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Publication numberUS1844038 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1932
Filing dateMay 4, 1931
Priority dateMay 4, 1931
Publication numberUS 1844038 A, US 1844038A, US-A-1844038, US1844038 A, US1844038A
InventorsHooker Benjamin Ross
Original AssigneeHooker Benjamin Ross
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Bath apparatus
US 1844038 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet l w l l l l 1| B. R. HOOKER BATH APPARATUS Filed May 4, 1931 wf Il 9 i c F0 Feb.l9, 1932.

2Feb. 9, 1932. B. R. HOOKER 1,844,038


BATH APPARATUS Application med May 4, 1931. serial No. 534,950.

This invention relates to port-able bath apparatus, one of the objects being to provide apparatus of this character which, when not in use, can be carried in a case having the appearance of an ordinary article of luggage.

A further object is to provide apparatus which includes a fiat portion, a tank for holding hot and cold water and a means for miX ing water from the two compartments of the tank and directing it as a spray onto the occupant of the tub.

A further object is to provide a collapsible means for supporting the tank abovethe user and for holding a curtain in position where it can be used to conceal the occupant of the tub.

With the foregoing and other objects in view whichwill appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter ldescribed and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed, may be made within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawings the preferred form of the invention has been shown.

ln said drawings:

Figure 1 is a front elevation showing the apparatus set up for use.

Figure 2 is a perspective view showing the apparatus collapsed and having the appearv ance of an ordinary hat box.

Figure 3 is an enlarged sect-ion throughv the tank.

Figure 4 is a top plan view, on a reduced scale, of the tank and the circular frame in which it is mounted.

Figure 5 is an enlarged section through the spraying nozzle.

Figure 6 is a bottom plan view of the nozzle.

Referring to the figures by characters of reference, 1 designates the tub portion of the apparatus which, in the present instance, has the external appearance of the body portion of a hat box. This tub portion is of course watertight, it being lined with any suitable material. It has a removable cover 2 adapted to be held in place by the'usuallatches and a handle 4 is connected tothe tub portion 1 so that the entire apparatus can be conveniently carried. Collapsible legs are employed for supporting a tank above the tub when ,in

use. Each of the legs includes a lower member 5 having acaster 6 at its lower end. This member 5 is engaged by a sleeve 6 located at the lower end of another leg member ,7 and a set screw 8 is employed for fastening the 65 member 5 in sleeve 6. Y

- A plurality of members 7 each with a sleeve 6 is used, the upper end of each member 7 being detachably secured within'the sleeve 6 of the next adjoining member. Obviously by loosening all of the set screws, the several members 7 of each leg can be caused to telescope so as to provide a compact bundle. The upper member of each leg is connectedto a ring 9 and secured on thering is a sup- 70 port 10.` A water tank T is suspended by chains or other flexible connections 11 mounted on pulleys 1 1. The tank is divided by a partition 12 into two compartments 13 and 14, said partition being preferably provided .75

with suitable insulating material as indicated at 15 whereby lhot water can be Vcontained within one compartmentV and cold water within the other.

openings 17 are provided in the lower portions of these concaved tops and are normally closed by plugs 17.

A concavo convex housing 18 is connected to the bottom of the tank T and serves to conceal pipes 19 leading from the bottoms of the respective compartments 13 and 14 toan outlet nipple 20 projecting through the center of the housing 18. Valves 21 are provided for the pipes 19 for the purpose of controlling the 90 outlet pipes 23 leading therefrom into the 95 tops of the respective compartments 13and14.

A piston 24 is mounted to reciprocate within the cylinder and has a rod 25 extending yfrom one end of said cylinder so that by reciprocating the rod and piston air will be 190 Y The tops of the twocO-mpartments are concaved asv shown at 16 and inlet 80 forced into the compartments 13 and 14 and maintain a pressure upon the water Within the compartments.

The nipple y2() is detachably engaged by a sleeve 26 provided in the upper portion of a flared nozzle 27. In this nozzle is arranged a conical spreader' 28 the apex portion of which projects into the nipple 20 but is spaced from the wall thereof, thereby allowing water to iiow from the nipple around the spreader into different portions of the nozzle, A con cavo convex cap 29 extends across the bottom portion of the nozzle and has apertures 3.0,. Tubes 31 extend from these apertures and open through the `upper surface of the spreader 28 so that water, when deflected by the spreader will flow into the various tubes and be ejected therefrom in the form of small jets. By rotating the sleeve 2,6' on the thread.Y ed nipple 2O the size of the annular orifice 32 between the open end, of the nipple and the spreader can be increased or reduced so as to Y thereby regulate the maximum flow of' water when the valves 21 are open.

A curtain 33 is suspendedV from the ring 9 and is of sufficient length to. surround the tub 1. Any suitable means, not shown, may be provided for fastening together the longitudinal edge portions of the curtain. Springs 34 are connected' to ears 3,5v onv the tub 1 and to the l'egs and serve to yielding-ly support the tub normally off of the floor so that the apparatus can be rolled from place to place.

`When the apparatus is not in use the collapsible legs, the ring 9' andthe tank T are placed in inverted positions within the tub portion 1 and the curtain, which can be detachably connected tothe ring 9, is. packed within the case. Cover 2 is then fastened in place andthe apparatus can be carried as willi be apparen In setting up the apparatus the tub portion is placed with' its open face uppermost and the collapsible legs areextended so as to support the tank'T above the center of the tub portion. Springs Bfl'are fastened to ears 35 and the curtain 33 is mountedon'the ring under pressure from the ordinary service pipes of domestic Water systems.

What is claimed is:

1.Portable bath apparatus including a combined case and tub, a tank adapted to be housed within the tub, collapsible legs for supporting the tank above the tub, and yielding means for supporting the tub from the egs.

.2. A portable bath apparatus including a combined tub. and case, a, tank, a spraying nozzle depending therefrom, curtain supporting means connected to the tank, collapsible legs for supporting said means and the tank above the tub, supporting wheels for the legs and yielding means for supportingl the tub from the legs when occupied.

3. A portable bath apparatus` includingA a combined tub and case,wheel supported col-l l'apsible legs, curtain supporting means carriedv by the legs, av tank connected: to, said supporting means, a nozzle depending-from the tank, and yielding means forV supporti-ng the tub from the legs when unoccupied.

'4. portable bath apparatusy having a combined tub and case, collapsible wheel supported legs, a tank supported by the legs, said tank having" separate noncommunicating-compartments, means for placing air under pressure within said compartment, a nozzle depcnding'from'the tank, and valved pipe 'Y connections between the compartments and the nozzle. y

In testimony that I 'cl-aim the foregoing as my own, I' have hereto affixed' my signature.


9. The two compartmentsfl?) and 1li are filled with water and, as before stated, hot water can be placed in one of the compartments and cold water in the other. Air under pressure is forced into the two compartments. The tank is raised by means `of connections 10 which are then` fastened in any manner desired. When the usersteps into the tub 1 the added weight will cause the springs 34 to elongate so that the tub portion will rest upon thefloor.l lVhen one or both ofthe valves 21 is opened water will be discharged from the nozzle under pressure, thispressure resulting inthe discharged jets of water coming into violent impact with, the body of the Occupant 0f theftub s0 as t0 give. the. Same. eect as that produced by thev use of water loo

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