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Publication numberUS1850718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateJun 6, 1930
Priority dateJun 6, 1930
Publication numberUS 1850718 A, US 1850718A, US-A-1850718, US1850718 A, US1850718A
InventorsHenderson Kenneth M
Original AssigneeDitto Inc
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Mounting and package for rolls
US 1850718 A
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K. M. HENDERSON MOUNTING AND PACKAGE FOR ROLLS I Filed June e, 1930 March 22, 1932.

v mounting and package for rolls, and particu-k y y ff Patented .Mari 22,?y ,1932 c rasant cremonese, Immersa conronii'rroivo'r, wnsr vIRGINIA i c MoUNriNs'ANn PACKAGEFOR nous Applmatioamed June 619'30. `serial No.7459,59'1.1 f

This'l invention relates to an improved larly vto rolls which are capable of being'reversibly Woundand having winding core rods fivecltoy each end` thereof. i Y v c i This; invention has particular lapplication for'use in connection withrolls, the core rods Vvof which project laterally beyond the sidey edges of the roll,rwhich projecting edgesfconstitute'mea'ns by y'which vthe roll kis mounted whenin'useg -Y 7,. i. i

Although this invention is applicablerto rolls of. any type', but'is herein killllstrated as n appli'ed'to. heltograph rolls,f the peculiar nature of which is thatthey yare unusually heavy vfor their.A size.' isjvell known thathcktographirolls are relativelylargeand comprise 'a backingl sheet provided with :ai relatively easily.` damaged. gelatinous n. rmaterial thereon.` f'

thick coatino', of

Inpackaging rolls of this-character, itis: de-

sirable -to providea box in Vwhich atf each vend i thereof.' means i ,are i. provided which cooperate l with the fcenter core rod' in aY manner to `supyiportthe roller .Y

An object of this invention .is to provide in ,Y

' numerous other objects c are lcontemplated'as will readilyy appear to one skilled in the art as 'the following description proceeds; An fila package ofthe above described type,z1neans composedof relatively rigid materialfflocated inthe :endof thebox, .and provided withf're'- icesses', openings yor` :other 4means .adapted to receive the ends of the center core rodof the roll. 1 In addi tionthe means above referred to are provided with other ,recesses and in the illustrated Vform, slitsextending. inwardly from theedge thereofadapted to receive'the' extensiononethe core rod secured to the other 'orf outer end Vofthe roll.r Y

, f lt' isa further object to provide ja mounting andf'packa'geof the above described rtype which willhold the rollagainst-rotation and ,will in addition,l hold, the outer kor free-core rodinja iXed positionrelative tothe roll and also against rotationyand at all times with the -roll o ut'of contact withthe vwalls of the boxy or surface inwhich it is siupported. f v

As above described, .it ispreferable to make the :supporting means for the rollin the form of rigid ybodies for thefpurposetof serving as reinforcement for strengthening means for fthe lbox `in -whichthe rollf' is contained. kIt `will less diameterfthan-the width ofthe strip7 so be appreciated that anysuitable material may 'Y Vbeemployed, butin the present illustration,k

bloclrsof wood are provided which `serve well for supportsand 1n addition as reinforcing "mealfor theboX, so that in spite of the rela-v tively heavyweight of the rolls, the boxes, even though ofzcardboard or yothersimil'ar relatively flexible materials, may bestacked otherwisel damaging the boxes or: their Vcontents in the lowerl portion of the pile@y I strip 'f extension, -into 'an opening of.y slightly I lthat the edge of the circular opening provided forV receiving the end i strip may be slightly deformed .ina manner toytightlygripandv hold the .endsof the core p y Y rodso' as to ,prevent rotation ofthe ro1l.g. i Q 'y i y n *i In addition-pto vthe abovey stated@ objects,

lustrative lembodiment of the. invention ywill The scope f the inventioniwillbe fully comprehendedafterv anv understandings of the illustrated embodiment and an appreciation ducesin this illustrated form; y z f In the accompanying drawings: Figure l is a 'plan view partly in crosssec-4 tion ofabox androllsupporting means containing a i. roll! all'. constructed f in accordance' with the present.invent-ion` Figurel 2 is ya perspective view 'of a: roll as shown in Figurel, mounted insupporting block Yconstructed in accordance -with `the present. invention, and i VIEigure'-B is a blocks disclosedv in Figure f2.;

perspective view of one of the I Y; f 10oL lwithv the rolls contained'thereinto relativelyvj Y high'heights without danger of i'crushing orfig' lOther particular-kadvantages which flow from 'V utilizing "wood for the supporting -blocksare that they are cheap, easyto lmake :and when used,1the;roll may be held againstl v Y rotation *byf mea-nsof forcingthe; end thereof which .is preferablyr provided inthe `form .of a

e im

ofthe advantages which 'the invention prof'b'e hereinafter describedV withireference to the v, Aaccompanying drawings,fb`ut it is to be underistood thatthe inventionY is not to be limited in :any particular by the following disclosure;

'n frere Udi- 13, having ak flat st'riplike portion 14' andr a rod-like extension on the end of the strip. i

Inasmuch as the presentv illustration relates to hektograph rolls, it is to be understoodk that therend portion of. the core rod anek those" which are commonly used? for mounting rolls of thischaracter, but that the pnesent invention is accordingly toibe con strued broadly enough to accommodatev rolls 'of slightly different' character and having somewhat different but corresponding end portions.-

For the purposey of supporting. the roll: so

that it will be Wholly out of contact with any surface on which it is supported or anyl of the walls orbottom andtop portions of the rao box irrA which itis contained, supporting blocks are provided designated 16, each having a central opening or recess 1'7, which is adapted to'receive'the end of the center core rod' for the purpose of supporting the roll.

lIty is obvious that these blocks lfmay be of any suitable construction but itis preferable to have'them of the same shape as the n cross sectional shape' of the box yin' which the vrollf isy to be contained, so that when they are llmaedl in the ends ofthe box, the-box will ormlgmeans for holding the blocksv against displacement. It is also preferablel to have themlof aI relatively rigidv material and in this illustration are shown as being madeof wood, of relatively soft character. With the blocks of relatively soft wood and with the opening v16 therein of slightlyless diameter than the widthof the extension 14 on lthe endy ofthe core rods, the roll maybe held against relative rotation by forcing theextension into the opening. Asthe extensions enter theopening the circumferential edge thereof is slightly deformed so that the 'side Walls of thev openwill grip and. ti htly holdthe core rod.

' he lsupporting locks me further provided with slits lextending inwardly from the outer surface thereof, so as to receive and form a means fornomrotatably holding the outer or free core rod. It is obvious that these slits may be located in dilerent portions of the supporting bloclrbut they are preferably locatedas shown, that is, extending diagonally inwardlyk toward. the center of the supporting block :from one corner thereof. In any case the slit of the two supporting blocks 'willbe located in alignment in substantially the manner shown inFigure 2, so

that the roll when placed therein will be fully supported and held against rotation, or accidental displacement. With the roll so mount' ed, the roll together with the supporting block may be placed into a box, so that the roll and the blocks will, takethe position illustrated inFigurel, and in thisposition, the4 box and the supporting block form a complete package for containing the roll.r

Itv` will be obvious that the blockformV reinforcing means lfor the box and that when boxes are stacked. or piled one upon the other rolllwithout. difliculty whereby they roll will Y be free for the supports and readymounting toruse` 7 Although any formof'box is contemplated, it is'obvious that this inventionwilll be particularly useful in connection with boxes of cardboard orfboxes of similar flexible material, as the blocks. will citerI a substantial reinforcement" at the: locations where it is needed. i

In practice it is desirable to use boxes of cardboardy as they oier substantial protection and form an adequate package for the roll, especiallyY when they are reinforced'to accommodate the weightof rolls such 'as' hekv tograph. and in a manner to permit stacking,

asdescribed above. A n f f I claim: f l y 1. In `combination withy a hektognph roll adapted for reverse winding having-core rods on both ends thereof, a support and container ytherefor comprising a straight sided box and top therefor, and a pair of ,spaced roll supporting blocks in each end of said box, the core rods of said roll having flat projections on each end and said blocks having centrally located cylindrical openings for receiving said flatk projections ofthe core rod at the center of said roll, saidy openings being of n slightly less diameter than the width of said projections and having side walls yof deformable material so that said projections may be forced into and non-rotatably yheld in said openings for any diametrical position of said flat projections, and slits in said blocks extending inwardly from the outer edge thereof having width'and depth sufficient to receive said ilat projections of the other of said core rods and to hold said core rod `against rotation in a position entirely inside of the 'n f".v V'on both ends thereof, a support and container therefor comprising 'la straight sided box andy toptherefor and a pair ofrspaced'roll sup- Y porting blocks in eachl end of said box; the g core rods of said roll having portions extend-f' V19 ing beyond the edgesof said roll'with fiat f projections extending from eachof said ends` vand said blocks beingspaced apar-t a distance substantially equal,` tothe length of said rods'- 'so as to provide a space between the edges ofI -said rolls and the inner faces of said blocks,

` y and saidv blocks further having centrally-lol cated cylindrical openings for receivingsaid c fiat projections of the rcore rod atf the center ofsaid roll, said openings being of slightly 20Iless diameter than the yWidth of said projec' tions andv having side Walls Vof .deformable material so that said projectionsymay be Y forced into and non-rotatably heldin said 'openings for any diametrical position of said iy n' i flat projections, and aligned slits invsaidf vblocks extending inwardlyfrom the outer edge thereof having widtht anddepth'sniij cient to receive said fiat projections on the; ends of theother of said core rods and to hold f3 said core' rod 'against rotation'i-n a position entirely inside of ,the planes denedfby they outside surfaces ofsaid blocks.v f 'l Signedat Chicago, Illinois,this Zndday of June, 1930. c f KENNETH iM. HENDERSON.v

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