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Publication numberUS1843844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1932
Filing dateJun 3, 1931
Priority dateJun 3, 1931
Publication numberUS 1843844 A, US 1843844A, US-A-1843844, US1843844 A, US1843844A
InventorsRalph M Slough
Original AssigneeOhio Oil Company
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Combined sign and flood lighting apparatus
US 1843844 A
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Feb: 2, 1932.

I R. M. SL OUGH COMBINED SIGN AND FLOOD LIGHTING APPARATUS Filed June 3, 1951 j EI-INING co WW filNVENTOR A 1 Z MHSZ ATTORNEYS I Patented Feb. 2, 1932- I I p r 3mins ismmag o riimnLegonio,,AssrGNon 'ro "rn'n'omo. oin COMPANY, or eFINDL X.0x1 9 AcOM MI H Q;'

C M INED: s'Ie AND 11 0.1 GHI NG ummus application fil'diJ11'1'1e3, 19si,*seria1 m. $41,917.

" This invention has general reference to Figure l is a facelview of a-m'odified adapthe-class of illumination, and refers more tation of the invention:illustrating=theman-- particularly to a combined sign a'nd flood ,nerinwhich' the apparatusmjay be -decorated. lighting-apparatus which, while not necesor ornamented. 1V

"5 sarily restricted to, such use, is especially -flReferiiingtothedrawings bycharactersof"55 applicable to automobile filling and service reference, theyapparatus' in itsprincipal=ap stations. 7 V y Y plication'to an automobile :fi'lling and service The invention broadly comprehends an station Apr-:other lowbuil'ding fOf annequivapparatus of the indicated character, by alent nature, has;itscopingor parapetB'par- 10' virtue of which a uniform non-glaring, at' ticularly designed to'accommo'date oI'rTits eX- 60 tractive and effectual illumination of the area terior surfacethe'apparatus constitutingl the 7 adjacent the apparatus is obtained,- in addipresent invention, whichconsistso'f'a member tion to the accomplishing of a distinctive, 1'0, such'as sheet'metal which is-preferably sharply defined display and advertising sign surfaced by white porcelain enamel or the and decorative effect which generally enlike to provide a combined reflective -and '65 hances and beautifies the premises to which background surface ll. In practice'yth'esurit is applied. h face L1 is preferably verti'ca llyfconcave,

More particularly, the invention resides in curved or of a substantially pa'rabolic conan apparatusof the character set forth emfiguration, -to 'properlyproject ordirect' by a bodying a member which defines a reflective reflection, light rays from asource of illubackground surface which serves in the dual .mination to flood the areaadjacentthe apcapacity of displaying in silhouette, sign paratus,suchasthesurroundingpremises of elements which are disposed in forwardly f:thebuilding-Aor the walls orcolumnsof the spaced relation with respect to the surface building; As illustratedpa h ri HtaIEbar-QQ 25 and for refiecting a concealed source oflight :is zs'upported in any suitable manner such as to flood the area adjacent thereto with a soft, byvthe :rods "12? :in spaced relationto and in non-glaring but effectual and uniform illu- {front'of thesurface 1.1.015 the;men1ber-10,to mination. I v subdivide ithesame into'vertically spaced The invention aims as'a further object to visibleareas 1C and DQ -Dhebar 12 ;is-preferw -30 provide a combined sign and flood lighting -'ably'ho1:low ito provideiaxtunnel 13:through H apparatus which embodies few and simple {which lighting Wires '14 may be trained to parts capable of economical production, asleadto'zlamp.sockets15=in:the;re'ar:wallof semblage and installation and which is highthe. bar 'for the reception :of electric lamps 1y efficient in its purpose. -1'6 which are concealed from view :by the 535 Vith the above recited and other objects body of idle bar and .:by .a :lower marginal 8-5 i in view, reference is had to the following reanmardly projecting shieldfla-n-ge :17. The description and accompanying drawings, in rear(surfacescofttheebar 12:1'naybe coated-to whichthere is exhibited one example or emreflect and intensify :the light :rays which are bodiment of the invention, while the claims 7 castiupon' the background 'and'glzeflectivefsuri All define the actual scopeof the same. face 511 whereby :the :same are :in xtunn pro- '90 In the drawings: jectediinthe formof fiood light. therefrom Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating npqllthearea surrounding-and adjacent the the principal"application of theapparatus apparatus. Sign elements,jsuch;aszthe-letters to an automobile filling and service station. or -characters l8, are supported fromxthe V 45. Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional memberiin f rontofthesurface lland within' 1 view through the apparatus. I v [the confines-of :at least one of said',-v;isible Figure 3 is a horizontal fragmentary secarea's-1G and D, The sign elements :or chartional view on a reduced scale taken approx acjterslfi are preferably supported {by means imately on the line indicated at 3-3 of Fig of rearWerdlyextending irods3l9, theinnerum B39 1 findsfif'Wh q 'egsitendthroughapertures in the member 10 and are anchored thereto and into the coping or parapet B. Preferably, the rods 19 are also coated with white porcelain enamel or any other suitable material orsubstance which minimizes interference with the light reflection. The upper edge 20 of the member 10 may be curved downwardly in order to direct the light rays in the desired path and to the desired distance from the apparatus. -The reflected light and the illuminated background surface 11 cause the sign elements or characters 18 to be silhouetted and sharply defined so as to be displayed and visible at a considerable distance. a

As illustrated in the modified form shown in Figure 4, the front of the apparatus may be formed with a suitable frame 21 having integral ornamental portions 22 to add to the general effect and esthetic value o'fthe display. In the daytime, the natural lightreflected by the surface 11, will serve to sufli ciently display the sign elements or-characte'rs 18, while at night theartificial lighting will serve in the dual capacity of displaying in silhouette the sign characters and flood lighting the surrounding area. i Q

lVhile there has'been illustrated and described'a single and preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be clearly understood thatno limitation, is intended'to the precise structural details, and that'variations and modifications which properly fall within the scope of the claims may be resorted to when desired.-

What is claimed is:

1. A combined flood lighting and sign ap paratus for automobile service stations or the like including a member supported by-the coping having a vertically concave reflective and backing surface andformed with a clownwardly extending vizor at the upper portion thereof, a barsupported in forwardly spaced relation with respect to'said surface and intermediate the height thereof for subdividing the same into vertically spaced visible areas and sign elements supported from and in front of said member within .the confines of at least one of said surface areas for sil houetted display against said background.

2. A combined flood lighting and sign apparatus for automobile service stations or the like including a member supported by the coping having a vertically concavereflective and backing surface and formed with a downwardly extending vizor at the upper portion thereof, a bar supported in forwardly spaced relation with respect to said surface and in termediate the height thereof for subdividing the same into vertically spaced visible areas, sign elements supported from and in'front of said member within the confines of at least one of said surface areas for silhouetted display against said background and a source of light supported by and in rear of said bar same'into vertically spaced visible areas, a

concealed source of light in rear of said bar for illuminating the surface and flood lighting an area adjacent the apparatus and sign elements supported from said member in front of said surface and within the confines of at leastone of said visible areas for silhouetted display againstsaid illuminated background. 7


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