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Publication numberUS1847777 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1932
Filing dateApr 14, 1931
Priority dateApr 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1847777 A, US 1847777A, US-A-1847777, US1847777 A, US1847777A
InventorsMorgan William J
Original AssigneeMorgan William J
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Adjustable recoil gun pad
US 1847777 A
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March 1, 1932. w, l MORGAN 1,847,777

ADJUSTABLE RECCIL GUN PAD Filed April 14.. 1931 o as IN VEN TOR.

Patented Mar. 1, 1932 Q s erases New s ries were? WILLIAM J. MORGAN, or S r oulveisrowlv, 0310 ADJ STABLE 'nncoln cum PAD Application filed Ap 'ril 14, 1931'. Serial Nb. 529,927.

This invention relates to gun pads. ness. It will also be seen by referring to Fig- The principal object of this invention is ure 1' thatthe plate 9-is provided with a reto provide a gun pad that will take up the cessed area 11 formed on a surface opposite recoil and one which provides for adjustment. 'tothat of the notched surface 10 of the plate A further objectof the invention is to pro- 9- It wil'lalso be seen that the plate 9 is 'vide adjustments for the gun pad which will provided With threaded openings 12 for the change the drop of the gun. Y reception ofa pair' of threaded lugs 13.

A still further object of the invention is he ea g 13 P OHg aII elasto provide adjusting means which will change tic cushion member 14 and into a shoulder the pitch of a gun by adjustments. portion'15 of the device. This shoulder por- With the foregoing and other objects in t'ion l5isheld in adjustable relation by means view which will appear as the description of adjusta l t ead d aps 16 Which funcproceeds, the invention resides in the comtion-ilpon the threaded lugs 13. Each of v bination and arrangement of parts and in the e fi ju tflb e't 'eaded caps 6 is provided 15 details of construction hereinafter described wi h Shoulder 17 Which functions against and claimed, it being understood that changes aseat 18 in openings 19 of the shoulder porin the precise embodiment of the invention $1 115. Theadjusta-ble threaded caps 16 not herein disclosed, can be made within the scope nly areused to lace tension upon the elastic of what is claimed, without departing from us n g 1116111 1' 141 1 lso to Change the the spirit of the invention. pitch 'of'the gun by turning w 0118 Of The invention is illustrated in the accomthe ll il le hreadedcaps 16 farther than panying drawings wherein zthe ot er in order to give a desired angle Figure 1 ig a side elevation 0f the device, .130 the'shoulder POItlOIl 15 in relation t0 the with parts brok n away, mounted upon a gun --g k 2 an onnecting parts. By restock. ferring to Figure 3 1t Wlll be seen that the Figure 2 is a side elevation of the device device is Shown in anadjllsted position in mounted upon a gun. order to change the drop of a gun 20. This Figure 3 is a side elevation of the device o p i ed by l o' ningacentral hreadn ounfied upon a gun and shown in an ad- QCl1CZLP 21 WhiCll functions upon the adjust- 3o justed position 'ment bolt This central threaded cap 21 is so Figure 4 is a cross ction t k on li turned out sufficiently to allow thenotched 4-4 f Fi 1, 7 surfaces 8 and 10 to disengage in order to Fi r 5 i cross ti t k on li allow for desirable adjustment. When this 5-5 of Figure 1. ad ustment has been made the central thread- Figure 6 is a detail perspective view show ed cap 2 is turned down securing the device i a mOdificati n f a r il or spring a t in a desired pos tion. It will be seen that B referring t th d i it will be he shoulder portion 15 15 provided with a reseen that, there is plgvided {1. plate nen bgr ,CGSSQCi area 22 for the reception Of the elastic 1 which is secured to a gun stock 2 by means u hi n member 14 when held under tension. f Screws 3 Thi l t member 1 i By referring to Figures 1 and 4: it will be vided with a central slot 4. Functioning in Seen that the ed a eas 11 and 22 have this central slot 4 there is provided an adry'a 23 O d 0 PI ide means justment bolt 5 with a head 6 slidably mainfor a more delicate adjustment of the elastai d in a. recess 7 Of th l t member 1, tic cushion member 14 in taking care of re- The plate n embe 1 is prgvided with a C0il Of gun WllGll being fired. If the recoil notched surface 8 which functions with a be given a -mll n re oil range the plate 9 which has a notched surface 10 funcelastic OllshiOn member 4 s not held under tioning with the notched surface 8. The tension sufficient-to force the'parts of the plate member 1 and the plate 9 are preferably sameinto the recessed areas 11 and 22. In made of metal of suitable strength and lightthat case theser'ec'essed areas 11 and '22 act as air cushion compartments to help in cabsorbing the recoil in the gun 20 when fired. By referring to Figure 1 it will be seen that the shoulder portion 15 is provided with an upper extended curved portion 24: in order to more perfectly fit the shoulder portion 15 to the shoulder of. a person firing the gu'nZQ}; I." I

By referring to Figure 6 it will be seen that there is provided a modified recoil member 25 which is madeo fspringmetahwith a central opening 26 for the reception of the adjustment bolt 5 and has eac'hend' 27' bifur cated in order to function with-the threaded lugs 13. 4' It isunderstood that in order to fit the device to-gain stocks the plate member 1 may be formed,fif desired, with a tapered circumferential portion extending. from a .contact point 28 tothe notched. surface 8. If this, form is used it islobvious that the. fitting of the. device toan ordinary gunstock 2 maybe donemoreeasily. 1

What I clailnis '1. Ina devlce of the j classdescribed, a

adjusted relation to said second plate member, an elastic cushion member secured be,- tween said shoulder portion and said second plate member, substantially as described for the purpose set forth.

4:. In a device of the class described, a plate member secured to a gun stock, a central slot in said plate member, a recessed portion formed about said central slot, an adjustment bolt fun'ctioningin said recessed portion and slot, a' notched surface formed on said plate member, a plate with notches functioning with said plate member, two oppositely disposed threaded openings in said plate, a pair of lugs functioning'in said oppositely disposed threaded openings, a shoulder portion,

anelastic cushion member functioning between said shoulder portion and said plate, meansfor holding said shoulder nortionin adjustable relation to said plate, an upper (BX-g tended curved portionon said shoulder portion, substantially as described. 7 In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature.


. late member secured to a unstock a central .slotiinsa-id plate membena recessed portion -,formed about said centralslot, an adjustment gbolt functioning in said recessedportion and slot, a notched-surface;

formed on said plate Q member, aplate with notches. functioning with. said plate 'member, two oppositely dis-3 posed threaded openings in' said, plate-,;a pair .of lugs functioning ln, said-oppositely disposed threaded; openings, a-should'er p an e tweengsai'd shoulder portion'and said plate, means for holding, said shoulder portion in adjustable relation to-said plate,.substantiallyas described,


2. In a deviceof the class described, aplate member secured. toa gun stock, a central ,slotin said plate member, a recessed portion formed-about said central slot, an adjustment .bolt functioning in saidr-ecessed portion and isloflt, a notched surface formed on. said. plate member, a plate-with notches-functioning ,Witlrsaid plate member, two oppositely dis posed threaded openings in said. plate,1a pair of lugs functioningin said oppositely disposed threaded openings,

springcushion means functioning between said shoulder-portion. and said plate, means for holding said shoulder portion in adjustablerelation to said: plate, substantially-as described. a a l lasticfcushionanembenfunctioning bea shoulder portion,

adevi-ceyof :classdescribed, a if plate member secure saidplate member surface, a second plate member functioning with said plate membe'rand having a notched I surface, means 3 for adjusting said-{dates in .relation to, each other in order-that said -notchedtsurfaces may be held in fixed relationto each; other, a shoulder portion. held" in dtou-a stock-of a gun, provided with a notched

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U.S. Classification42/73
International ClassificationF41C23/00, F41C23/08
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/08
European ClassificationF41C23/08