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Publication numberUS1848859 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1932
Filing dateMay 28, 1930
Publication numberUS 1848859 A, US 1848859A, US-A-1848859, US1848859 A, US1848859A
InventorsBobert Wishabt
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Sanitary dispensing package
US 1848859 A
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I March 8, 1932. R, wlsHART 1,848,859


ROBERT WISHART; or GRISWOLDVILLE.MASSACHUSETTQ Ass Ien oB. moenIswoLn- VILLE MANUFACTURING company, or -1\T Ew YORK; n. ;Y.,, .A conrona'rron or,

MASSACHUSETTS- 1 Application filcdMay 2S,

pensing strip or fiat ribbon-like material sucl as ribbon, gauze, tape and the like.-'' i I The object of the invention is to provide a simple, compact, and eifioient'unit or package which can be attractively merchandized'and from which the material may be easily and quickly dispensed in-predetermi-ned qu'antities when desired I v v A further object is to provide a package in which the materialmay be sealed substantially completely against dirt and dustand moisture at all times and yet permit-the ready and easy dispensing of the desired quantity of material. i g L I A still further object is to provide afpackage such that (1) it can be sealed at thefactory to contain'a reel of-fclean sterilized-material such as gauze for medicinal orisurgical purposes; (2) which will-maintainthe material such as the gauze substantiallyfree from dirt-and dust and moisture; and (3):which will permit the use of an outer attractively ornamented carton for advertising purposes without impairing the ease of dispensing the material. i 1

Further and more specific objects, features,

and advantages will more clearly'appear from the detailed description given below when taken in connection with. the drawings herewith which form part of the specification and which illustrate one presentpreferred form of the invention.

The invention in general terms contem plates providing an outer carton which may be attractively displayed and marked with advertising matter. This carton has a narrow slit in its side through which the 'material is pulled. Generally in selling the unit, the end of the material projects slightlythrough this slit and is sealed against the outside of the carton. When the seal is broken the material may then be pulled out of the package as desired.

Within the carton or outer container is disposed a' sealed box or unit which is preferably made and assembled at the factory and which contains therewithin a reel of the map {dust and moisture. They also tend to pre- .slit and-the word new, according'toqap- "tangible transverse dimension."

outer carton such'as 10 which'may'be at} SANITARY nrsrnivsine recliner? 1930. Serial no. 1456,3916.

therewithin.-- Thus large. numbers of these i units and sealed boxes may be made and storedaway and'thensold to dealers who may put thereon the outer cartons-which can be marked upto'suit the conditions'of sale. All this time the material has been practically airtight, moistureproof, anddirtprooff, By pro-. viding a slit in the inner and'ou-ter container instead of alslot, these slits actsubstanti ally to automatically seal both'the innerand the outer container againstthe ingress of dirt,

vent the material fromunreeling more than-is desired. i Forthe purpose mentioned it is important 7 to emphasize the distinction between the word plicants interpretation. in this case. A slit is merely a very slight cut made in'a surface withoutany appreciable width. to it trans versely of the cut,'whereas' a; slot is a definite narrow opening having a more or less definite The invention is in which, i

, Fig. 1 is a perspective viewoftheentire package; Fig; 2 is asectional view thereof with one side of theoutercarton removed.

illustrated in the drawings As shown inf-the drawings, a present pr'eferred form of the invention comprises an tractively decorated or marked for advertising and other purposes. It'may have graduations o-r, rulings such as 11 thereon for measuring the material drawn from the package. The usual flaps. such as 12 permitaccess-to the interior of the carton. A'slit' 18 in the carton l0 permits the material-1'4 to project and be pulled through the slit as desired and needed. The material is shown as a stripof gauze altho other'materialmay be dispensed as desired. Preferably the very end of the material may have a seal such as 15 thereon to permit it to be sealed to the outer face of the carton until it is desired and needful to begin dispensing the material from the package.

Within the outer container or carton 10 there is disposed a substantially complete self containedsealed box or unit such as 16 preferably made of card board and sealedup as to the usual flaps and openings therein through which material may ordinarily be introduced into the box 16. This boxorunit is preferably made and filled with material and scaled up at the factory or laboratory. It has asmall slit 17 in one side so that the material may be drawn therefrom as desired but this slit is so narrow that no dirt dust air or moisture can get into the package or inner box. The material passes through the slit 17 and then through the small slit 13 to the outer face of the carton 1O whereit can be cut ofi or measured as needed.

Preferably the gauze 14 is woundwithin the box 16 on a reel which may be journalled within the box or unit 16 in any'suitable manner so that as the material is pulled out of the package the reel illturn therein but enough friction is provided to create desired resistance to movement so that over running will not occur.

Thus there is-provided a complete selfcontained inner box orunit having a dispensing slit alined with a slit in an outer carton which can be attractively marked or used for advertising purposes. The material is sealed to the outer carton until dispensing commences and can be measured thereon. The material is free from dirt dust air moisture and will remain thus protected at all. times as long as the inner container is sealed as it is intended to be. The inner boxes with their contents may be madein large quantian inner box-orcontainer having an alined slit therein, the inner container being otherwise sealed completely to prevent ingress of dirt, air and moisture within the inner contam-er, and a reel of strip material such as gauze within theinner container, said material adapted to pass through the alinedslits when being dispensed.

3. A sanitary dispensing package comprising an outer carton, having a narrow slit and flaps thereon to permit the introduction of material into the carton and the egress of material therefrom, a completely sealed inner box or container having a slit therein alined with the slit in the. outer carton, the inner box otherwise being completely sealed against ,dirt and moisture, a quantity of material such as, gauze within the box, said ma terial being in the form of a strip or ribbon, said material adapted to pass out of the inner container through the alined slits to be dispensed in lengths determined by the amount pulled therefrom.

4. A-sanit-ary dispensing package comprising an outer container having a slit therein,

an inner box or container having a slit therein, the inner contalner being otherwise completely scaled up, and strip material within the sealed container and adapted to pass through said slits.

Signed at Griswoldville, in the county of Franklin and State of Massachusetts, this 24th day of May, 1930.


gripping thereon thus provided. By having slits instead of slots, the material being dis pensed fills the entire opening to prevent the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust especially into the inner container.

While the invention has been described in detail and with respect to a present preferred form thereof, it is not to be limited to such details and forms since many changes and modifications may be made and the invention embodied in other forms and modifications without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention in its broadest aspects. Hence it is desired to cover any and all forms and modifications of the in-

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