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Publication numberUS1844342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1932
Filing dateApr 21, 1930
Priority dateApr 21, 1930
Publication numberUS 1844342 A, US 1844342A, US-A-1844342, US1844342 A, US1844342A
InventorsPhoebus Berman
Original AssigneePhoebus Berman
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Bottle nozzle
US 1844342 A
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Feb. 9,1932. P. HERMAN aoT'rLs NzzLn Filed April 21. 1930 INVENTOR BY @wf/5 ,5e/727W;


his invention relates to a bottle nozzle or cup adapted Yfor connection to tubingand serving; as a coupling' between the bottle and nozzle in emptyingthe latter ot liquid. The

t invention contemplates inversion oit the bottle and use as a fountain. lt provides 'for an air inlet to relieve the pressure below at1nospheric in the bottle, when in inverted posi tion, provides against entrainrnent el air with "l the liquid beingy d ained and also a trap to ifnevent drip page when the bottle is restored to its upright position.

ln the 'treatment oi certain diseases, it is a counnon practice to direct liquid medicainents under pressure to the body. Such practice is current in hospitals tor hyperdern'iiclysis, proc'loclysis, intravenous injections and the like. Sterilized liquid is placed in containers and when desired for use trans- Y 'Ferrell therefrom to a fountain container from which it is pgravitatively delivered tlirough tiibingr, Such handling' oit the liquid is subject to olfijections and disauvantages well known to the medical profession. The present invention has a iield oliM use as above set forth but .is not limited to such use. It has for its priinary object the provision oli device makingr it unnecessary to transiter the liquid frein a sorage container to a fountain and inalies use of the container as a fountain. The invention relates to a cap which may be substituted lor the sealingcap and is provided with a tubing connection. Other objects oit this invention relate to details of structure ni" whereby a siinple, compact.y ellicient device ineetingl the above mentioned requirements is obtained.

rllhese objects together with other objects and corresponding` accomplishments are obl tained by ineans of the embodiment of iny invention illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which zq Fig. 1 is a side elevation ci the bottle in inp vel-ted position serving as a fountain and having a` tube connected thereto 'tor draining,` the contents of the bottle; Fig. 2 is an axial section on an enlarged scale throi'igh the neck ol the bottle and the connector; and ll is a section as seen on the line 3---3 olf Fig. 2.

Referring more particularly to the draw- 1930. Serial No. 445,845.

ings, 5 denotes the bottle which may be oit any type convenient. As an essential, it has a neck 6 with means ior attaching a cap to seal the bottle and in this instance shown as exte rior threads 7. Obviously, the bottle may be placed in an upright position and a standard type oit cap mounted thereon.

To drain the bottle or a portion of the con tents thereof `the sealing cap is removed and iny improved nozzle cap attached. The bottle is then inverted as shown in Figs. v1 and 2. The nozzle cap comprisingI a shell 8 is internally threaded on one end for engagement with the thread 7 on the bottle and at the other end having a bored stern 9 suitable (if for connection thereto of tubing 10. The shell constitutes an auxiliary reservoir for liquid. It is shouldered at 1l to provide aseat for a petticoat. At the side of the shell r' is a boss 12 with a passageway 13 extending downwardly in the boss and meeting an upwardly extending branch passageway 1i which opens to the shell adjacent the shoulder 11. This constitutes an air inlet for the relief of pressure below atmospheric in the 75 bottle when used as a fountain. Disposed within the shell is a petticoat 15 having a flange 16 to rest upon the seat 11 and tov be clamped between the bottle and the shell S. 0

To provide for sealing, a gasket 17 ismounted between the llange and the bottle. It will be noted that kthe petticoat extends short of the outlet 9. In the wall of the pettieoat is a diagonally extending boss having a bore 19 with its lower end opening adjacent the bot 8b toni of the petticoat at its upper end adjacent the top.

In the operation of the device, liquid will pass downwardly from the bottle into the reservoir formed in the shell and rise to a level above the bottom of the petticoat. Liquid will be drained from the reservoir into the tubing. Asthe liquid level uncovers the lower end of passage 18, air may enter the passage and pass upwardly in the bottle. The passageway 13 may have a wad of filtering material such as cotton placed therein to lilter the air. On air passing upwardly in the bottle, liquid will enter the reservoir through the petticoat and riseto cover the lower end of passage 18 as the liquid lever in the reservoir lowers to uncover the duct 19, air enters the bottle and liquid is delivered to the reservoir. It Will be apparent that because of the position ofthe air relief ports,

air cannot be educed and entrained with the liquid being. delivered. On placingcthe bottle inranupright., position, liquid from the reservoir will collect in the bend 2l and the latter forms a trap.

What I claim is l. A nozzle cap for a bottle adapted` to be mounted on the bottle at the neck enda'nd comprising a shell having-an outlet, for c-onnection of tubing thereto, said shell in invertedf-.position ofl sai'dz'bottle iservingw as an ,auxiliary reservoinfor liquid, arvpetticoat A"means -engagedfwith sa-idfshellat its-upper, partv and extendingshort o 'fsaid outlet? forming an i air Vchamberl above liquid in z said shells and 'f an 3a-ir1 inlet vopening to the :upper part ofi-said air chamber through said; shell includingfan air. passage Vranging :do Wnwaidly'. toward; said outlet"l to i-provideea liquid: trap fwherebysair .mayfenter andpass from? the eXteriOrs-to the interior :f said; petticoatf means 'adjacent its free :end andfthus tofthewbottle-toirelieve vpressure l .below atmospheric f therein.

2.. A nozzle cap-for a==bottlef ajdapted to'be substituted: for ther-sealing Y.cap and' comprisi-n'g a shell :havringfranoutlet .for connection ofi tubingethereto, isaid shell`r infn'verted position1 :of: saidbottle-zservingrfas-en :auxiliary reservoir :for liquid, la petticoat joined fat one--endto lfsai'dffshell fand extending short of-fsaidwoutlet to provide Aan airrchamber .above yliquid .fin said.; shell and-1anair inlet open'ingftoithe lupperfpart ofsaid 'air chamber including anfzaiin passage: ranging downwardly from: the upper; part of said Ychamber toward said-vy outlet=`to E provide af .liquid trap Wherebyiair mayenter and passfroin the eX- teriorto the s interior :of: said .petticoat :adjacent its reeendiy and thusy to: the bottle-:and

i relievepressurerl below' atmosphericA therein.

53. A nozzle cap-forV an bottle@V adaptedto` be substituted: for. uthe :seal-ing cap: andf comp rising. a -shell lhaving@ an .outlet` 'for' connection of tubing thereto, said shell Yin-i'nve'rtedfposition .of saidl bottle servingffas/ana auxiliary reservoir `for l-liqu-id, f' a pettieoat joined `ATat one end to said vshell and extending short-vof said'outlet tor-provide an airichamber above liquid Yin .said shell` andwanvfairf inlet-'opening to.the -iupperffpart' osaidr chamber including anfair- V passage ranging?ronn theexterior'fof saidshell downwardly-andupwaridly toLprovidefa liquidV trap Withfs'aid-"bottle Aupright and af drip trafp with 'said bottle' converted,

i a gport L extending L through the Wall-10i:V fsaid petticoat `longitudinally whereby :air .1 may enterzand pass from'. the :exterior toi the interiorof said petticoat@ adjacent rfits 'freef Aend vandi-:thence to thewbottle to r relieve pressure below-atmospheric,therein.


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