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Publication numberUS1853523 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1932
Filing dateMar 27, 1929
Priority dateMar 27, 1929
Publication numberUS 1853523 A, US 1853523A, US-A-1853523, US1853523 A, US1853523A
InventorsGeorge B Titman
Original AssigneeGeorge B Titman
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Display sign
US 1853523 A
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April 12, 1932. G n- 1,853,523

DISPLAY SIGN Filed March 27, 1929 Patented Apr. 12, 1932 ,JUN-ITED STATES PAT NT} OFFICE enoaen B. 'TITMAN, or METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY I f DISPLAY SIGN Application filed March '27, 1929. Serial N... 350,165.

This invention relates .to illuminated outdoor display signs.

A particular object of the invention is the construction providing for the suspension of the sign proper with minimum strain upon the supporting means, the supporting means being preferably hollow to thereby provide rigidity to the same in its supporting function and also for the purpose ofreceiving the electrical cable for connection with the lamps or other illuminating means.

My invention has gone into wide use for the suspension of display signs in the distribution of gasoline, oil and automobile accessories, in which character of use permanency of the sign to resist wind and weather conditions and low initial and upkeep costs are controlling factors.

A feature of my invention is the use of pipe serving as the main support, a length of the pipe extending from the foundation on the ground to a pre-determined height above which the pipe is bentto desired arcuate shape, the display sign proper in such instance being of circular outline, usually flat, and movably supported by suspension members secured at symmetrical locations in the upper reach of the arcuate bent pipe portion. As appears from the hereinafter description,

the arcuate upper portion of the pipe is lo-, cated at a suitable heightabove the ground,

to dispose the sign proper out of possible contact with automobiles, trucks and the like. The use of pipe facilitates also the installation and housing of the required electrical cable leading to junctionboxes and lamp lower end of which is embedded in concrete 1 11 or the like, suitably sunk within the earth. Usually, signs embodying my invention are employed adjacent a curve or at one side of a roadway, leading to the premisesof a garage, filling station, or the like. The upper portion ofthe pipe 10 is bent at 11 toform a suitably arcuate upper supporting portion 12,- usually of'circular outline as is illustrated in Fig.1. The location of the terminus 13. V

of the upper portion 12 is selected as desired, and preferably closed to the atmosphere.

The sign proper 14 is suspended from the upper arcuate supporting portion 12 at symmetrical locations, as at the locations 14, '16, whlch are'substanstially symmetrical relative 55 Ztothe vertical pipestandard portion 10. For

artistic eflect the lamps 17, 18 are disposed and directed on the opposite sides of the sign proper 14, substantially in alignment with, e the vertical pipestandard portion 10. o

The sign proper 14 is advantageously of disk formation and a contour conforming to the 'ar'cuate pipe portion 12, the advertis ing context 'being located on the opposite faces of thesign proper '14. The illustrated pair of suspension members comprise each an eye bolt 19 passing through suitable alignedv openings at oneside of the arcuate pipe por' tion 12, to which are connected one or more "links 20, thelowermost link beingypassed through a suitable opening in the material of the sign proper 14.

The pipe sections are paintedor otherwise ornamented as desired, and for the purpose,

of preserving the material of the pipe. Usu-' ally the material of the sign proper 14 is of metal, and painted. for. preservation'and display as required. v

' I Under the conditions of high wind, the sus-,

pension of the signproper-14 permits the same to swing .and thus minimize the wind pressure; the strains to which the upper pipe supporting portion 12 is subjected are equal 1 izedbyreason' of the symmetrical suspension of the sign proper from the upper pipe 5 supporting portion 12 and the vertical standard portionlO and by the hollow pipe formation. I r

Theelectrical cable for leadingthecur- 0 rent tothe illuminating lamps is readily 9 thereby insuring vpermanence of physical threaded to position and housed by reason of the hollow formation of the pipe. Usually, an outlet box 21 is located adjacent an opening 22 at one side of the pipe portion 10 near the concrete or other foundation 11, the underground cable 23 leading from a suitable switch on the interior of the garage or other premises being to theoutlet box 21. A, suitable outlet box is also provided at 24 for the twin lamps 17,18. V r w For illumination forwardlyof the sign'an outlet box 25 may be provided at the terminus 13, and a pipe bracket 26 for supporting such forward lamp 27,.and for enclosing the electrical connections 'to the lamp 27.

A rearward lamp 28 may similarly be sup- V [ported on a pipe bracket 29 carried by the outlet box -30,Ithe'electrical connections being threaded through the pipe bracket 29.

It will be observed that the terminus 13 is closed to the atmosphereby the'outlet box 25 or in lieuthereof by a cap. The pipe section or sections of my invention are most readily formed of standard pipe. I prefer the lower standard portion and upper arcuate portion to be of an integral length of pipe, thusobtaining rigidity at the bend 11 as well as through the pipe length.- .Theproper lengthof the pipe'is readily. shaped to the desired configuration without rupture or impairment of the pipe material.

'As appears from the above, my sign construction provides for the locating of the sign body portion being of arcuate contour, a cap closing the terminus of said arcuate portion, a hollow bracket for an illuminating lamp secured to said cap, a sign proper disposed within the contour of said upper arcuate pipe portion, a plurality of link members freely suspending said .sign proper from said arcuthe portion, and an electrical cable passing proper ata height and within a-region sub- I stantiallyout of danger of contact with automobiles, such as pleasure cars and trucks of normal height. Bythe use of a continuous pipe length, and an upper arcuate suspending portion disposed substantially symmetrically relative to the lower vertical body portion,

land by reason of the freely suspending and symmetrically related link members to which the. sign proper is secured, "the stresses and strains arising from wind pressure. directed against the sign proper: and the supporting structure are reduced to a'minimum, and at all times precluding any rotational force, i; e., p

torque, upon the sign' supporting means,

. structure.

l As appears from the above, sign supports embodying my invention are manufactured at low initial and'installation' costs, with minimumupkeep expenses: 7

Whereas, I havedescribed my invention V by reference to specific forms thereof, itwill be understood that many changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention. I

r I claim An electrically illuminated sign comprising a length of pipe, the body and lower portion ofwhich extends substantiallyvertical and v the". upper portionintegralwith the lower V

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