springs by the respective sets of straps. This invention will prevent the effort noWTequired inorder-to rearrange :armattress upon the `springs caused b v fshiftingfof .the same which is a hardshiptonursesaand other attendants to thesiek and invalid.

While -rI haveshown :and described what .I deem to bel the most desirable. embodiment of myinvention, Irwishit to bennderstood that `various changes in construction mayberesorted-'to if desired, ,andthfat'I do not-Wishto limit ymyself I-to the details :shown and described, nor to anythingless thanfthe -whole of my: invention limited Onlybv the appended claim.

Having thus desoribedwtheinventionfwhat 1I olaim las "new anddesiretorsecure-by:Letters Patentis- In combination Withza bed having afoldable and :adjustable ,bed spring, .a :mattress supportedupen said Aspring,admible' row or' l,eve.membersattached-- tdeaeh;` side: of thegmats-ress, ,fone-row -being arranged adj aeent-one face of i the mattress :and `the other adj acent theotherffaeeatheend fmemberse oflthes'prilflg,r

iframe having` holes therein 'adjacent v`their peuters, and a .pairofstraps or each=end of fthe bed-each strap havlnjgfahook at eadh=end thereof, onelhookfadapted toiengage-a hole vin .the -spring e frame mnd :the `otherzan eye mem- .berojf a row-,at .the bottomof `the mattress, ,said straps extending diagonally from the :ends 4Ofthe :bed `to the -sides fthereof and being .located -under athe mattress.

4In testimony Awhereof I affix mysignature.


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International ClassificationA47C21/02, A47C21/00
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European ClassificationA47C21/02B