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Publication numberUS1845254 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1932
Filing dateJun 18, 1930
Priority dateJun 18, 1930
Publication numberUS 1845254 A, US 1845254A, US-A-1845254, US1845254 A, US1845254A
InventorsFancher Howard M
Original AssigneeRochester Folding Box Co
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Collapsible playhouse
US 1845254 A
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Feb. 16, 1932.

H. M. FANcHr-:R

COLLAPS IBLE PLAYHOUSE Filed June 18. 1930 .'5 Sheets-Sheet l zaar.

25A T ORA/5y Feb. 16, 1932. H. M. FANCHER COLLAPSIBLE PLAYHOUSE Filed June 18, 1930 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 "ZSSA TTOR/VEY Feb. 16, 1932. H. M. FANcH-ER 1,845,254

C OLLAPS IBLE PLAYHOUS E member for said frame;

Patented Feb. 16, 1932.

g i UNITED STATES( PATENTgoFFiCE HOWARD M. EANCHEnyoE ROCHESTER., lilrEw YORK, AssIGNon To THE EoCHEsTiiirt` FOLD-ING BX Co.,1 oE ROCHESTER, lNEW Yonx, kA `Cm-roaATIoii oEnEwfYonx CoLLArsrBLE rnAYHoUsE Application inea June is,

One object of the inventionis theprovision of an improved playhouse ofthis character which is simple, practical, .'andinexpensive U A invention, by way of illustration, kin a collap-` g in construction.V

AnotherobJect isthe provision cfa structure which is light andeasy to handle and which may be easily and quickly erected,fand when erected is securely held against collapse, and yet, which 'may begeasily collapsed into a vcompact article when desired;

Still another object ist-he provision oifal house, of the class described of such sizeland Y arrangement as to afford accessibility to the rooms so that thestructure may be. used as adollhouse..

To these and other'ends the invention ref" sides in certain improvements and -combinaf tions of parts all as will be hereinafter more fully described, the novel 'featuresj being pointed out in the claims attheend of the specification. I In the drawings: Fig. 1 is a front perspective'view of. a pla-yhouse in erected position, embodyingthe .present invention;`

Fig. 2 is a rear perspective view showing the interior of said house; I i Fig. 8 is a vertical sectional viewtaken substantially on the lined-3 of Fig. 4;

Figi 4 is a vertical sectional View ktaken substantially on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3; f Fig. 5 is a horizontal sectional view of the house; 'i

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the base;. Fig. 7 is a'fragmentary view of a portion of the roof showing .thedormer rand a roof member mounted thereon and also showing the connection between said root, dornier, and wall structure;

Fig. 8 is a perspectivev view of the main portion of a frame employedin the structure,

Fig. 9 is a perspective view of a closure Fig. y10 is a perspective'View` ofa Cross* shaped partition member;V l

5G Figs. 11 and-l2 are perspectiveviewsof i930. sieriaino. 462,045.

the cell members rwhich make up the'rooms i i of the house, andl ,Figi 13 is a perspective view of the memy bers which :form the end walls of the rooms.

Similarreference numerals throughoutfthe severalviews indicate the same parts.

The invention is embodied inthe present sible .playhouse, comprising a basel, Fig. 6, made of strawboard or other similar material providing a maii'iportion having an opening 2 centrally thereo,and end portions and side portions -7 which arebent on the lines 3 and 4 and folded under so as to close the bottom of the opening, .thus forming a base having aY depression therein.` The end and side portions are so shaped that when in position for closing the bottom ofjtheopening they come together in abutting relation along the line 8 to form a smooth surface for l the, bottom of the depression, and are .re-v

ytaiiiedin this position by adhesive material 5".y The'edges of the depression thus formed retain the wall structure'an'dframerin posi# Y tion, and the bottom supports these members as hereinafter'deseribed. yg The base is of suicient strength so that it can; be' picked up, with `the playhouse assembled thereon, and moved'from place to place. The `depression 2 is spaced from the sidesso as to leave a porlawn. i Y Mounted on the base 1 and in the depression 2` thereof is a frame comprising a Amain Vportion 9, Fig. 8, and a front closure member 16, Fig. 9. The main portion of lthe `:trame .is

tion around the wallstructure to represent a made of one piece of strawboar'd scored and foldedon the linesV 15 which form hinged corners and enable this portionfto be collapsd for shipping or storing,'the ends being vadhesive tape splicing. This main vportion has, when'erected, a substantially rectangular shape and-comprises a bottom 10,`top 1 1`and alsoy provided on the edges thereof` .with Y notches 14 which engagesnitable lugs ontlie joined in any suitable manner, as bymeans of J In order to secure the roof member 44,

hereinafter described, to the wall structure,

the latteris provided on the walls34 Vandr35 and the gable portions 33, with upwardly eX- tending vtabs 43 which project through suitable slits pr-ovided in the roof. Thesetabs provide a `means forsecurely retaining the roof member in place' yet allovvfthe rooflto be easily and quickly disconnected` from the wall structure. j I

The roof 44 is preferably made of one piece of cardboard scored centrally thereof at 45`so vas to fit over the gable portions 33 of the wall structure, the upper sideof said roof being decorated to represent shingles. yWhen not in use the roof can be liattened into a plane suitable for storing. Slits 46, 47 and 54 are provided in the roof for securing derniers and chimneys thereto as hereinafter de scribed. Additional slits -arey provided through which .the tabs 43 of the wall structure project. This latter construction is clearly shown in Fig. 7 Y j j vSecured-to theA root 44 are dormers comprising a window section :48- and arooi" section 49, both beingdetachably securedfto the roof. The window section is made tof aflat piece of cardboard suitably out and scored so as to provide a front and side portion for the Vdormer Vwindow. section, the frontV portion havinga window printed thereon.r The iront portion of the window* seetionhas a dependingtab 50 integral .therewith which projects through the same slitv as Vthe tab 43 of thewall structure, while thesi'deportions have integral tabs 51 which'project through the slits 47 of the roof as shown in Fig. 4. The roof portion 490i the dormer is also madeoione piece of cardboard scored centrally at 52 so as to fit ,over the Window portion.V This roof portion has one side thereof decorated to rep'- resentshingles similar to the main roof and is provided'with integral tabs or portions 53 which project through slits 54 of the roof and thus secure the dormer roof portion tothe roof. The dormers-are -so' disposed onthe roof as` to effectively conceal the connecting means between the front'v and rear walls ot the wall structure, and theroof. Y fr Detachably secured to the `front portion of the roof and adjacent one end thereoiis a collapsible chimney 55 which forms a continuationof the chimney printed'on the end wall 32. The ,chimneyv is' made :of one piece Yof cardboard scored and folded so as.` to provide flexibly folded or hinged corners, and decorated so as to represent a brickv structure. DownvvardlyL extending Vtabs 55a. project through the slits 46 ofthe roof andthus securely and detachably-retain the 'chimney-in position. A similar chimney is located onthe back portion of the rool:l and atthe end of the house oppositeto that of the vfirst -mentioned structure.Vl l 1 2. A playhouse comprising abase havinga chimney. rThe position of these chimneys is such that theycover the connecting tabsof the Wall structure as shown in'Fig. 3. The dormer and chimneys thus provide a'means efor effectively concealing the connecting 'fmeans between the roof' and the wall structure.

The abovedeseription discloses a playhousewhich when collapsed forms a compact package` suitable for storingor shipping and when I erected is substantial and of sufficient sizeto be usedv for aplayhouse; The structure-can 2, thusfurnishing an'enjoyabl'e toy forthe children. i

While one embodiment of the invention has been-disclosed, it is'to 'be understood that the inventive idea may be carried out in a number ofways. f This application is therefore not-'to e be limited to the precise details described, but

is intended to coverv allvariations and modifications thereof fallingl Within the spirit ofV lthe invention or the'sco'pes'of the appended claims. ""I;claim:- y, y

l; A playhouse comprising a-'wall vstructure, and afdetachable base-of paper board or "the li-kehaving a central opening therein for so as tofclose the bottom of said opening thus for supporting said y wall.

forming means depression therein, a wall structure received in said depression Aand supported by Vsaid base, anda supportingfranie mounted on said 'base within said wallstructure and retain-ed in said depression."` .n

3.'V A playhouse comprising a basefhaving a depression therein, a` Wall structure supported by said base',.andf"a collapsible frame ing detachable'parts retained in position by said Wall structure.

4.`A playhousecomprising a base, a collapsible` wall structure supported by said base,

a collapsible frame disposed AWithin and supporting said Wall structure and maintaining itin erected position, `said frame comprising top', bottom and end rwalls connected together, azsep'arable closure me'mber'cooperating with said frame to hold the latter in erected posi?A tion; and interengaging notch and `lug means .fordetachably securing said closure Amember to said frame.

5..'Afplayhouse comprisingabase, a wall structr'ireysupport'ed by said base, vacollapsible frame disposed? within andL supporting said YfWall structure, :said y:frame comprsiugitop, @bodemand end Imembers:and ,asepanablef Clo sure n iernber,l said clos-ure ;v member retaining .fthe `framein;the-erected p Ositi0I.1,..andA interengaging notch and lug .means ifer .securing .said closure ito f-'sald ira-nie., ,said .vneteh fand lugmeans being so disposed as to assuresas- `.se1nb1y A.of .said elosure .only a Single predetermined relation .in :said-Firme i@ .and t0 .prevent reversal :thereof- .In fafnlayheuse .Comprising e bese her* :inge depressenthelein, ,Q -wall .structure sus ported i121 .Said depression, and-a frameicom- .Prisifis .separable .parte .disposed in said. de-

pression and supnQrt-ngisaid @waHstructura .said Wallfstrueturebeing arrangedtofenelcse and retain said frame parts in assembled; relation. Y, f l

=7 .A folding .fplayhmise '-.CQmpsin-ga base having a i depression therei-n,faiwallstrlicture -mountefl'en .Said haseanjdlleldin positenin said depression, .said .haseextenrlns berend the' :Wall structure .and :harina side .-,andiend portions integral therewith andyfQl'dednnder Vso as to .close `the IVbottom ,of ,said depression and support said Wall structure, a .collapsible frame supported by said base Vanddisposed' within .said vwall; structure, a.. closure member frsad treme,andeintereegeellg notch and lug ,means .ldetachably securing y said closure memberto said trame. f i ,8? A :playhouse ".CQmprSne a base a yWall I. structure vmounted.. on ksaid -lo ase, ya.y collapsible @frame including ia iclosure member disposed .Within said Wall structure .and supportediby gsafidbase, saidclosure member .retaining the frame in erected position, and a substantially ,crossfshaped .member d1sposed Within said different compartments. .f .9. A .playliouse vvcomprisinga ,base having Y a depression therein, 'a fWall structure supported in said depression, a .substantially `Avrectangular Eiframe vhaving one side thereof disposed Vin saiddepression, a rontclosure .memberffor said .frame,-said Wall structure Eand trame .being open on-the side correspond- Ving to .the back of the house, anda cross- Y shaped member disposed. within .said frame .im .fldidiiiding the space thereininto different compartments to represent rooms/ lof the house.,

Y 1,0. Aiplayhousecomprising abase, a Wall structure .supported onrsaid base, a substan- .tially cross-shaped member v,disposed .Within .said Wall structure and .dividing thel space Vtherein .into compartments, `cell members lo- ,cated Within-and liningthespace formed by vsaid cross-.shaped member, ,and anlend .Wall

zs for y,said compartment ,secured in place be- .tweensaid wall structure and ysaid -cross- Ashaped member. v T

Y vill.- Aflplayhouse Icomprising a basehaving @depression therein, a wall Structure meant- .fpf ed i011 said base and. retainedinxsad. depres- ..`sion, a. Atraineedispo sedfvs'zithini and: suppontin A. :saidiwall :structuiesaid wallfstructureaii iframe-.being openon the sidecorresponding -to ,therbaclr of the house;` across-shaped memberzdisposed-.Within said: frame andfdividing 70 -tl1e space therein-into comp artments; and cell 1- members dispsed'zwithin and lining :said l compartments, said .'Wall structure havingcal .plurality of epenings'thereinf on :the A.eide

thereofY i corresponding to the back of '1i the? Y'15 f house,.said-openings in the Wall :structure being slightly smaller than inthe compartments so that r saidl -fwa'll' V'structure f .-loeks. the Vcell members .in position.

l2. A pl-fayheuse-comprising a:base,1.a..wa:l1 180 structure meu'nted on. said base,a -rameuportion disposedwithin and supportingsaidrwall struc-ture, said 4frame and` Wall. structure .hay-

mg opening'sl on l .one side. thereof, f-.a: crossshaped member.: disposed Withinl sind` frame $85 @sudditi-'ding the space therein into compart- 'ingtabs integral `with said @Wallstructure,

said, roof lmember .being provided With'rslitsf' f through Whichsaidtabs extend,1andafd0rmer and fa chimney .membenon sai'dfroof disposed to c'over theconnecting means:between said roet .l and said Wall structure.

y13. A playhouse'comprisingsa Iwall-1struc-400 Y ture-having; sides hinged .tof each otherf to' be collapsed in the :direction of none planeya base .detachably securedtoaiand@supportingksaid frame.andfdiyidmg thespace `therein finto sides, and a frame plaoeable:within--y the lvirali structure. and supported by said ibase "for "105 holding gthe A*latter in erectedA position, vsaid :frame 5 including fwalls': hinged? to leach other for -collapse.:in :the directionroff afplanefi substjantially i perpendicular to said ifirst .men-

tioned plane, so thatmhen .said frame is With- .in saidv Wall structure it .isi heldagainsti collapse thereby.

fle. Aipl-ayhouse comprising faavall structurehaving sides hinged-tdeach other to l be collapsed .in :the direction otV a horizontal l15 plane, a base detachably secured.tofan'd'-sup .pltlng -f said -sidesnandfra frame :pla-ceable lWithin 'the Wall structure and supported by said .base for `vholdingy the ilatter lin erected position, said :frame Aincluding Walls i hinged T20 to 'each otherifoncollapse `in :the directionof substantially yve1tical.=plane, :so .that when said frame ,isrwithim said wall structure itis held against collapsefthereby.

1,5.:Aplayhouse ecomprisinga 'frame lin- 125 cluding a lhollow apri-smhayingiits vWalls :hinged vto-each othersso thatlfthey may be-'cllapsed and havingits axisfsubstantiallyhori- :Zout-al, a plurality. oflcelll memberseachin' the formcofiaihollowfprismiinsertable withinsa'id 130 frame by a substantially horizontal movement when the frame is in erected position, and a wall structure in the form of a hollow prism having its Walls hinged to 'each other for collapse and its axis substantially vertical, said Wall `structurebeing placeable by a substantially vertical movement in anenveloping position with respect to 4said frame to maintain said frameagainstcollapse and to hold said cell members Within saidk frame.`

16. A playhouse comprising` a. wall struc ture in the form ofa hollow prism having its Walls hinged to each other for collapse` yand its axis substantially vertical, and a plurality of cell memberswithn said wall structure, each of said cell members comprising a hollow prismrf having its Walls hinged to each other for collapse and having its axis substantially horizontal. y


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