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Publication numberUS1850114 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateJun 4, 1929
Priority dateJun 4, 1929
Publication numberUS 1850114 A, US 1850114A, US-A-1850114, US1850114 A, US1850114A
InventorsMccaddin Francis D
Original AssigneeMccaddin Francis D
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Machine for dealing and shuffling playing cards
US 1850114 A
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March 22, 1932. Y D, MCCADDIN 1,850,114-


UNITED sTA' runners r. McdADDIN, or BALTIMORE; MARYLAND uncrrrnnyroa D A ING 1am) 'SHUFFLING PLAYIN cAnns I i Application filed June 4,

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in a machine 'for deal-' ing and shuffiing'playing' cards and has for its particular *obj'ect theprovision of a machine constructed so that playing-cards may be dealt selectively or collectively in groups ofpairs.

A: further object ofthis-invention is the provision of a machine embodyinga casing equipped with a longitudinally'sliding member, whereby-playing cards may be dealt selectively or collectivelyat the-willgof the operator. a, a

A further object of this invention is'tlie provision of a machine embodying a casing and a sliding member, and means formed in. the casing and slidinginember, wherebythe' playing cards may be dealt either selectively; or collectively. Y a

further object-ofthis'inventionis'the provision of a machine for dealing or shuf-f flingplayingcardsin a'accurate manner and With these and other objects in view, the" so i invention consists in certain novel features,

invention; 7 p I Figure '3 1s a-transversesectional v ew,

it embodies a casing having a-table therein, a sliding member associated with said table and casing, and means 'carriedr'by the casing and sliding means, whereby given numbers of cards may be dealt at the willofthe operator.

combination and arrangement of parts as willbe hereinafter more fully described, pointed outin the accompanying drawings, and'claimed; Inthedrawi-ngs i g V Figure 1 is ajside elevational viewof my improved card dealer, asmade in accordance with this invention V QFigureQ is a topplan view-of my'improved taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 2;

Figure 4 "s an enlarged detailed top viewotfthe regulator of the cardejecting member;

' an; p 11. The upper edge of thisplate'13 terminates adjacent the "bottom-surface of theta- O0; i

1929. seen No. 368,22l4; I

view oi the eccentric shatter the card free igure is a-diagrammatical view, ;i'-llustrating 'therelative" position of the card eyectorfand' retainer, showing them in posi-' tion'for handling one card selectively; and, my a a Figure 11 is a diagrammatical view' of the cardejector and retainer, handling-the play ing cards collectively Referring to the drawings, my improved card dealer and shufiler comprises in its con 05 struction a casing made of metal or other-ma terial found suitable" for the purpose, and It this, casing has a bottom wall 5 and integral sidewalls 6, andsecured to the upper edges 1 of the sidewalls is a top wall? providedwith 1 I 'alongitudinally extending slot'8. 1

Secured to the inner sideof one side wall 6 and'extending laterally therefrom, are guide 7 arms 9,'in which 'is mounted a vertical shaft 10, provided on its upper end with a card 75, holdingtable 11, andto maintain this card holding table in a relatively raised position, Iprovidea coil spring 12, which surrounds v th upper end of *the shaft l0'and is inter- I posed between the under surface of the table l1 and the uppermostguide 9. This spring. 12 permits the table to be verticallyreciprocated or raised and loweredby a given'pres-t sure placed. thereon.

1A guideplate Bis-secured to the opposing inner faces ofthe side walls 6, and is arranged-'adjacent-the front edgeof the table i slot 8, that amount of cards'eng will be ble, when it is in its upmost raised position, by action of'the spring 12.

The table 11 is limited in its upward travel by virtue of bearings 14 secured to the opposing inner faces of the side walls 6, intermediate the ends thereof, and these bear 5 rearwardly as clearly shown in Figures 3 and 6 of the drawings- The side walls 6 are provided adjacent their upper ends with longitudinally extending grooves 16, which are herein shownas. being,

formed by pressing the material 6 laterally. Thesegrooves 16 constitute tracks inwhlch .is mounted a longitudinally slidable card ejecting plate, 17,. andthis plate has secured centrally to its underside, a housing 18,; in which is. vertically mounted a card ejecting block 19 and this block is vertically adjustable in said housing 18-, by virtue ofa shaft 20, which extends vertically through the card ejecting plate '17 and has its inner end screw threaded for engagement with the card ejecting block 19;' The upper end of this shaft20 has secured thereto a knurledhead 21 and a in the slot 8 ofthe'cover 7 of: the casing. t'erposed between the card ejecting plate 17 dial. plate 22, the dial plate-being rotatajlple and the dial plate 22 and connected therewith, is a casing 23, which surrounds the shaft 20 and permits the latter to be rotated by virtue of the knurled head 21, seas toadjust the block 19 inwardly or res ect to the housing 18... 1

, he dial 22 is provided on its upper surface with suitable numerals 24' whichnumerals constitute the degree by which the block outwardly with 19 is extended beyond the lower edge of the housing 18, and these numerals constitute the thickness of a card carried by the table 11.

In otherwords, the numeral 1, when turned to engage a stop post 25 secured to the plate 17, and extendingtupwardly through the opening 8, represents that the card ejecting block 19 isextended to the required distance below the edge of the housing 18, so. asto engage a thickness of 'playing cards equal 71 to the thickness of asingle card. When the dial plate '22is turned tojFigure' 2, the block 19 is extending below the housing 18 to a depth sufficient to engage the'thickness of 'twoplaying' cards andso' on as the numerals are brought around to the stop'po'st25.

It can be readily seen that this; card ejecting block 19 engages the rear-edge of the cards determined by the numeralsto be eject-L ed, and by sliding the same forward in the immediately and quickly ejected from the machine.

Now to assure the retaining of the remainder of the pack of playing cards on the table 11 during the ejection of the required number from the top of the pack, there is provided between the side walls 6 a vertically movable card retaining plate 26. This plate 26 is interposed between the front edge of the table 11 and the opposing faces of the guide plate 13. The lower edge of this plate is provided, centrally of its ends with a barreled extension 27, which isaarranged about the eccentric portion 28 of a shaft 29 journaled transversely in the side walls 6 of the casing.

shaft 29 is retained in position by securing to one end a stop nut 30, and its opposite end has secured thereto, a regulating arm 3.1. The free. end of this arm 31 has contact with a quadrant 32, which quadrant has numbers depicted thereon and indicated by the numeral 33, and these numbers are identical with the numerals on the dial 22. Thus it follows, that when the dial 22 is set at; the stop post 25 on the numeral 1, the arm 31 of the eccentric shaft 29 v will also be. arranged on the numeral 1. Thus the card holding'p-late 26 will be adjusted to engage-the entire pack of cards with the exception of theuppermost one thereof, so as to permit the card ejecting block 19' to eject that card. from the pack by longitudinal movement of the plate 17, through the medium of the knurled head 21 in the longitudinal slot of the cover 7 of the casing. Y

It can be readily seen that, when a pack of cards is placed upon the table 11, that the cards are placed beneath the bearings 14:, and by longitudinal movement of the plate 17 through the medium of the shaft 20, a'given number of cards, according to the position of the dial and arm,- 22 and 31, respectively, are set. will be ejected from the casing. I

The front portion of the casing-is provided between the side walls with a suitable slide 34:, to receive and retain the cards, as they are ejected from the pack, and this slide 34 is provided in its rear end with an opening 35 so as to permit the cards to be readily removed from the casing, as desired. 7

In Figures 10 and 11, there is a diagrammatical illustration of the method in which a given number of cards is ejected from the pack and the remaining portion of said pack is retained on the table. It can be readily seen that when the dial 22 is fixed at the numeral 1 and the arm 31is alsofixed at the numeral 1, that the retaining plate 26 will engage the forward end of the pack with the exeception of the thickness of one card, and-the block 19 will'be eiected below the housing 18 for a sufficient distance to engage a single card, and thus upon longitudinal movement of said device, said one card will be. ejected. In Figure 11 there is a diagrammaticalillustration of the same operation for three cards,

and as the operations are identical, it is not believed that further description is war ranted.

7 It is to be understood that various chan' es in forms and construction may be resorte to without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed. c

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new is 1.1A card dealingdevice of the class described, including a casing, table mounted resiliently for vertical movement in said casing, a vertically movable card retaining plate mounted in said casing for-' ward of said table, means for raising and low-' 7 ering said plate at predetermined adjusted distances, a slide plate mounted in said casing above said table, means for reciprocating said plate, a card e ector carried by said plate, means associated with said holder plate for ejecting a given number of cards, and means to retain the card ejector "in its given adjusted position.

2. A-card dealer and shuflier of the class described,comprising a casing, a table resiliently mounted-for vertical movementin said casing, vertical movement in said casing forward of said table, an eccentric shaft supporting said plate for raising and loweringthe latter by the rotation of said shaft, a gauge to regulate the movement of said plate connected with said shaft, a slide plate in said casing above said table, a handle associated with said slide plate for controlling the latter, a card ejector associated withsaid plate, and a controlling means associated with said slide plate and ejector whereby various adjustments to the ejector may be made to coincide with the hold mg plateso that a given number of cards may be dispensed from the table.

In testimony whereof he hereunto afiixes his signature.


a card holding said card ejector whereby it'may be adjusted to cooperate with a card holding plate mounted for

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U.S. Classification273/149.00R
International ClassificationA63F1/00, A63F1/12
Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/12
European ClassificationA63F1/12