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Publication numberUS1851282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1932
Filing dateMay 27, 1930
Priority dateMay 27, 1930
Publication numberUS 1851282 A, US 1851282A, US-A-1851282, US1851282 A, US1851282A
InventorsClymer Jacobs
Original AssigneeClymer Jacobs
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Bed coupling
US 1851282 A
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March 29, 1932.

C. JACOBS BED COUPLING Filed May 27, 1930 Patented 1 BEpacorLlN `ables a bed tobeiasyser'nbedjordisassembled Skee'rond, to prot/idea' elplng f this dassV f adapted to jo'n the 'sde ralsbf a bedstead tok a bed 1 head and beifo0taand which] Cannot i mf 4jointgis; eliminated Third, to provid," a v l [the one member th'refmayjbe formedih ei" V'gralrwth they bed header bedfoot; or maybe y ,"Whch holdsthe bed from* giving `Way Adiagv. onally'sfethatthebedretains,tsjprper'ree-l tangular forni;arid@v f yF'Jth,` to provide on'a Whole anevelly 'cene v strueteclbed"couplngwhch is particularly j` gfEaehfbr'aeket: ib I.

` f VWiththese andfotherbbjects nvetif as'y Wlll appear here1nafter,my lnvehtlpf'cn slsts of cert'alnnovelfeatures ofeenstruetlomr Combination .and arrangement ofpart and y Application 1ed-May 27, Y I A K ten'sthereof brokenfaway; 'and neecten,

f SnularaY 'eharatersxofreference refer: to. 50; fg j bedtoitpliag in 'which y Y K head member B, asshown in Fig'.L 4. Exten Fourth, toprovde i a cbuplhgjbf thsrelasws.

A These earpertiorlshaveopeingsldltheren; whereby thesoeketmember;maybeseeuied-to@ Q51 porti'onsfshovir'mhelevation.v n

i n HL-fKL 'i turned: end portalen :which e endstoward the other'braeket' as; shownibest Eig. 11-.1 Thesee toil, {cons-tant,

ghehe-,ruhe ,Y

, VYLe Ylfi'figuref1f is aperspeetlvemew,efrthe.Grief l n .55; and, the'bediralsrfingthe formtof anta,

n mentary yperspestivefView; ofthe other meme ber of lmy cOup1ng;-Fg,.-3 s asimilar per- Y' 40; Speetve- View of a slghtly'moded yfornirci Y mentary-perspeetve vView shwirlglthetcor- Fig. V6, in order to lighten the structure.


thereof'flq dof'notwsh yto bevlimited totls f Y oulr-'bonstructiom combinationand'ar-- f,

of the socketV 1g, may be hollow, as showr'liln e block 2c is of constant diameter throughout its len h,and forms a loose enough lit with the soc et 1g yso that it cannot possibly wedge therein. y j

Formed integrally with the block 2e at its upper end is a cross position 2d, which overhangs either side of the block 20, but is flush with the extended end thereof. The overhanging portions 2e are adapted'to rest on the gpperendslh of the bracketslb. The cross portion extends rearwardly fromthe block 2c and is offset to one side so ,as to merge into the horizontall disposed portion 1,851,2eeV

Ations so as to assume a centered relation with day of May, 1930.


2f of the bed side rail, ass own best 1n Figs. f

2 and 5.

vThe structure shown in Figs. 3

aerhanging portions 3d of the cross portionl e kandiis l' adapted for bed side railsof aT-shaped cross *it can-be `seven that thecoupling thus 'formed' i bythe members 1 and 2, orl and 3,holds the ofthe in rigid and firm relation when 'in However, when" desiring to assemble or disassemble the bed, itis necessary-only to raise the side members Yi?, and 3 vexticallyin order to disengage them from thehead and foot membersfof the bed.

It is obvious from the construction as illustheilrawings Aand described inthe foging specification that there is provided f 8 e couplinfg'as-V aimed at and' set forth Vin theinvention,v rand though I we ownand'described a particular construction, combination vand arrangement of ions, 4arid a certain' modification rangement, nor to the modification, but desire to' meldde in soopefofimy'inveiition the on' motion, combination and arrangement A Chim;

their one margins for the major porn subifzttlitially''as set 'forth inthe appended' of their lengths, said' horizontally 'dis-v, n

'Strip 'offset mmlly at its endspor"

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U.S. Classification5/300, 5/286
International ClassificationF16B12/60, F16B12/00
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European ClassificationF16B12/60