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Publication numberUS1843279 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1932
Filing dateNov 1, 1929
Priority dateNov 1, 1929
Publication numberUS 1843279 A, US 1843279A, US-A-1843279, US1843279 A, US1843279A
InventorsFrank A Gritt
Original AssigneeGritt Ragsdale & Company Inc
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Motion simulating device
US 1843279 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 2, 1932. F. A. @Rm 1,843,279

MOTION S IMULATING DEVICE Filed Nov. l, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l FIE 5 ATTORNEYS.

Feb. 2, 1932. F. A. GRITT 1,843,279

MOTION SIMULATING DEVICE Filed Nov. l, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 gin/vanto@ Patented Feb. 2, 1932 l Ulsural)l STATES PATENT OFFICE.l

A. GRI'JPI, OF INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, ASSIGNOR T0. GRI'IT-RAGSDALE & 00H4 PANY, INO., OF INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, A. CORPORATION iscro'rroir 'smULA'rINe imvrcn- Application filed November 1, 1929. Serial No. 404,102.

This invention relates to an illuminated;

sign or display which is adapted to simulate motion of objects or of liquid and particularly vapor'movement.

'5,7 The chief object of the invention is to provide a device which will simulate liquid movement and particularly vapor. movement in a most realistic manner and in such a Way that the same can be associated with other l portions of a sign or display and incorporated therewith to form a complete picture. vapor or liquid simulation of movement can thus be incorporated as a material portion of a complete picture representation.

The chief feature ofthe invention consists in the parts and the' arrangement of the several parts such that the usual reprgsentation of objects, or vapor or liquid movement is so modified that the portions of that representation areblended or merged into each otherv to most accurately replresent' and simulate vapor and liquid or ot er movement.v

Liquid having considerable density, such as representations of water, milk and the like have singularly well defined outlines when liquid movement is desired to be represented. Vapors, however, which rise or fall, and also sprays and foam representations actually doy not travel vertically but usually swing from right to left as the vapor, spray or foam 1s subjected to lateral resistance such as currents of air and the like, wherefore the path v of theascending and descending path of spray or vapor is variable and the limits of the representation of the vapor shift and blend from one density to another.

Heretofore a rotating screen has projected light directly upon a translucent member and has produced a crude representation of liquid movement but such a representation does not simulate a vapor movement..

The gist of the present invention consists in the provision of a'distorting mirror, a constant source of illumination and a movable screen interposed therebetween and all arranged such that direct light from the source of illumination to the translucent portion of the representation for passage therethrough 5b is substantially prevented, or rather is not required.


The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the followingdescription and claims:

In thedrawings Fig. 1yis a vertical sectional view through one form of the invention. Fig. '2 is a transverse sectional view taken on line 2--2 of Fig. 1 and in the direction of the arrows. Fig. 3 is a fragmentary front view of the device showing an example of illustration that might appropriately appear thereon.

iIn the drawings 10 indicates a suitable frame which may be a portion of the housing or the like, and mounted therein is a suitable pictorial representation 11 the front face of which is exposed through the aperture 12 in the housing or frame work and which is illuminated by direct lightfalling thereon.

lVarious forms of representations may be eman opaque portion13 and a translucent portion 14. The opaque portion '13 upon the front face is suitably legended or provided with pictorial matter as desired and the translucent portion likewise may be similarly provided. The translucent portion may be merely a plain sheet portion of color and the simulation of motion will be faithfully reproduced upon the exposed face after passing through the translucent portion.

A lamp socket 15 supports an electricflamp bulb 16 or other source of light and herein a rotating screen or light interrupter having the blades or leaves 17v with apertures 18 therebetween is mounted concentrically with the lamp bulb and preferably is rotatably mounted thereon through the instrumentality of the bearing cap 19. Heated air rising from the lamp bulb 16 passes upwardly and the leaves are so arranged that they act as turbine blades and secure rotation of the screen. The screen may be composed of any suitable material and shape' and be of any desired color 4both upon its exterior and interior, may be opaque or may be silvered for reflecting. A

The light from the bulb passes through the screen and portions may be reflected from the screen. The directly projected and reflected rays are thrown upon a distorting reflector or mirror 3T. The distorting mirror herein is shown as substantially semi-cylindrical and the same is indicated by the numeral 2t) and is provided with a reflecting surface. The mirror may be positioned upright so that its elements are. substantially parallel to the representation or the mirror can be tilted either upwardlyY or downwardly toward or away from the representation as found desii-able. Likewise the mirror may be a portion of a cone or may be a plurality of reflecting surfaces arranged in partially closed relation and successively connected. It is not essential for obtaining the proper action that the mirror be positioned as shown in Fig. 2. The mirror may be positioned at right angles to the aforesaid positioning or any other intermediate position may be employed.

When the mirror is positioned as shown or substantially as shown, the intermittent or progressive procession of light from the lamp bulb to the mirror and through the screen is projected to the translucent portion and through the same and represents horizontal variation in vertical rising columns of vapor or liquid. lVhen the screen is tilted at 900 the light variation will be in a vertical direction f or simulating wave action and intermediate positioning the screen will secure intermediate variati on. Thus predetermined distorting portions secure predetermined simulations and further predetermined positioningl of the distorting portions secure predetermined directional simulation. The employment of a mirror, as is well known. creates a reicction that does not have a sharp outline but creates a hazy representation thereof.

The combination of the rotating screen and the distorting mirror obtains a blending of light rays into gradual intensity and gradual lightness in depth with blendings therebetween and through the movement of the screen this representation is movable to secure substantially perfect simulation o-f vapor movement. To further intensify the simulation, if and when desired, certain modifying constructions may be employed and these may be imposed upon the surface of the distorting mirror. Irregular stripings having substantially the same general direction and either opaqued or colored when applied to the reflecting surface of the mirror will further intensify the action of the mirror. In the present disclosure, however, a stencil 2l having the cut out portions 22 is provided and the reflecting surface is eX- posed through the cut out portions. In the present disclosure, therefore, the general dif rection of the stencil openings and the gent eral direction of the screen openings is substantially parallel. They may, however, be transversely arranged or intermediately arranged each different relationship of which will produce a different variation of the original effect and the one desired. Preferably the mirror has a supporting stem 23 and base 24 of thin metal.

Herein to positively insure that no direct rays of light are thrown upon the translucentportion of the screen there is provided a shield or batlie 25. This baille may, if desired, be extended as at 2G and may be variously shaped as may be desired and the surface adjacent the lamp bulb Inay have reflecting properties so that the light discharge upon it may be returned to the screen and thence redirected to the distorting mirror or may be directly reflected to the mirror for further intensifying the motion or action of the representation. In the present invention the light source is offset relative to the representation leaving a clear line of sight between the translucent portion and the distorting mirror. In Fig. l certain angular broken lines representing limits of effective illumination are illustrated. The translucent portion of the front panel serves to hide the reiiecting mirror from view of an observer positioned in front of the sign.

The invention claimed is:

l. A device suitable for simulating motion comprising a pictorial representation illuminable by light falling thereon and including a translucent portion bearing a portion of the representation and illuminable by light passing oppositely and through said portion, a source of constant illumination and shielded to be prevented from directly illuminating the translucent portion, a distorting morrior hidden by the translucent potrion of the represenation and arranged to receive illumination from said source and reflect the same to the translucent portion and pictorial representation thereon, and a movable reiiecting screen interposed between the source of constant illumination and the mirror and movable to the opposite side of said source for varying the illumination from the mirror to the pictorial represenation for simulating motion therein,

2. In a motion simulating device the combination of a pictorial represenation having a translucent portion, a distorting mirror construction hidden from View by the translucent portion and provided With predetermined distorting portions Whereby predetermined simulation of Huid motion is obtained, and a series of cooperating means arranged to intermittently illuminate the mirror directly for illuminating the translucent portion solely by reiiection to obtain the desired fluid motion simulation.

3. In a motion simulating device, the combination of a translucent part bearing a portion of a pictorial illustration, a distorting reflector facing the back of the translucent part and hidden from view thereby from the front of the part, a lighting lamp arranged between the reflector and the translucent part but on a lower level than the major portion of the reflector and projecting light rays face of the lower portion of the reflector) and lower, than the translucent part to leave clear space between the major portion of the relector and said part, mova le varylng means interposed between the upper portion of the lamp andthe reflector, and other means interposed between the lamp and the translucent part for varying the intensity of light emanating from the lamp.

5. In a motion simulating device, the com-- bination of a translucent part bearing a or` tion of 'a pictorial illustration designe to4 represent a moving object, a distorting reflector facing the back of the translucent part and being invisible through the part, a constant lighting lamp arranged opposite to the face of the lower portion of the reflector and lower than the translucent part, an opaque shield arranged between the lamp and the translucent part and having an inclined refleeting portion situated partially above the lamp, and varying means intermittently interposed between the lamp and the reflector and said reflecting shield portion for Avarying the intensity of light passing from the lamp to the reflector.

6. In a motion simulating device, the combination of a translucent part bearing a portion of a pictorial illustration, a reflector-facing the back of the translucent part, a lightfalce through said openings.

8. A device for simulating motion having a translucent panel bearing a representation designed for simulating motion, a distorting main reflector arranged behind and facing towards the panel to rellect light rays obliquely onto the back of the panel, a lighting lamp arranged oil? from the direct path of the relect'ed rays of light passing to the panel and projecting light rays obhquely to the relector, a secondary reflector arranged between the lamp and the back of the panel and ing light rays fromk the lamp to the reecting dellecting light frointhe lamp obliquely onto A the main reflector, the secondary reflector being opaque and intercepting rays of light passing directly towards the panel, Aand a rotary light-interruptor mounted upon the lamp and co-operating with both the rellectors to modify the reflected light rays passing onto the translucent panel.

9. A device suitable for simulating motion comprising a pictorial representation illuminablel by light falling thereon and including a translucent portion bearing a portion of the representation and illuminable by light passing `oppositely therethrough, a source of illumination, a mirror hidden from view by the pictorial representation, and means including a rotary screen interposed between the light source and the mirror and on the opposite side of the light source for varying the illumination received and reflected thereby to the translucent portion and the representation thereon for obtaining simulation of motion, said means and source being arranged for solely indirectly illuminating the translucent portion. y

In witness whereof, I have hereunto aixed m si ature.


ing lamp arranged opposite to the lower porv tion of the reflector and lower than the transl lucent part, a shield extending from the lower portion of the translucent part at an inclination and above the lamp and having a 7. In a motion simulating device, the cornbination of a translucent part bearing a portion of an illustration, a distorting reflector arranged behind the translucent part comv prising a main part having a reflecting face and a non-reflecting stencil part on the face of the main part having openings therein exposing the reflecting Jface, a lighting lamp arranged opposite to the face of the lower portion of the reflector, a rotor mounted on the lamp, and a shield stationarily arranged between the translucent part and the lamp, the shield including an\inclined portion deflect- CERTIFICATE or common.

Patent No. 1,843,279. February 2,l 1932.


It is hereby certified that the above numbered patent was erroneously issued to "Gritt-Ragsdale8z Company, Inc., of Indianapolis Indiana, a corporation," whereas said patent should have been issued to Gritt, Inc., of Indianapolis, Indiana, a corporation of Indiana, as assignee by mesne assignments of the entire interest in said invention, as shown by the records of assignments in this office; and that the said Letters Patent should be read with this correction therein that the same may conform to the record of the case in the Patent Office.

Signed and sealed this 4th day of October, A. D. 1932.

M. J. Moore,

(Seal) Acting Commissioner of Patents.

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