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Publication numberUS1851013 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1932
Filing dateDec 13, 1928
Priority dateDec 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1851013 A, US 1851013A, US-A-1851013, US1851013 A, US1851013A
InventorsGustave N Michaud, Edward L Ogilvie
Original AssigneeOgilvie
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Bill clip
US 1851013 A
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MarCh 1932- G. N.- MICHAUD ET AL BILL CLIP 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Dec. 13, 1928 @1115 Minimum avwentoz March 29, 1932. G. N. MICHAUD ET AL BILL CLIP Filed Dec. 13, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 3uoewtoz @umc/memw E'd/wa/zd/ LOW Patented, Mar. 29, 1932 UNI-TED STATES PATENT OFFICE GUSTAV]! iv. urcmmn AND EDWARD L. OGILVIE, 01 8'1. PAUL, MINNESOTA; SAID MIGHAUD ASSIGNOB '10 SAID OGILVIE BILL CLIP Application filed December 13, 1928. Serial No. 825,688.

Our invention relates to a bill clip which may be carried easily in ones pocket to hold paper money folded in such a manner as to be easily accessible and firmly held against disengagement. The body of the clip constitutes a backing and support of the proper size and design so that paper money bills held by the clip are neatly and conveniently supported. In arranging the paper bills to be supported by our clip they are folded in such a manner as to be of approximately the same size as the backing of the clip or holder and by means of a spring engaging member which may be integral or form a part of the clip, the bills are held in a neat folded position on one side of the clip and holder.

It is also a feature of our invention to provide a clip or holder for paper money with which is associated a removable memorandum calendar member. This member is supported on the opposite side of the holder or clip to that adapted to engage and support the paper money. In this manner we provide a pocket clip and holder including a memorandum and also a date calendar which gives a pocket utility of a desirable nature wherein paper money can be carried in a convenient manner so that it can be easily removed, yet held firmly against disengagement from the holder, and also provide in the utility a place for making memorandums and including with the memorandum sheet or member a calendar means. The removable nature of the calendar and memorandum member permits the renewal of the same from year to year, if it is desired, and when this member is made of celluloid or of a suitable similar material, the memorandum surface of the same'is of such a nature that it can be easily written upon for making memorandum notes.

These features and other details of the invention will be more fully and clearly set forth in the specification and claims.

In the drawings forming part of our specification Figure 1 is a front view holder.

Figure 2 is a back view of the same.

of our clip and Figure 3 is a perspective of the holder.

Figure 4 is a section on the line 44 of Figure 2, showing the clip or holder with the paper bills and memorandum card removed.

Figure 5 is a back view of another form of our clip and holder.

Figure 6 illustrates a perspective view of our holder of the construction illustrated in Figure 5. i

Figure 7 shows the spring-engager of the holder held in another manner to the back of the same.

Figure 8 is a back view of an alternative form of our holder.

Figure 9 is a cross section on the lines 55 of Figure 8.

Our bill clip A is formed virtually rectangular and of such a size as to be of the proper pro ortions so that when a paper money bill is folded, as illustrated in Figure 6, it may be held by the bill clip A upon one side of the same, fiat and compact and readily accessible to be removed when desired.

The clip A may be formed of sheet material with a flat body portion 10 having peripheral inwardly projecting flange members 11, 12 and 13, along three of the sides of the same, as illustrated in Figure 1. These flange members are bent inwardly to form channels which are adapted to receive the memorandum card C slidably supported beneath the flanges so that the card maybe removed. The flange members 11, 12 and 13 hold the card C sufficiently firm against the back 10 so that while it may be removed, yet it is prevented from sliding freely out of engagement with the flange members and back 10. Thus the memorandum card or member 0 is held firmly to the back.

The memorandum card or member C is preferably formed of celluloid or other suitable material of a similar nature and has a roughened or dull finished surface 14 upon which memorandums may be written, as illustrated in Figure 1. Adjacent the memorandum surface 14: a display surface 15 is provided on the same side and surface of the card C. The back surface 16 of the card 0 2 eonora is adapted to carry a calendar including the different months of the year, as illustrated in Figure 5, which shows the card 0 partially removed. 6

Our cli or bill holder A is preferably formed 0 a single piece of material and is rovided with a spring bill holding clip 18 ormed by cutting the same from the body of the back ortion 10, as illustrated in Figures 2 3 and 4. The spring clip 18 has its free edge 19 bent upwardly so that the pa er bills B may be easily inserted under the rec edge 19. The spring clip 18 is formed with a peculiar shape, so designed as to provide an inwardly curved tongue-like portion 20 just back of the free edge 19, and between the sides of the spring clip 18. This tongue portion 20 co-operates with a center spring 21 which is shaped virtually the same as the inner shape of the spring clip 18.

Each of the spring members 18 and 21 are cut from the body 10 of the holder A and the cutting out of the formation of the spring clip 18 provides the sprin member 21 v1rtually centrally of the spring clip or holder 18. The free edge of the spring member 21, together with the tongue portion 20 of the clip 18 provide a means of engaging the paper money bills B to hold the same against too free disengagement from the holder A, and thus we provide a very eifective and practical means of holding the paper bills folded in a neat formation so as to lie flat with the body 10 of the holder A.

Several paper bills may be folded singularl and inserted below the spring clip 18 so that they may be removed individually if it is desired, and the formation and construction of the spring clip 18 together with the spring member 21 is such as to firmly hold one or more paper bills by the bill clip A.

' The broad flat engaging nature of the spring clip 18, together with its spring formation and particular design, forms a very desirable pocket bill clip to hold paper bills in a flat neat manner within ones pocket. One bill may be held just as effectively by the spring clip 18 as several, and yet the holder A is flexible enough to permit several bills to be held without distorting the shape of the holding spring 18.

Our holder A may be provided with a spring wire clip 24, a portion of which is soldered at 25 to hold the spring wire 24 flat against the back of the holder A, as illustrated in Figure 5. This spring wire member 24 takes the place of the spring clip 18 and is adapted to firmly engage the paper bills B to hold them in place on the back of the bill clip. It is also obvious that the spring wire holder 24 may be held by the loops 26- struck out of the back 10 of the holder A and as illustrated in Figure 7.

In the spring wire holder 24 it will be noted that this wireis so attached that only Kama firmly against the bee 10 of the holder The alternative form of m holder or clip shown in Figure 8 is a modifled form of the holder shown in Figure 2. It is made of a single piece of metal by cutting the s ring clip 28 from the body of the back, and has its free edge 29 bent upwardly, as shown in Figure 9, to permit paper bills to be readily inserted between the spring clip 28 and the back of the clip, where they are held under A spring tension.

Our bill clip provides a pocket utility wherein paper money may be easily carried in a neat and tidy manner and by means of the memorandum member or card C suitable notes may be written down so that this memorandum and calendar card associated with the bill clip, as is set forth, provide a ocket utility of a very desirable nature whic may be used as an advertising medium or in any other manner. It will be apparent that as a pocket shopping utility my bill clip has a material advanta e in that the paper money is held against isplacement from the bill clip and also so that it can be readily removed in single bills or severally, and associated with the clip the removable memorandum card calendar, all functioning together to form a pocket utility of a very desirable naure.

In accordance with the atent statutes we have described the princip es of our bill clip and while we have illustrated a particular formation and design of the same, we desire to have it understood that this is only illustrative of a means of carrying out our invention and that obvious changes may be made within the scope of p the following claims without departing from the spirit of the same.

We claim:

1. A memorandum holder formed of a single piece of sheet material including, a flat body portion, inturned flanges formed on three edges of one side of said body portion, one transverse edge remaining open, a mem orandum card supported by said flanges, and spring means oflset along one longitudinal edge of said body portion cut from said body portion projecting along the other side of said body portion to cling by spring tension to an article placed between said body portion and said spring means.

2. A holder including, a flat sheet-like body portion, a spring clip member cut from and raised above thesurface of said body portion, a tongue portion on said clip member extending downwardl toward said body member and an upward y extending lip on said body member to prevent accidental disengagement of anything held between said clip and said body member.

3. A holder includin a rectangular fiat body portion, a U-shape spring clip cutfrom the body of saidholder and raised above the surface of said holder, an outwardly turned free edge on said clip to allow easy insertion of an article within said clip, a downwardly extending tongue on said ch adapted to act in conjunction with a raised 'p on said body rtion to prevent eas withdrawal of an article held between sai body portion and said chp.

4. A holder comprisin a flat sheet-like body member, a portion 0 said body member cut out and formed to extend above and virgo tually parallel with said body (portion to provide a spring clip, an inwar ly and downwardly extending tongue near the free end of said clip, an upwardlg extending lip on said body portion adapt to form a restrict- 25 ed passageway between said tongue and said lip to revent accidentaldisen ement of an artlcle held between saidc p and said body portion.



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