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Publication numberUS1853219 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1932
Filing dateJun 2, 1928
Priority dateJun 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1853219 A, US 1853219A, US-A-1853219, US1853219 A, US1853219A
InventorsNewton Edwin H
Original AssigneeNat Paper Box Co
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Display carton
US 1853219 A
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E. H. NEWTON DISPLAY CARTON April 12.; 1932- Filed June 2, 1928 2 sheets-She@Je l ATTORNEY |ENTOR M H Wolr BY April 12, 1932. E. H. NEWTON DISPLAY CARTON Filed June 2, 1928 2 sheets-sheet 2 ATTORNEY "Patented 1S.p1-.1: z,1932'A 'EDWIN n, NEWTON, or -xANsAs crrr, mssoua1, AssrGNon 'ro NATIONAL runnrox f 'm provide a retaining wall for the front ope tion.


'lna'lalsrl'g Y orrlvyca C0., OF`KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, A CORPORATION OF MISSOURI i DISPLAY CARTON A Applimntilmr lcd June 2,

*,M invention relates toboxes and more partlcularly to devices of that character formed from a single sheet of bendable material, such as paper, the princi al objects of the invention being to interloc with the side members ofthe box, lock an integral cover with the side members to constitute the cover an integralv hinged member for closing the front of the box,to

ing, and to securely latch the several elements of the box in position for shlpping and continued use after receipt.

In ordinary practice boxes of this charac- 1928. serial No. 282,389.

slits for disposing the members 'and for receiving locking tabs.

Referring in detail to the drawings: The blank l'comprises a substantially recproducing portions and members later described, and provided vwith similar integral the bottom` .tangular sheet 'having an irregular contour l55 to intern lateral wings y2 adjacent one end' defined therefrom by scorings 3, and adapted 'for iined by parallel transverse scorings 5 and 6 and parallel longitudinal scorings 7 and 8, said scorings defining also a bottom 9. rlhe wings 2 may be attached to the side members ninbending over @exterior side portions 4 de 6o ter, for example, for shippingand delivery of 4 by suitable means such'as glue applied '65 cakes and cookies, are ordinarily relatively loosely assembled by interlocking means suc as tabs and slots; and a cover is provided which may be removed for access to contents. The structure lacks rigidity and serviceability for continued convenient use. It is my 'further purpose to provide a box having an open/front and which is relatively rigid and wili retain its assembled condition even under comparatively rough handling, in which an integral lid permanently covers a portion of the boxand may be tilted to give access to the contents without hazard of loosening or releasing the engaged portions of the box.

In accomplishing these and other objects of the invention I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred :forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a box con-` structed in accordance with my invention, shown in closed position. Fig. 2 is a view of the box showing cover in open position.

Fig. 3 is a central longitudinal section of the box in position illustrated in'Fig. 2. f

Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view of theA Fig. 5 is a plan view of the blank from which the box is formedfillustrating the scoring for bending the several members into position for vassembly and theseveral extending Wings 11 and 12. A rear end wall 13 ot the .box extends continuously from the bottom 9 and is defined by said transverse score line 5 and a similar parallel transverse score line 14.

The wings 11 and' 12 are slit from the end wall'as indicated by 15 and 16. When the sides 4 are bent to vertical position on the score lines Y and 8, the side Wings 11 and 12 may be bent inwardly into the same vertical transverse plane to overlap, and a tab 17 on one of the Wings, for example 12, may be received in a slot 18 in the opposite wing for locking the sidewings in engaged position. The end wall 13 may then be up-bent on the score line 5 to overlie the overlapping transverse vertical side wings 11 and 12.

A rear cover member 19 extends integrally and continuously with the end Wall 13 and is provided with similar iaps 20 on its ends defined by score lines 21 whereby whenthe -that marks it oli' from the end wall, it rests upon the upper edges of the sides 4, and tabs 22 on the wings may be received in the the covermember 19 is bent on the score line 14K-59' slits 10 of the exterior side members 4 for members of the box 1n partly assembled posllatching the cover member `19 to the sides. A.l

front cover member 23 extends integrally and continuously with the cover member 19 and .is defined' therefrom by scoring 24 which also represents the hinged connection between the front and rear cover members. The front cover member is adapted to overlie the front The cover member 23 is provided with lateral wings 25 delined by score lines 26 on which the wings are bendable, the edges 27 of the 'wings being arcuate and extending from adjacent the longitudinal score lines 26 to the lateral extremities of the wings whereby the scoring 24 is limited' to the transverse diameter of the cover.

The wings 25 are provided with forwardly extending flaps 28 deiined therefrom by scoring 29 and divided from the blanlr by slits 30, and a front wall cover member 3l extending integrally and continuously with the front cover member 28 is deiined therefrom by scoring 32 aligned with and substantially continuous with the scorings 29 that mark off the wing iiaps 28 from the cover wings 25.l rlhe wing flaps may be `folded transversely on the lines 29 overlap and stand kin a transverse vertical plane across the box.

A front wall iiap 33 integral with the front wall cover member 3l is deiined therefrom by scoring 34 and is adapted for inbending toward the inner face of said front wall member 3l to overlie the wing flaps 28 and is prolvided with ears 35 receivable through notches Y.

36in the outer edges ot the wing flaps to extend under the inner horizontal edges 37 of the notches to lock the overlapping wing flaps in transverse position.

Returning now to the front portion of the blank, recesses 38 formed in the integral wings and exterior side members 2 and 4 produce similar arcuate edges 39 and 40 of the wings and exterior side members respectively when the wings are folded inwardly over the side members, the forming of the recess producing the yforwardly extending ends 4l and 42 of the wings and side members respectively. A forwardly extending` low front wall or retaining rail 43 is integral with the bottom 9.

Extending forwardly from the side members 4v are wings 44 defined from the side members by scorings 45, the flaps being slit from the wall 43 as indicated by the lines 46 whereby the wingsof the side members may be folded inwardly to stand vertically with vtheir ends in spaced position transversely of the box. The front end wall or retaining rail 43 is provided with a flap 47 extending continuously and integrally therewith having tabs 48 which may enter notches 49 in the edges of the wings 44 to lock said wings andv secure the front wall in vertical position and iirm engagement with the sides.

Itis apparent that the arcuate edges39 and of the side members and wings provide a top as well as a front opening into the box, and the arcuate wings 25 of the front cover member 23 which overlie the sides of the box are adapted to cover the recessed front portions of the side walls, and the front opening produced by the abbreviated character of the front wall of the box.

It is apparent, therefore, that a blank being scored, out and slit as described may be formed into a box vsuch as illustrated, the

Awings of the side members reinforcing the sides, the transverse side wings ll and 12 reinforcing the rear wall and providing additional strength for the spaced sides, and the rear cover member being securely engaged with the sides adjacent the inwardly extending wings 1l and 12 whereby the side members are further xed and the members of the box are locked against longitudinal displacement. The front cover member may be swung back to lie upon the rear cover member.

The arcuate front portions of the side walls and the abbreviated vertical front wall erected and reenforced as described provide a iirm structure so that when the front cover member is lifted and particularly when positioned at rest as in Fig. 2, easy access to the box is provided. The front cover member may be lowered to enclose the front portion of the box and the plurality oi thicknesses of material provided in the interlocked members renders the structure stable in closed position and little liable to displacement of interlocking parts or breakage of bent edges when the cover is lifted or lowered.

It is apparent that a carton constructed as described is particularly serviceable for display purposes, since a portion only of the cover is hinged and this portion may be swung back to rest upon the box during a display period or for removing portions of the contents. The construction of the box provides a front opening for extensive display and convenient accessvwhen the cover is lifted, while the major portion of the contents is protected by the walls of the body portion and the rear member of the cover.

. What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1.I In a box formed from a single sheet of material including a bottom member, sides continuous with the bottom member having wings bent over upon themselves, interlock- Aing rear end flaps continuous with the sides,

and a rear wall continuous with the bottom member, a cover continuous with said rear wall comprising a rear portion having wings overlying the sides, and including means for locking the rear portion with the sides, and a front portion having a front flap' and side flaps overlying the sides and provided with flaps engageable by said front flap.

2. In a display carton formed from a single sheet of material including a body comprising a bottom, sides, overlapping rear end flaps continuous with the sides,and a rear wall continuous with the bottom, a cover continuous with the rear wall comprising a rear portion having wings overlying the sides and latched thereto, and a front portion hinged to the rear portion and provided with side flaps for overlyin the sides of the bod and a front flap latche to the side iaps an formng a Vertical closure for the front end of the 3. In a box formed from a single sheet of material including a bottom member, sides continuous with the bottom member, interl locking rear end iaps continuous with the sides, wingson the front ends of the sides, a front Hap continuous with the bottom and adapted to be lockingly engaged Withvsaid Wings, a rear wall continuous with the botto member, a, cover continuousv with said rear Wall, comprising a rear portion having wings overiyin ,the sides and including means for; locking t e rear portion with the sides, and a front portion on said cover adapted to overlie the ap and wings on the front end df the bottom.

In testimony whereof I ax my signature.


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