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Publication numberUS1850540 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateDec 19, 1930
Priority dateDec 19, 1930
Publication numberUS 1850540 A, US 1850540A, US-A-1850540, US1850540 A, US1850540A
InventorsErickson Hortense C
Original AssigneeErickson Hortense C
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Protective shield
US 1850540 A
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March 22, 1932. H, CUERICKSON 1,850,540

PROTECTIVE SHIELD Filed Dec. 19 1950 INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Mar. 22, 1932 UNITED STATES HORTENSE C. ERICKSON, F TACOMA, WASHINGTON PROTECTIVE SHIELD Application filed December 19. 1930. Serial No. 503,431.

This invention relates to protective shields, and has reference in particular to a shield for protecting the eyes, eyelids, skin and parts of the face adjacent to the eyes during the appli- (5. cation of a certain makeup fluid to the eyelashes and the eyebrows.

More specifically stated, the invention has for its object the provision of a protective shield in the nature of a flexible card, and

1 which may be held in one hand over the part or member which it is desired to protect, while the treating material is applied with the other hand,- the edges of the card being curved in various ways so as to form parts that are applicable in various ways and which will conform to the shape or curvature of the part being treated.

Other objects of the invention reside in the details of construction, and in the manner of 29 using the protective shield, as will hereinafter be described.

In accomplishing these and other objects of the invention, I have provided the improved details of construction, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig. l is a perspective view illustrating the use of a protective shield embodied by the present invention while applying a treating fluid to the eyelashes.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the shield illustrating the variation in curvature of its various edges.

Referring more in detail to the drawings Explanatory to the invention, I will state that it is common practice, especially among women and girls, to treat the eyelashes with a makeup substance, known by various trade names, such as Mascara, Maybelline, Lashbrow, etc., for the purpose of darkening them and making them more attractive. This treating material, however, is rather destructive to the skin and is irritating to the eyes, and is hard to remove. Therefore, it is very desirable to provide means for protecting the eyes and skin from this substance while it is being applied.

The present shield has been especially designed for the above purpose, and in order that a single shield may be used for the various applications, its edges have been curved in various ways so as to make some part thereof conformable to the curvature of the eyelids or eyebrows, or other parts of the face adjacent to the eyes.

As shown best in Figure 2, the card 1 has its lower edge 2 concaved in a manner which is designed especially to fit over the upper eyelid along the eyelash while the treating substance is being applied to the upper eyelash. At one side of the card, there is a second concaved edge 3 of lesser depth for application to the lower eyelid, and this edge merges into the edge 2 in a point 4.. This point permits the curved edge portions 2 or 3, to be placed closely up beneath the eyebrow and against the bridge of the nose, especially while the upper eyelash is being treated. Across the top of the card and merging into the side edge opposite the edge 3 is a rounded edge 5 which merges into the edge 3 in a rounded corner 6, and merges with the lower edge 2 in a rounded corner 7 This edge 5 forms an irregular curve that may be made by trial adjustment of the card to conform to the various parts of the eyebrows, eyelids, or other parts to be treated. It is to be understood that there are no set rules for using the card, it being also intended that it shall be applied in the best manner according to the particular part being treated and the facial characteristics of the person being treated. It is preferred that the card be of a flexible character so that it will easily conform to the face and will efiectively proted; the part over which it is applied.

In Figure 2, I have indicated the card as having an outwardly pressed handle portion at 10 whereby the device may be held when being used. However, it is not essential that this be provided, and in most instances, it is preferred not to have a handle in order that the device may be more handily used.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new therein and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A protective shield of the character described, comprising a flexible card provided at one side and along its lower edge with concaved edges merging in a point and 7 formed at its Opposite side and upper edge d o, t h i r 1,850,540"

with a rounded edge surface merging at its ends with the concaved edges in rounding corners.

' 2. A protective shield comprising aflexible card having concave bounding edges merging together in a relatively sharp point at one side of the card, and having an outwardly rounded body portion opposite the point with an edge of gradual curvature and leading into the ends of the said concave boundingedges in smooth rounded corners.

Signed at Tacoma, WVashington; this 1st day of December, 1930.


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U.S. Classification132/216
International ClassificationA45D44/00, A45D44/12
Cooperative ClassificationA45D44/12
European ClassificationA45D44/12