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Publication numberUS1848005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1932
Filing dateFeb 28, 1930
Priority dateFeb 28, 1930
Publication numberUS 1848005 A, US 1848005A, US-A-1848005, US1848005 A, US1848005A
InventorsJohn Endreson
Original AssigneeJohn Endreson
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Pipe and cigar holder for autos
US 1848005 A
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March 1, 1932. ENDRESON 1,848,005


PIPE AND CIGAR HOLDER FOB AUTOS Application filed February 28, 1930. Serial No. 432,206.

The object of this invention' is the provision of a detachable retainer designed pri-.

marily to afford a support or rest for a pipe or a cigar used by the driver or occupants of automobiles or like vehicles in which the device is constructed from a single sheet of metal stamped and folded to provide a boxlike structure having a partially open end and having its back, at its upper corner extended and shaped to provide a spring clamp for grippingly engaging with the frame of the windshield, corners or windows or other places where the device will not be conspicuously displayed.

A further object is the provision of an article for this purpose which can be cheaply manufactured and commercialized and which I will be found efiicient for its purpose.

To the attainment of the foregoing the invention consists in the device hereinafter deon the line 22 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is an end view of the device.

Figure 4 is a blank from which the device is formed.

A number of thin metal sheets are ar- 80 ranged in packs and positioned in a suitable stampin and cutting machine to rovide the bl s, one of'which is disclosed y Figure 4 of the drawings. In the process of manufacture the blank is scored to provide bendable parts, and which parts include a substantially rectangular bottom 1, a front side 2, a top 3, a back 4 and a portion 5 wh ch. extends from the outer score line of the back. The bottom 1 is rovided with lateral extensions each bendable to provide the ends 6 and 7 of the box. The end 7 is of a material less length than the end 6, which latter is of a length correspondin to that of the front and bac The sides an outer edge of the end 6 are provided with foldable flaps 8, deslgned to be bent right angularly and to be soldered or otherwise secured to the front 2, the back 4 and the top 3.

The sides of the end 7 are also provided with bendable flaps 9 to be soldered to the front 2 and to the back 4. There is extended from the end 7 a bendable portion 10 whichis rolled over the inner face of the said end when the device is shaped and likewise there is extended from the front 2 and the back 4 as well as from the top 3 extensions 11, 12 and 13, respectively, designed to be curved inward of these elements so that the edges thereof at the open box-like receptacle 14 are rolled. The outer end of the top 3 is formed with a bendable flap 15 designed to be arranged against the inner face of the back 4 and to be soldered or otherwise secured thereto.

The extension 5 of the back 4 is provided with a number of transverse fold lines, whereby this extension, when shaped provides an inner arched portion 16 that terminates in a point 17 and from thence the a same is bent outwardly or toward the top of the box 14, as at 18. The angle portion 18 has its end extended outwardly, as at 19, in a plane with the top of the box and the said part 19 is bent inwardly and merges, into a point 20 and from thence is bent outwardly, as at 21, and the bent portion 21 has its end extended inwardly at an inward angle, as at 22, which is directed toward the rear of the box. The substantially V-shaped elements that merge in the points 17 and 20 as well as the end of the angle portion 22 provide gripping jaws for frictionally engaging with the opposite faces of the glass of the windshield or. other support and whereby the box-like receptacle 14 is effectively clamped on such support. The open end of the box-like receptacle 14 permits of the insertion of a pipe, a lighted cigar or cigarette and serves as a rest for these articles'and permits of the ready withdrawal 'of such article when the same is required for use.

' As only one side of the device is partl 1 1 open, ashes and sparks from .the pi e restso that the liability of fires in either instance will be avoided.

The simplicity and advantage's'of the construction will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which such invention relates so that further detailed description will not be required.

Having described the invention, I claim:

A rece tacle for the purpose set forth formed rom a substantially rectangular body of thin metal, having a series of transverse closely related score lines from one of its ends and other and wider transverse score lines designed, when the blank is folded upon itself to provide a bottom, sides and a top, the top being scored adjacent to its outer edge to provide a foldable part to contact with one of the ends, the bottom having lateral extensions, one being of a greater length than the other, and all of which have their edges scored to provide bendable portions, the bendable portions on the longer end being bent respectively against the sides and under the top of the box, the lateral extensions on the second end being bent rightangularly against the inner Walls of the pockets and the longitudinal bendable portions being bent against the said short end, the sides having one of their edges formed with bendable portions to be bent inward thereagainst and to overlie and contact with the upper edge of the short end, and the top having one of its edges formed with a lateral bendable extension to be bent therebeneath and, with the bent or folded extensions on the sides and upper edge of the shorter end afford a continuous bead at the open end of the box and the blank having its port-ion provided with closely related score lines bent to provide a portion that is arched outwardly from the back and parts provided with inwardly extending substantially V-shaped gripping jaws and a connecting portion for said jaws.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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International ClassificationB60N3/12, B60N3/00
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