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Publication numberUS1848269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1932
Filing dateJun 24, 1929
Priority dateJun 24, 1929
Publication numberUS 1848269 A, US 1848269A, US-A-1848269, US1848269 A, US1848269A
InventorsGeorge Petersen
Original AssigneeRosa E Petersen
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Sewer flusher
US 1848269 A
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` 'March 8, 1932. G PETERSEN 1,848,269

SEWER FLUSHER Filed June 24, 1929 ay@ iT-.7

Patented Mar'.l A8,1932 Y am@ :mm


GEORGE PETERSEN, on Miiiwiiiiiriiii,v Wisconsin, assrenoit To nosa'nrnrnnsnnfor l MILWAUKEE Wisconsin ff snwnn FLUsHEn Appiiation fiiefisJune 24,

Y This invention relates to sewer flusliers. f A commontype of sewer flusher involves a; 4bagwhich functions as a conductor for the y vflushing and also as ay plug or anchor when 5 eXpanded'by thepr'essure of the fluid against the wallsof the sewer or wastepipeto beV vflushed. VThis bag is ordinarilyl constructed of'iexible material and equipped at its forlV ward end with a discharge nozzle and "at its 10 rear end with an appropriate'fitting for a tioned of means for transmitting tothe for.

ward. end of the bag a thrust sufficient to readily project it into working position with- '25 in the pipe or conduit irrespectiveV of the turns or bends encountered. y 1 y Y Y Another object is the provision'of a longitudinal stilfenerfor the bag which will also vfunction to collapse the bag, when Vthe supply of flushing fluid is cut olf, to thereby facilitate ie'inoval'of the bag from the pipe or conduit aftercompletion of the flushing operation;V kAnother object is the provision of means for destroying the lpressure in the bag for This becomes necessary particularly in those instances Where lthe bag is used solely as a 'the use of a sewer flusher embodying the pres-y -4-5 Yent invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view on, a larger scale,

'the' major vintermediate portion kof thebag y being shown broken away to permit fore y shortening and conserving space; f 5l) Fig. 3 is a purposes of facilitatingremoval of the bag.-

fragmentary view in side Veleva- 1929. Serial Ilm-373,133.'

v tionillustrating one end of the bagequipped with an outlet connection. f y

The sewer flusher Vshown comprises a bag 10 comprising a tube of inultiple ply fabric with its ends 11 vgathered or hunched tightly :about appropriate end fittings 12 and 13.

The iitting 12 at thelforward endofthe bag consists of a metal cylinder having a discharge passage l-l therethrough to forni va nozzle.V The fitting 13 at therear end ofthe bag consists of a short length ofpipe, having.

a greater internal diameter than the diameter of passagelel, and provided with a cup l5 at one end internally threadedto: receive an appropriate hose coupling or the lile Suitable clamps 16 and 17 lserve to securely/bind the gathered ends of the bag upon the endfittings 12 and 13. The fabric of Awhich thebag is inade is ordinarily heavy canvas, the inner ply being rubberizedto render the saine wa- Y terproof. f

As hereinabove pointed. kout provision is made for stiflening the bag'sc as to facilitate projectingthe rsaine intotlie pipe or conduit:

to be flushed. In the fiusher shownthis is accomplished'by the use of ay compression spring 18 within the haga-nd extending from end to end thereof.. Each of the fittings 12 end 19 reduced Vto receive an end of the spring and to form an externalshoulder 2O against which the springseats. The opposite ends of the spring are fined in position by extensions 21 thereof which lie against the end fittings V12 and 13 beneath the ends 11 of the' dotted lines inFig. 2, when the bag is not "en"- posed to internal pressure. V Y

Vlligure lillustrates one of the. many uses to which this sewer Vfluslier inay. .be applied. A sewer pipe, shown at a, may be clogged by and 13 is provided with an inwardlydirected y material ZLQTo flusli'out thisV material the`V end tting 13of the bag 10 islcoiipled'tc an appropriate water supply hose c andproiect-v ed by the hose through the'y upright pipe Z intothe pipe a. ylllien so advancing the bag7V the spring 18 transmits the mechanical thrust thereto through thek hose c.

of the hose to the nozzle 12, independently of the sides of the bag so that the bag does not collapse lengthwise under this thrust. The spring is of course sufiiciently flexible to permit bending as the bag advances through a sharp turn betweenthe pipes Z and a. Alfter the bag has thus been advanced intoworking position water under prcssureris delivered The water ad-f mitted to the bag expands it into firmv grip\ ping contact with the wall of the pipe to thus anchor it therein and then escapes under pressure through the reduced passage la in the nozzle 12 and flushes out the material b. Upon completion of the flushing operation the water supply is cutoff sc that the pressure in thebag is destroyed,l and the walls of the bag collapsey under the action of the spring 18 permitting free withdrawal of the bag from lthe pipes. f For .some uses the fitting 13 may be replaced bye fitting 13, having a branch pipe 22` formed integral therewith. This branch ipe 22 is equipped with aI cut-.o'ffvalve y opening this valve the pressure in the bag 10 be reduced to permit the same to c0l= lapse in the manner above described. This branch pipe 22 and valve 23are. required in elongated bag of flexible material, a discharge nozzle at one end thereof, a fitting at the otherend thereof through which a flushing fiuid is admitted thereto, and a coil spring extending longitudinally within said bag, said spring and bag forming the sole connection between said nozzle and fitting so as to permit lateral flexing of said bag, said nozzle and fitting having inwardly directed reduced ends extending respectively into the opposite ends of said spring.

4. In a sewer flusher the combination of a tubular fabric, a discharge nozzle, an intake fitting, the. opposite ends of said fabric being gathered about said nozzle and fitting respectively, clamps for securing the gathered ends offsaid fabric to said nozzle and fitting to form a bag, said nozzle and fittinghaving inwardly directed reduced ends, and a coil spring extending lengthwise within said bag g5 with ends thereof seated on said reduced ends, the ends of said spring having extended portions securedby an beneath the gathered ends of said fabric. s f

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 22nd day of June, 1929. f GEORGE PETERSEN.

those instances where thev bag is usedsolely -V as a plug with the nozzle 12 closed. It is of connue understood that the passage 14 in the nozzle maybe closed by a suitable plug or reduced .by any appropriate means such" asv sleeves inserted therein.

Various changes may be made in the em f bodiment of the invention hereinabove specritically1 described without departing from or sacrificing the advantages of the invention as defined in the appended claims;

I claim 1. In a sewer usher the combination of an elongated expansible bagv of flexible material, a discharge nozzle at the forward end of said bag, a fitting at the rear end of said bag for admitting a flushing fluid thereto, and thrust transmitting means applied to the yforward end of said bag by which said bag may be readily projected lengthwise into operative position within a conduit to be fiushed, said thrust transmitting means and bag being transversely fiexible to permit passage therel of through bends in the conduit. s

2Q In a sewerflusher the combination yof an elongated expansible bag yof flexible material, a discharge nozzle at the forward end ofy said bag, a .fitting at the rear end of said bag for admitting a flushing fluid thereto, and thrust transmitting means vwithin said bag and applied tothe forward end thereof to facilitate projection of said bag into a conduit to be flushed, said thrust transmitting means and bag being transversely flexible to permit passage thereof throughy bends in the conduit. 3Q 'Ina sewer flusher the combination of an

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