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Publication numberUS1850887 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1932
Filing dateJun 27, 1927
Priority dateJul 7, 1926
Publication numberUS 1850887 A, US 1850887A, US-A-1850887, US1850887 A, US1850887A
InventorsAlbert Laumonier Felix
Original AssigneeCartier Sa
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Cover for travelers' articles adapted to form alpha support
US 1850887 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)


Filed June 27. 1927 Patented Mar. 22 1 932 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FELIX ALBERT LAUMONIER, 0F PARIS, FRANCE, AssIeNoa T0 CARTIER, soorn'rn ANONYME, or PARIS, sa mon COVER FOR TRAVELERS ARTICLES AIDAFTED TO FORM A SUPPORT Application filed .Tune 27, 1927, Serial No. 201,885,, and in France July 7, 1926.

The present invention has for its object a cover device which may form a support and is adapted for travelers articles such as small clocks, photograph frames, mirrors, calendars, barometers or the like. As a rule, all such objects are covered with. a glazed frame and require to be protected by a cover, and furthermore it is preferable that they may be placed upon a table in an oblique position.

In the first constructional form of the device according to the invention'the cover is mounted upon the box by a ball-and-socket joint, and this permits by a very easy and ready movement to place the cover in the position in which it forms a support, and it may be given any desired inclination due'to the arrangement of the said ball-and-socket joint operating by easy friction.

In a modified form of construction the cover is hinged and it comprises bevelled cheeks which provide for the inclination of the box. 7

The following description with reference to the appended drawings which are given by way of example, sets forth the manner in which the said invention is carried into effect.

Fig. 1 is a front view of an embodiment of the invention. 7

Fig. 2 is a side view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a side view in the position for observat-ion.

Fig. 4 is a perspective View.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view of the upper part which forms a ball-and-socket joint.

Fig. 6is a perspective view of a modified form of construction.

Fig. 7 is a plan view of the same.

Fig. 8 is a side view.

Fig. 9 is a side view in observation. 7

In the difierent forms of construction which will be hereinafter described, the invention is supposed to be applied to a travel the position for I ers clock, but as above stated it is applicable to all articles of'thisclass.

The said clock is contained in a case a which 1 posed a cover 6 mounted on the ball a (Fig.

5) which is maintained in the semi-cylindrical chamber 03 formed upon the case a. V

The cover 5 is secured to thesaid ball by a pin or by like means, and the said pin 6 traverses a semicircular slot 6 (Fig. 1) g formed in the half-round portion 05. A spring f constantly applies the ball 0 against the end of the chamber d and provides for a certain friction in the joint, by which the cover 6 when it serves as a support for holding the clock (Figs. 3 and 4) will preserve the inclination which was given to it.

It should be noted that the cover 6 may be folded down and is thus completely ap plied against the case, either on the side of the dial, as shown'in Fig. 2, or on the other side. It will thus be remarkedthat the clock has the form of a parallelepipedon (Figs. 1 and 2) and may be used as a paper Weight while the time can be readily observed.

In the modification shown in Figs. 6 to 9, the cover 9 is hinged at g to the case m. The

said cover comprises two cheeks k k whose edge is cut on a bevel as shown in Figs. 6 and 8. When the cover is closed, the clock has the general appearance of a small box without raised portions on its faces (Figs. 7 and 8), and the edges 2' i of the cheeks k k of the cover will be applied upon a corresponding edge of the case. In this form of construction, as well as the form described with reference to Figs. 1 to 5, the knob for winding the clock is telescoping and can, be made to disappear in a recess formed in the thickness of the case.

To open the cover, it is turned uponthe hinge 9 Its face is (Fig. 9) makes contact with the end Z of the oblique edge of the case, and the clock is supported by the edges 21 2' of the checks of the cover upon the horizontal plane of the table, and thus assumes the oblique position shown in Figs. 6 and 9.

. It is obvious that without departing from the principle of the present invention, it may be suitably modified in detail.

What I claim is 1. 'An article for travelers use which comprises a case with a semi-cylindrical side or end portion, a cover, a ball which, is connected" with the cover by a rodtraversing a slot in the said semi-cylindrical portion, said ball being disposed in the interior of the semi-cylindrical portion, and elastic means for breaking the rotation of the said ball in the interior of the case.

2. An article for travelers use which com prises a case with a rounded side or end portion, a cover, a rotatable piece in said round portion, a slot in said rounded portion, a rod traversing said slot for connecting said cover and said piece, and means for braking the rotation of said piece.

3. An article for travelers use which comprises a case With a rounded side or end portion, a cover, a rotatable piece in said rounded portion, a slot in said rounded portion, a rod traversing said slot for connecting said cover and said piece, and a spring located in said rounded portion for braking the rotation of said piece.

In testimony whereof I have signed this specification.


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