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Publication numberUS1843818 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1932
Filing dateAug 3, 1931
Priority dateAug 3, 1931
Publication numberUS 1843818 A, US 1843818A, US-A-1843818, US1843818 A, US1843818A
InventorsIsenhour Russell R
Original AssigneeIsenhour Russell R
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Changeable sign
US 1843818 A
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Feb. 2, 1932. R. R. IIIII OLJR 1,843,818

Elma/whom Bela/@112 Patented Feb. 2, 1932 RUSSELL R. ISENI-IOUR, OF GENEVA CITY, NEW YORK CHANG'EABLE SIGN Application f led August 3,

This invention relates to a changeable sign wherein separate display portions can be used, 1 one of them serving as a holder for the other and each being detachable from the other and from a support provided therefor.

A further object is to provide a sign which is cheap to manufacture and can be set up and changed readily. V

Another object is to provide a sign the several members of which can be held together properly without the use of bolts, or the like.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the invention proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawings the pre-. ferred form of the invention has been shown. In said drawings: 7 a

Figure 1 is an elevation of one side of the sign.

Figure 2 is an elevation of the other side thereof. a

Figure 3 is an enlarged section on line 33, Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a section on line 4:4, Figure 2.

Referring to the figures by characters of reference,'1 designates a flat supporting arm one end of which is shaped to engage a post P or the like as shown at 2. A clamping strip 3 cooperates with said end to bind on the post and is adapted to be secured by bolts 1 or the like.

The body of the sign is formed of two metal plates 5 and 6. Plate 5 has one edge portion bent to form an angular sleeve 7 with a longitudinal slot 8 along the center of one side. This sleeve is adapted to fit snugly upon the arm 1 so as to hold the plate 5 at a desired angle thereto.

1931. Serial No. 554,880.

The other plate 6 has one edge portion folded to form a fiat head 9 lying parallel with the plate but spaced from the main portion thereof. This head is insertible longitudinally into slot 8 and sleeve 7 so as to lie between the arm 1 and the slotted wall of thesleeve Thus'the two plates will be supported with their corresponding faces flush, theplate 5 being carried by arln 1 while plate 6 is carried by sleeve 7.

The two members 5 and 6 can be easily slid 0]? arm 1 and others substituted therefor or when desired the member 6 can be slid out of sleeve 7 and another one substituted. This arrangement is especially useful where one member 5 displays certain data, such as the name of a commodity on sale, while the other member '6 displays the price asked. As the price changes another member 6 displaying the new price can be quicklysub- 5 stituted therefor. While these improve ments have been described and shown as embodied in a changeable sign it is to be understood that the same means of connecting plates can be utilized in other arts. '7

I What is claimed is:

1. A device of the class described including a plate having a slotted sleeve, a plate having one edge bent to provide, a head insertible longitudinally of the slot to posiz-5 tion within the sleeve, and a supporting arm insertible between the head and sleeve.

2. A device of the class described including a plate having one edge portion bent to provide a sleeve having a longitudinal so slot, a second plate having one edge portion bent to provide a head, said head being insertible into the sleeve-longitudinally of the slot, and a supporting arm insertible longitudinally between the sleeve and head for binding'the sleeve and head together and holding the plates flush.

3. A device of the class described including a plate having one edge portion bent to provide a flat sleeve provided with alongitudinal slot in one side, a second plate having one edge portion folded to provide a flat solid head spaced from and parallel With its plate, the head being insertible into the sleeve 5 longitudinally of the slot, and a supporting arm insertible longitudinally between the head and one side of the sleeve for holding the head against the opposite slotted side of the sleeve.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto affixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/617
International ClassificationG09F7/00
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