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Publication numberUS1850530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateMay 10, 1929
Priority dateMay 10, 1929
Publication numberUS 1850530 A, US 1850530A, US-A-1850530, US1850530 A, US1850530A
InventorsGeorge K Brown
Original AssigneeGeorge K Brown
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Exercising apparatus
US 1850530 A
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March 22, 1932. G K, BROWN 1,850,530

EXERGI S ING APPARATUS Filed May 10, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l March 22, 1932. G. K. BROWN 1,850,530

EXERCISING APPARATUS Filed May 10, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 GJL Brown W MO. I

Patented Mar. 22, 1932 I UNITED STATES {PATENTOFFICE GEORGE K. BROWN, OF PORTLAND, OREGON EXERCISING APPARATUS Application filed May 10, 1929. Serial No. 362,085.

This invention relates to exercising appaare connected by cross members or rungs 4 ratus, one of the objects being to provide 2. either or both of which can constitute a foot simple and compact structure which can be rest. The upper portion of each head memused in the home as well as in the gymnasium, her 3 is recessed, as at 5, for the reception of the apparatus being designed to develop all a casing 6 in which is rotatably mounted a of those muscles that would ordinarily be spring controlled spool? having a small cable used in rowing. 8 wound thereon and adapted, when un- Another object is to provide an apparatus wound, to place the spring of the spool under which, when not in use, can be stored in a increased tension. A bail 9 is attached to the 10 small space. outer end of the cable and carries a grip 10.

Another object is to provide apparatus of eecured along the upper edge of each side this character which is simple in construcstrip 1 is a longitudinally channeled rail 11 tion, will not readily get out of order, and and mounted to travel in the rails on the two can be sold at low cost. strips are supporting wheels 12 connected 13 With the foregoing and other objects in to a seat structure 13 which extends trans- View which will appear as the description versely across the structure and overlaps the proceeds, the invention resides in the comside strips. This seat structure 13 is held in bination and arrangement of parts and 1n proper position relative to the side strips by the details of construction hereinafter deretaining tongues 1% depending therefrom o scribed and claimed, it being understood that and having laterally offset lower ends 15 that changes in the precise embodiment of the inproject into longitudinal grooves 16 formed vention herein disclosed may be made within in the inner sides of the strips 1. Thus the the scope. of what is claimed without departseat cannot be lifted off of the rails.

ing from the spirit of the invention. That end of the frame remote from the 25 In the accompanying drawings the prerungs or foot rest 4 can be provided with a ferred form of the invention has been shown. cross strip 17 for connecting the side strips 1.

In said drawings, l/Vhen it is desired to use the apparatus the Figure 1 is a side elevation of the appasame is placed in a horizontal position as rat-us set up for use. shown in Figure l and the user seats himsf. Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof standlf on th t 13 with hi f t ag in t on ing 9 end P as to py @Sman p or both of the rests 4. The grips 10 are then F gure 3 is an end elevation. grasped in the two hands and by pulling on Flgul'e 4 1S a p P VleW- these grips and thrusting back with the legs Figure 5 is a section on line 55, Figure 4. Figure 6 is a section on line 66, Figure 4. Figure 7 is a section on line 77, Figure 4. Referring to the figures by characters of reference, 1 designates the side strip of the frame ofthe apparatus, each strip being provided, at one end, with a supporting leg 2 while its other end is attached to a head strip 3 one end portion of which constitutes a sup- Set p on end S P g fi the d porting leg adapted to cooperate the members 3 at thlS time COIlStltlltll'lg bases 01 leg 2 to hold the strip 1 in a substantially supporting the side strips. The seat strucand then bending the legs so that the springs back to normal position, a back and forth motion simulating that produced when rowing is set up with the result that very beneficial exercise will be obtained.

on the cables can pull the seat and the user When the apparatus is not in use it can be horizontal position. The head members 3 ture will of course be held properly assembled with the side strips by the retaining ton es 14. y

hat is claimed is: r

Exercising'apparatus including side strips, 7

means for'supporting the strips at one end, head members fixedly attached to the other end of the strips and tiltable therewith to support said strips in either a horizontal or an upstanding position, spring-restrained grips supported by the tiltable head members, and a carriage held to and mounted to reciprocate upon the side strips.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto afiixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification482/72, 482/127
International ClassificationA63B69/06
Cooperative ClassificationA63B2022/0079, A63B2210/50, A63B22/0076
European ClassificationA63B22/00R