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Publication numberUS1850538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateOct 11, 1928
Priority dateOct 11, 1928
Publication numberUS 1850538 A, US 1850538A, US-A-1850538, US1850538 A, US1850538A
InventorsDickson Lawrence E
Original AssigneeDickson Lawrence E
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Cushion for goggles
US 1850538 A
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March 22, 1932-' L.. E. DlcKsoN CUSHION FOR GOGGLES Filed Oct. 1l. 1928 Patented Mar. 22, 1932 UNTD STATES PATENT OFFICE CUSHION non GoGGLEs Application filed October 11, 1928.

The present invention relates to a removable cushion for goggles or the like, so formed that it may be secured to the eye rims of goggles and remain firmly secured without 5 the necessity of sewing or clamping means.

Among the objects of my invention are the following:

To provide the eye cups of goggles with acushion adapted to be removably secured to i@ the eye cups without the necessity of stitching or clamping parts.

To create a securing means in a cushion for goggles so that the cushion may be firmly applied to the eye rims of the goggles, without the need for any further securing means.

To afford a sanitary cushion for goggles which may be aiiixed or removed by the wearer Without the need of stitching or the use of clamping members.

'3J To provide cushion for goggles which may be easily, quickly and inexpensively replaced without any further act than the removal and replacement thereof.

To produce a cushion for goggles readily Y replaceable, which will be inexpensive to manufacture, simple to construct it, durable of wear, and such other objects, advantage and capabilities as will later more fully a pear and which are inherently possessed y 5 my invention.

My invention further resides in the combination, construction and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and while I have shown a preferred embodiment of my invention, I wish it understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Referring `to the drawingsi5 Fig. l is a front view of my cushion as applied to goggles; Fig. 2 is a side view and ig. 3 a rear view of the same.

Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken on line 4 4 of Fig. 3.

3J Fig. 5 is a perspective view, partly in section of my cushion, showing interior of the same.

My invention more in detail comprises a body member l found in circular shape. Said body member is preferably moulded when Serial No. 311,779.

sponge rubber isr employed, but any suitablev cushioning or padding material may be used andl formed in any desired manner. Said body member l has a face portion 2, rounded inside'and outside sideportions 3 and 4, and a back or rear portion 5.

The back portion is slit` completely around with a groove 6 running into the inside of the body member as clearly shown in Fig. 4.

The grooves 6 forms a straight side wall o0 7 running on the inside of the side protion 3.

The groove 6 is also cut so as to form another side wall 8 or the inside of the side portion 4. The side wall 8 is also straight for a portion 'of its distance and runs parallel to 65 side wall 7 until it reaches a point approximately illustrated in Fig. 4.

The groove 6k then runs at right angles and slightly forwardly or in a direction away from theface and toward the outside 7o Wal 37s() that side wall 8 has a hook por tion' 9.

In placing the body member l 0nthe eye piece frame l0 of Vgoggles 1l, it will be noted that said eye piece frame lO has on its pe- 75 ripheral border an edge rolled outwardly to form a projecting flange l2. This projecting iiange l2 is inserted into the groove 6 as far as 9 as clearly shown in Fig. 4. This permits the hook portion 9 of the side wall 8 80 to close around the projecting flange 12 and securely hold or lock the body member l to the eye piece frame l0.

Heretof-ore, where goggles have had cushioning members like body member l, the pad` 8;, ding material was sewed to the eye frames. This meant that the cushion was not readily removable, and could not be replaced by the wearer without going to the added effort of having the new cushion sewed to the frame. ou lVhere the sewing' method was not employed, it has heretofore been necessary to use clips, attached to the frame for clamping over the cushion. Other buttoning, riveting or clamping means have been resorted to, re- 95 guiring extra parts on the frame and cushions.

There goggles are used, for safety, and as a protection for men in hazardous or dangerous pursuits or wherever it is desirable to 100 use goggles as a'precaution, for the protec- Y "tion of the eyes, there has been a necessity for a removable cushion which Vis readily replaceable. It will readily be seen that my device may be immediately applied in actual use and at once firmly anchored to the eye piece frame. As the cushion remains on the frame, the anchor or hook portion 9 settles to more lo firmly grip the project-ange 12 and thus insuresa irm and certain grip.

My cushion may be removed at the will of the wearer and another cushion replaced without the need Jfor sewing or operating,

15 clamping or other fastening means. The acts ofaxing or removing my cushion are in themselves sufficient.

VHaving thus described my invention, I

. claim: j f

1.. A goggl cushion formed as a ring, a groove in one face of the ring, the walls of said groove parallel a portion of their depth, an odset in one wall of said groove, and thin ianges extending from the edges of said groove. y

2.V Aigoggle' cushion comprising an annu larelastc body having an inwardly extending groove formed in one face thereof, and an offset in one wall of said groove, said offso set substantially at right angle to said wall and extending forwardly. Y l

k2. A goggle cushion comprising an annul lar elastic body having an inwardly extending groove formed in one face thereof and anofset in one wall of said groove, said odset'substantially at right angle to said wall.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name to this specification.


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