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Publication numberUS1844680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1932
Filing dateMay 17, 1927
Priority dateMay 17, 1927
Publication numberUS 1844680 A, US 1844680A, US-A-1844680, US1844680 A, US1844680A
InventorsRau Otto M
Original AssigneeRau Otto M
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Radio loud speaker and lamp
US 1844680 A
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Feb. 9, 1932. o. M. RAU

RADIO LOUD SPEAKER AND LAMP Filed .May 17 1927 F/GJ :L'MMI i 0H0 m: Ra.

Patented Feb. 9, 1932 PATENT OFFICE...

o'r'ro M. RAU, or PHILADELIHIA, PENNSYLVANIA namo LOUD SPEAKER AND LAMB Application filed May 17,

The object of my invention is to provide a construction of loud speaker for radio apparatus which may constitute a part of an electrlc standing or table lamp fixture and, more 5 particularly, to constitute the shade thereof or to be so intimately positioned within the shade that it is unobtrusive or shielded, whereby the presence of the loud speaker is not suspected.

My object is further to so position the loud speaker as to elevation and position that direct sound vibrations are not transmitted from it to the persons, present in the room, but, on the other hand, the perimeter of the 15 loud speaker shall so he in a horizontal or substantially horizontal plane that the reproduction will reach the ear of those present in a subdued but clear and more naturaleffect than would be possible by the direct sound vibrations.

My object is also to construct the loud speaker of a transparent or translucent material so that if the same constitutes the lamp shade proper or is interposed between the lights and a surrounding lamp shade of ordinary construction, the luminosity from the lights through the loud speaker diaphragm will be effective and may eliminate the necessity for the ordinary lamp shade structure.

My object is further to so combine a light ing fixture with a loud speaker that the direct sound waves from the diaphragm of the loud speaker will be transmitted in a more or less vertical direction from both above and below the diaphragm, and'whereby the more subdued lateral vibrations arising therefrom will effectively reach the ears of those present and occupying positions at the sides of the lamp fixture.

My object is also to combine a loud speaker disk or diaphragm with heating means whereby it retains its tension and responsiveness to rapid vibration, irrespective of the humidity conditions of the surrounding air.

With the above and other objects in View, the nature of which will be more fully understood from the description hereinafter, the in vention consists in the novel construction of '60 radio loud speaker and lamp,as hereinafter 1927. Serial No. 191,994.

more fully described and defined in the claims. r

Referring to the drawings: Fig. 1 is a side view, with part in section, of a standing lamp and shade with my improvements applied thereto; Fig. 2 is a similar view of a table lamp, but showing a modification of my invention; Fig. 3 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the arrangement of; the electric circuits of the lamp and loud speaker features embodied in my improvements; and Fig. 4. is an elevation of a modification of my invention.

Referring to Fig. 1, 2 is the upright stand or pedestal and may be of any suitable construction such as is commonly employed in electric standing lamps. By way of illustration, the electric equipment of the lamp is indicated by the lamp sockets 3, 3, and the electric bulbs'i, 4, the same being attached by suitable coupling means with the upper part of the stand 2.

Secured at the upper part of the pedestal 2 above the electric bulbs is a bracket 6upon which is supported the frame 5 of the operating vibrating mechanism of the loud speaker, the same having a connection with the center of the vibrating diaphragm 7 thereof by the usual means 8.

Theloud speaker proper is of a more or less flattened cone-shapeddisk and is sus pended from the parts 5 and6 by the .con-

nection 7a, or in any suitable manner, sothat' its vibration is not interfered 'with. As shown this cone-shaped disk is arranged with its greatest diameter in'a horizontal plane so that, in a measure, it simulates a lamp shade over the electric bulbs.

As a further feature of my invention, I may arrange above the loud speaker diaphragm 7, a lamp shade 15, the same being supported by a suitable bracket secured to the upper part of the pedestal. In the particular means shown, the angular arms 10, 11 V and 12 extend from the bracket 6 and encircle about the loud speaker disk 7 and unite in a central connection 13 immediately over the apex of the loud speaker and supporting the central portion 14; of the lampshade 15 in any suitable manner, In this construction,

the su porting means and the lamp shade are entire y clear of the loud speaker diaphragm 7 to suchan extent as to not interfere with its vibration.

The lamp shade 15 has its periIneter preferably above the perimeter of the loud speaker disk and, for shielding purposes, the lamp shade may be provided with a downwardly extending fringe 16 which, while shielding the loud speaker from view, does not interfere materially with the propagation of the sound vibrations in a more or less horizontal direction from the erimeter of the loud speaker; It will be un erstood that the perimeter 9 of the loud speaker 7 .may be attached directlyto the bracket 10 where the same is used to support the lamp shade. In this construction, the lamp shade may be of any shape desired, although for purposes of illustration, it is indicated ascorresponding in shape to the cone-shaped disk of the loud speaker.

In the construction shown inFig. 2, 2ais a table lamp base of any suitable ornamental shape and provided with the upright pedestal extension v2 for supporting the electric lights, as before explained, and in this illustration, the loud speaker conical disk 7 is sustained at its perimeter by a light open bracket structure15a from the perimeter of which a light fringe 16 may depend to give to the conical loud speaker disk the effectiveness in design to a lamp shade. In this case, the disk 7 may. be of translucent material, such as varnished paper, and may be ornamented artistically in any manner desired, so that the light from the 7 electric lamps may be transmitted through it with artistic results.

i The presence of the electric lighting means of the lamp .disarms the observer-from the supposition that the fixture is anything but a lamp itself, and the same is also true of the construction shown in Fig. 1.

By arranging the loud speaker with its perimeter lying in a horizontal plane, the sound transmission is more subdued and clearer than where the loud speaker has its largewdiameter arranged in a vertical plane, as commonl employed. In the present construction, tie more intense vibrations inrparted to the air are transmitted in a vertical direction downward to the floor 'orrtable and are reflected back in an upward direction with the attendant travel laterally of the sound waves, which greatly improves the results to the listener who is naturally posi tioned to one side of the loud speaker and more or less in a horizontal plane of its largestdiame'ter. r

In Fig. 3, I have indicated thevariouselectric circuits which would be employed in connection with the combined lamp and loud speaker illustrated in Figs.1and 2. The radio vibrator for operating the loud speaker would be energized by the current received through the vertical wires 19 and the flexible ifest that, if desired, the electric wiring of the combined lamp and loud speaker may term'inate in sockets on the lamp pedestal and with which flexible conductor cords may be suitably coupled;

In Fig. 4, I have shown a modification of the assembly of the electric lighting, the loud speaker and the lamp shade in respect totheir mutual attachment and support and by which the several parts may be adapted to a tallstand as inFi'g. 1, or to alow table lamp structure as in Fig. 2. c It will be noted that in Fig. 1, the lamp supporting means for the shade is. of an extended nature formed by the bar portions 10 and 11 surrounding the loud speaker 7, whereas in Fig. 2, thefringe of the shade frame is secured within and below the loud speaker. In the modification shown in Fig. 4, the loud speaker 7 and its operative parts 8 and5 are brought further down to ward the sockets?) of the electric lights, thereby greatly reducing the intermediate portion 6, andthe support for the shade '15 is extended.

upward through the loud speakerto provide a central means of attachment for the shade. More specifically, the shade 15 may be made as shown in Fig. l and has its central wire portion 14 secured to a Y shaped central connection 13 having its lateral arms lla ex tended downward through apertures 7b in the loud speaker and connected to the casing or. frame 5 containing the electro-magnetic means for operating the loud speaker, said casing itself directly connected throu h the part 6 with the stand or support2. t will be seen from Fig. 4, that the mechanism ems bodied inthis assembly is very compact and simple. As further explanation, it will be seen that the inverted U shaped structure formed by the parts 11a and 13 has its lateral arms extended downwardly and .detachably secured in place by screws 5a. By reason of this construction, the loud speaker 7" may be positioned upon'its supporting and vibrating means 5 and thereafter the shades'upportconnected in position as shown. c

As a further feature of my construction shown in Fig. 4;, the part 2 may be disconnectible from the lower part 26 ofthe stand and the electric conductors 18 and 20 respectively having terminals 21 and 22may extend from the part 2 for convenient connection with the radio cabinet. R In this'connection, the upper part of my improved loud speaker lamp. may be adjusted to any other position in the room adaptedto receive it, or, in fact, it maybe held in the hand, and in that, case the lamp shade 15 may be removed from its support 13. The diaphragm or disk of the loud speaker being arranged over the electric lights, is caused to be heated to such an extent as will insure it against sluggishness in sound vibrations which otherwise is caused by atmospheric changes in humidity. This heating of the diaphragm or disk keeps it in a fine state of tension, so as to be very responsive to slight vibrations, and consequently effective inreproduction of the higher overtones.

It will now be apparent that I have devised a novel and useful construction which embodies the features of advantage enumerated as desirable, and while I have in the present instance shown and described the preferred embodiment thereof which has been found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, it is to be understood that I do not restrict myself to the details, as the same are susceptible of modification in various particulars without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention.

Having now described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1s:

1. An upright support adapted to stand upon the floor or table provided at its upper portion with a cone-shaped loud speaker disk in which the largest diameter is arranged in a substantially horizontal plane, the said support extending from a point below and close to the loud speaker whereat it is provided with electric lighting devices, to a point above the loud speaker disk for providing a supporting means for attachment of a shade.

2. The invention according to claim 1, wherein further, the loud speaker disk is provided with vibrating mechanism and with one or more apertures near its center and in which the support is extended through the apertures in the loud speaker disk without contact therewith and providing means for attachment of a shade.

3. The invention according to claim 1, wherein further, the upper end of the support extends through the central portion of the conical end of the loud speaker, said extended support providing means for attachment of a shade.

4. The invention according to claim 1, wherein further, the loud speaker is provided with vibrating mechanism and the upper end of the support is extended to a position above the cone-shaped loud speaker and adjacent to the axis thereof, said support having a connection with the frame containing the vibrating mechanism for the loud speaker and also providing a supporting means for attachment of a shade.

In testimony of which invention, I hereunto set my hand.


U.S. Classification181/141, 181/148, 362/86
International ClassificationH04R1/02
Cooperative ClassificationH04R1/028
European ClassificationH04R1/02E