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Publication numberUS1850715 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateNov 4, 1930
Priority dateNov 4, 1930
Publication numberUS 1850715 A, US 1850715A, US-A-1850715, US1850715 A, US1850715A
InventorsGottfried Herbert R
Original AssigneeGottfried Herbert R
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US 1850715 A
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antec Mar. 22,y `1932 f UNITI-:u STATES A lascars:

HERBERT n. .,Go'rTEnIED. OEER'IE, "PENNSYLVANIA GAME Application led ANovember 4i, 1930.- ISerialzNa. 493,367 y y 13 toward thetargets 12 isfof the fluid pres- Y This inventionk relates'to games and has more particular reference to a'game apparatus in which a projectile is projected by fluid pressure at a target..

The inventionbroadly comprehends a game apparatus including a game board having an upper surface upon which one or .more targets are arranged and a pneumatic or fluid pressure actuatedprojectile adapted for projection at the target.

More specifically the invention contemplates a game apparatus in which use is made of a game board havingan upper surface provided with one ormore targets and .1n which a pneumatic or fluid pressure actuated diaphragm is employed for projecting a pro-y j jectile at the target.

y Other objects of the inventionfre'sidel in the provision oa gamel apparatus whichis com- 'parativelyy simple in its constructionv and mode of use, inexpensive to manufacture,1 and which is highly attractive and amusing to the participants.

With the above recited and other obj ects'ln view reference is had tothe following specification and accompanying drawings in which there is exhibited one example or embodiment of the invention, while the claims dene the actual scope of the same. v

Inthe dra-Wingsfj f Figure 1 is a perspective View of the game i' illustrating the manner inwhich the same is played.v l

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional vlew therethrough taken'approximately on the line2-2 of Fig. 51.

Fig. 34 is asimilar View illustrating the flexed condition ofv the diaphragm. Y

Referring to the drawings by characters o reference, 10 designates a game board of anydesired congurationwhich is provided withan upper surface 11 having one or more targets 12 illustrated in the present instance as pegs although equivalent targets such as lrecesses or designated areas may be employed.l

The game further includes one or more projectiles 13 which inthe `present instance are indicated as rings adapted to engage over the pegs or pins l12.

The means for projectingthe projectiles n sure operated type and in the present instance saidmeansconsists of a luid chambery 14 which is deiinedby a .recessAwhich-opens through' the upper surface 11 the game''s board. andwhichis covered at the upper open end by a flexible wall or diaphragm ljwhich ,isnormally Yshaped to bulge downwardly within ythe iiuid chamberas illustrated, in Figs 1 and 2 of ,then drawings. Suitable TJ means lis provided for introducing ajfluid pressure totheiuid chamber 14 and as illustrated this means consists of a bulb 16 kfrom which a tube 17 leads,i the tube-being inserted in the outer end of Athe fluid passage 155 j 18 which leads from the iluidchamber 14`Vto the `outer edge `of, the1 game Lboard 10. In practice a plurality of said fluid passages and a .pluralityof bulbs and tubes may be employed. In event only one-player is using the game a stopper 19 may be inserted in the outer end of the iuid passage or passages 18 which are notin use, as illustrated in Fig. 3 of the drawings.

In use the projectilel is positioned on the flexible wall or diaphragm 15 and sighted from the normal position illustrated in Fig.

2,'t0 the position illustrated in Fig. 3. Ob-

viously this projects'the projectile 13 toward the objective target. f

hile there has been illustrated and described la rv'single and preferred embodiment j. of the invention, it is to be clearly lunderstood reserved to other yembodiments thereof which l properly fallwithin the scope of the appendf ed claims.

Whatis claimed is:

1. A game having the combination of a game board, a targetv on the upper surface thereon' a projectile and fluid pressure operated means or projecting the projectile upwardly over the board and at said target,

said projecting means consisting of a yclosed luidreceiving chamber yhaving a flexible upper wall and means for introducing Huid under pressure to said chamber to iex said wall for projecting therefrom, a projectile krested thereon.

5 2. A game including a rojectile, a game board having an upper sur ace provided with a target de'med thereon, said board having a f recessed portion opening through die upper surface thereof, a iexible diaphragm Vele- 10 ment coverin the upper open end of .the

recess and de ning therewith a closed ui'd chamber and means for introducing a. under pressure to said fluid chamber for exing said diaphragm to project theromfaind l5 at the target, a projectile rested on said diaphragm element. 'y

f 3; A gameapparatuscomprising a game having an upper surface provided with a target, a' recessed portion of said boa-rd Q0 'opening through the upper surface thereof, 1 v

a ex-ibie diaphragm element covering the repen end of the recess and norma'llv bulged downwardly yand defining with 1said recess a closed iiuidchamher, said game board $5 having a passageway leadingfrom the recess to the outer'edge thereof and means for introducing a fiuid'pressure through said Apassageway 'to-the' recess for ilexing said diaphmgm'whereby to project therefrom and kat .3 vthe target, a projectile rested upon said diaphragm. l


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