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Publication numberUS1851733 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1932
Filing dateOct 24, 1930
Priority dateMay 28, 1930
Publication numberUS 1851733 A, US 1851733A, US-A-1851733, US1851733 A, US1851733A
InventorsShapiro Lewis
Original AssigneeShapiro Lewis
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Fastening for wristlets, bangles, belts, and the like
US 1851733 A
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March 29, 1932. SHAPIRQ 1,851,733

FASTENING FOR WRISTLETS, BANGLES, BELTS, AND THE LIKE Filed Oct. 24, 1930 Patented Mar. 29, 1932 UNITED STATES LEWIS SHAPIRQ OF DURBAN, UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA} FASTENING FOR,WRISTLETS, BANGLES, BELTS, AND THE LIKE Application filed October 24, 1930, Serial No. 490,910, and in the Union of South Africa New 28, 1930. I

This invention relates toa new and improved form of fastening which may be used for wristlets, armlets, bangles, belts and the like. It is most applicable in connection with the various forms of wristlets used for carrying wristlet watches. The present means now used is either a strap and buckle, ribbon or tape with sliding fastening, or the metal band fastening with pin and slip-over retaining 1o band. All these means of fastening suffer from the disadvantage,that they are apt, through wear or accidental blows, to become unfastened, resulting in lost or broken watches. 7

In my invention I overcome these disabilities by providing a fastening which cannot become unfastened by accidental blows or wear, and which can be both rapidly and expeditiously fastened and unfastened on the wrist by using only one hand. Although this improved fastening is described more particularly as regards its use with wristlet watch Wristlets it may be embodied as a means of fastening the numerous articles worn on the persons such as bangles, armlets, bracelets, anklets, belts and the like.

The fastening is preferably made of metal in the form of a strip or band, one end of which overlaps the other. To each end of these overlapping portions is fixed a small stud, and coinciding with each stud on the opposite overlapping portion is a slot having one end enlarged sufficiently to pass over the head of the correspondingstud. At

'" intermediate points between these two studs are further slots which are for the purpose of adjusting the diameter of the wristlet.

All the slotsare equally spaced with respect to the studs and one another enabling the studs to be engaged with whichever slots are convenient. In this manner the wristlet can be made to fit different sizes ofwrists. The slots in each strip are constructed so as in the other strip.

To enable the invention to be more readily understood and carried into practice, reference is made to a preferred embodiment thereof illustrated in the accompanying sheet of to operate in an opposite direction to those drawings, wherein like references refer to like parts wherever occurring.

In the drawings I Fig. 1 is a side elevationof the fastening in the open position attached to wristlet watch. I

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the fastening closed.

Figs. 3 and L are and 2.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged side elevation of the fastening showing details.

Fig. 6 is a plan view on Fig. 5. e

Fig. 7 is a plan view of an alternative form of slot.

Fig. 8 is a side elevation of an alternative fastlening in the form of a hookin place of a stuc.

Fig. 9 is a plan View on Fig. 8.

In Figs. 1-4 the fastening is shown in use attached to an ordinary wristlet watch denoted by 1. The two parts of the fastening are shown at 2 and 3. Fig. 1 showsthe fastening ready for closing over the wrist with the studs 4 opposite their respective slots 5.

Fig. 2 shows the fastening in its closed position that is with the necks of studs 4 engaging in the narrow part of the slots 5. The slots 5 are shown with parallel sides, but they may be made to taper so as to produce a wedging action on the neck of the studs 4 thus making the fastener less likely to become unfastened.

The number of slots 5 is not limited and may be four, five or six depending on the amount of adjustment desired. v

The slots 6 in Fig. 7 are shown in a'nalter native shape with the enlarged portion for admitting the head of the stud 4 arranged to one side of the slot.

Figs. 8 and 9 show a further alternative arrangement in which a hook 7 takes the place of the stud 4 and a plain slot 8, that of the slot 5. Another modification of my invention would be in the use of more than one line of studs 4, and slots 5. If the fastening were used for a broad belt two and even more lines of studs and slots might be found necessary. I r

The closing of the fastening on the wrist plan views on Figs. 1

or body is very easily carried out by simply pressing the one half of the strap 3 over the other half 2 so that the studs 4 enter whichever of the slots 5 coincide with them. A slight pull being then necessary to cause the studs 4 to slide along to the narrow end of the slots 5. All that is necessary to release the catch is a slight inward pressure applied to both sides of the strap simultaneously thus reversing the fastening action and releasing the studs 4 from the slots It is a feature of my invention that while the strap 3 is in a closed position on the wrist or body, the natural pressure of the wrist or body bein extended outward serves to keep the studs 4 rmly fixed in the slots 5 by reason of the opposite action of the slots, and also that lateral pressure on one strap 3, serves to tighten the fastening. In order to loosen the fastening it is necessary that pressure be applied simultaneously to both straps 3 and 2..

What I claim is 1. A new and improved fastening or catch for wristlets, bracelets, armlets, belts and the like comprising two metal strips overlapping at their ends and provided at these overlappingends with a stud which will coincide with suitable slots provided at points opposite these studs, such studs and slots be ing equally spaced in respect to one another.

2. A new and improved fastening or catch for wristlets, bracelets, armlets, belts and the like as claimed in claim 1, in which any numher of equally spaced slots may be provided inithe two overlapping portions of the fastenings.

3. A new and improved fastening or catch for wristlets, bracelets, armlets, belts and the like as claimed in claim 1 in which the slots haveenlarged apertures at one end of such size as will easily pass over the head of the studs and in which the narrow portion will allow the passage of the neck of the stud but will not allow the head of the stud to be drawn through. Y

4. A new and improved fastening or catch for wristlets, bracelets, armlets, belts and the like, as claimed in claim 11, in which the slots have an aperture at one end larger than the stud-head and a narrow portion at the other end smaller than the head of the stud, the enlarged portion lying to one side of the narrow portion of the slot.

5. A fastening for circlets, including two metal strips overlapping at their ends, each of said strips being provided at these ends with a hook, plain rectangular slots being provided :at points opposite said hooks to coincide'with said hooks, the hooks and slots being equally spaced with respect to each other. V

Signed at Durban, in the Natal Province, this tenth day of September, 1930.


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