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Publication numberUS1848618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1932
Filing dateSep 11, 1930
Publication numberUS 1848618 A, US 1848618A, US-A-1848618, US1848618 A, US1848618A
InventorsAlfonso Gandolfo
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Ornamental valance
US 1848618 A
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March 1932- A. GA'NDOLFO ET AL 1,848,618

ORNAMENTAL VALANGE Filed Sept.. 11, 1930 ATTORNEY 7 3o ticularly set forth.

Patented Mar. 8, 1932 STATES PATENT OFFECE .ALFONSO GANDOLFO AND BATTISTA LEMANDRI, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ORNAMENTAL VALANCE Application filed September 11, 1930. Serial in. 481,220.

' This invention relates to new and useful improvements in an ornamental valance. V In the hanging of curtains it is general practice to provide curtain rods which are attached across the tops of windows and upon which curtains are supported. It is conventionalto make'these curtain rods adjustable toiit windows of different widths.

It is' an objectof this inventionto further ornament the curtains by the provision of a valance arranged for being mounted upon the top of the curtains and particularly upon the curtain rods so asto finish the top marginal edges of the curtains. It is also proposed to make the-valance adjustable in a manner so as to fit the adjustability of the curtain rods.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a device of the class mentioned which is of simple durable construction, dependable in use and ellicientin action, and which can be manufactured and sold at a reasonable cost. v For further comprehension of theinvention, and of the objects andadvantages there- 'of, reference will be had to the following description. and accompanying drawings, and i to the appended claims in which the various novel features of the invention are more par- Tn the accompanying'drawings forming a material part of this disclosure I Fig. l'isa front elevational view ofan or namental valance constructed according to this invention.

Fig. 2 is an "enlarged 7 vertical sectional view taken on the line 22 of Fig. 1.

' Figi 3 is a top plan view of the valance and the curtain rod.

Fig. 4 is a front elevational view similar to Fig. 1 but illustrating a valance of modified form.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on the line 5'50f Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on the line 6-6 of Fig. 5.

Fig. 7 is a front elevational view of the wire frame used in the valance shown in Fig. 4.

, -5u Fig. 8 isa plan View of Fig.

justments to different widths of windows,

and means for supporting the combined sections upon a curtain rod such as illustrated and indicated by reference numeral 13.

In Figs. 1 to 3'tl1e central section 12 is shown of shield form, that is, it is quite large and. formed of} an ornamental shape with points atthe top and bottom. Of course,,it may be of any other design and construction. It is also formed at its rear side with opposed longitudinal edges turned backwards toward each other and indicated by reference numerals '14. These turned edges receive the ends of the end sections 10 and 11 and accomplish the telescopic arrangement. The end sections 10 and '11 are formed with a fringed bottom 15. It is intended that all of the sections be suitably ornamented or covered with suitable lace or other ornamental material so as to match with the curtains in conjunction with which they are used.

The outer ends of the sections 10 and 11 are bent rearwards as indicated by reference numerals 16 so as to correspond with the 1 rearward bent edges 17 of the curtain support rods 13. The means for supporting the combined sections upon the curtain rod 13 comprises a plurality of hooks 18 projecting from the various sections, and directed downwards so as to be engageableover the top edge of the curtain rod 13. These hooks are arranged alongthe longitudinal lengths of the various sections and also along the rearward turned end 16 so that when engaged upon the curtain rod firm supporting is accomplished. In Fig.3 the curtain rod 13 is shown projecting from a wall 19.

In Figs..4 to 8 inclusive a modifiedform of valance has been illustrated. This valance is also formed of three sections, namely a central section 20 and end sections 21 and 22, respectively. The central section 20 is of shield form ancllthe end sections 21 and 22 have straight edges. The various sections are telescopically arranged. This is accomplished by tubes 23 attached upon the central section and telescopically receiving the ends of the end sections'Ql and 22. The various sections are formed by wire frames and cloth material engaged upon these frames. This is very clearly illustrated in Figs. to 8 inclusive.

7 {lamented by fiowers-iasxindicated by refer- 'cnCe-numeral27,orany other ornamental In}Figs.7 and;8 particularly, just the end sections are shown. The end sections and "curtain rod in a manner similar to the one previously dSCT1b8Cl.' In Figs. 4,5*and-6,

cIQthHmateriaI-Qo is shown engaged over the sectionssoas to'l cover th'em and expose an ornamental ,efiect. iThis cloth. is'suitably orarrangement. The manner: of attaching the cloth upon the ,jframes usedin the sections 4 consistsrin turning the. marginal edges 28gof the clothoverithevedgesofthe frame and then jlacing stringsQQftlirOugh these marginail edges. This arrangement, allows the re inoval of'the cloth .for washing when the curtainsare sen'tltolbe washed. After suitable washing, theycmay again be engaged upon'the wire frames. Y r

Y Inig. 757a wall .311has been illustrated to 'trated in vFig. 19, a meansfhas [been shown for supporting the combined sections adjustwhich acurtain rod 32cis attached, Hooks 22% are shown engaging over-the topofthe curtain "82 for holding the ornamental Val-I ance in jplace, iOf course, ,curtains should also be engaged overthe curtain rods as isconventional. v v c .In the modified form ofthedevice illusably upon a curtainqrofdl This Wouldallow and the ceiling of a room so as to change, the

ornamental efiectand positiointhe valance V at ,therartistic beautiful,point. l 'Thismeans for accomplishing the adjustable supporting v; comprises a pluralityof hooks v33 ,frictionalfly engaged upon pairs of vvertical rods 34 attached upon the; rear of the ornamental valamce. These rods are slightly, spaced far-V -ther apart fromi each other than the ,aper- .tures through the ,hooksfso that. they are slightly bowed vand thus provide sufficient friction vfor v:rnaintain'ing adjusted positions of ,the hooks. TThejhooks 3,3 areintended v 7 for engagement upon. the curtainrrods-as pre I viously described. When they are forced to different positions, along the ;rods,:thev alance willbe raised or:low,ered since'thecurtain' rod ispermanentlyattachedupon the window of the room.

It is to lb'e understood-that our ornamental preferred embodiment of our invention, it

is to be understood that we do not limit our selves to the precise construction herein disclosed andfthe right ISTGSGIVQC]. to all changes and modifications coming within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims' r f 1 ,Havingthusdescribed ourinvention, what ;we claim as new, and desire to secure by Un ted States Letters Patent is i1. ,LAnQornamental' valance; comprising ornamental sections telescopically engaging --eac-h other for adjustments to different widths of windows, and means for supporting the "combined'sec'tions on a curtain rod, said latter. means-being in different horizontal planes, i the adjustability. of supporting beingaccom- .pli'shed by hooksislidably engagedup on vertical 'rods attached upon" the rears ,of said sections; v

.'."2. Anornamental valance, comprising lo rnamental vsections telescopically engag ng each other for ad ustments to. different widths of windows, and means for supporting the 1 combined sections one: curtain-rod, .saidelat-e .ter vmeans being adjustable S for supporting the, combined sections, in 'different horizontal ,planes,-said means comprising hooksformed with :apertures, vvertical rods; spacedfarther ,ap'art vfrom each other than the-apertures formed in the hooks so that the. rods are slightly bowed so as to provide sufficient: friction for. maintaining adjusted positions of the hooks. I i V r 5 '3. Anornamental valance, comprisin lnamental sections telescopically engaging each-otherfor adjustments to different-widths of windows, and means forsupp'ortinglthe combined sectionsona curtain-rod, .ini'dif- 5 fferent horizontal planes. comprising hooks .fslidably; mountedon the rears of said sections. a change of the distancebetiveen thevalance AC. VAnrornamental valance, comprising .01:-

namental sections telescopically engaging each other. .foradj ustments todiiferent widths of windows, and means [for TSUPIJOI'tlHgIhQ combined sections won a curtainirod, in different' horizontal planes comprising hooks formed with. two apertures, two NGItlCELl'lO ds ,attacheldrto the rearsof thesectionsaand engaging s'aid apertures in the hooks, and means for V maintaining relative positions between thehooks and the rods. 7 1 y ,In testimony whereof we: have: afiixed rour signatures. I V I J I ,ALFONSD GANDQLFO.


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