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Publication numberUS1853916 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1932
Filing dateDec 17, 1929
Priority dateDec 17, 1929
Publication numberUS 1853916 A, US 1853916A, US-A-1853916, US1853916 A, US1853916A
InventorsMclaughlin Thomas E
Original AssigneeTruscon Steel Co
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Sash weight
US 1853916 A
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April 172, 1932 T. E. MCLAUGHLIN 1,853,916

SASH WEIGHT Filed Dec. 17, 1929 30mm-nto@ lPatentedV Apr. 12, 1932 il i i? 'rHoMAs n. MCLAUGHLIN, oFYCLEVELAND,oi'eirdAssrGivoR'To TRUscoN struinenY ooM-f,

PANY, or CLEVELAND, onro, A CoRPoRArroNoF MICHIGAN sAsH WEiG'HT Application mea Deeember 17; 132,9. Yserieu No. 414,765. i

In the cutting, shearing, punching and forming of metal sheets "and bars, particularly those of the heavier grades, there is considerable Waste material, and one of the objects of the present invention is to provide aV means for successfully using some of this Waste and atk the same time lprovide a counterweight for Window sash and the like, Which is not only practicable, but is actually advantageous over the Well-known cast Weights in. that it is not apt to be broken and is relative-` ly heavy in comparison to itssize, or bulk.

A further and importantobject is ltopro- Vide a novel structure in which portions or sections can be readily removed to vary the Weight.

While the invention is primarily intended for userin countervveighting Window sash, it is obviously not restricted to such employment.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of a form of the invention that is at present considered preferable. A

Figure 2 is a side elevation with the upper portion in section, on the line 2 2 of Figure 1.

3;-3 of Figure 2.

The invention `as disclosed consists of a stack of metal plates el, Which are shown as rectangular and of equal size. These plates may be cut from Waste or scrap steel bars and are therefore relatively heavy. Though independent pieces, they are permanently held together by lines 5 of electric Welding, the Welding tools being passed along the opposite sides of the stack and causing the metal of the different plates to flovv together and unite in a manner vvell understood. The topmost sheet of the pile, designated 4a, is provided with an opening 6 that is preferably elongated, and the plate below it, designated 1lb, is provided With a slot 7 alined With the opening or slot 6, but longer than the same so as to extend beneath the plate 4a atthe opposite ends of the opening 6, as clearly shown in Figure 2. This affords an anchoring means for a hanger eye member which is preferably in the form of a staple 8, the closed or looped Figure 8 is a sectional view. onthe line most plate, and anchored in the opening of end of which projects abovethe stack and has its shanks 9 extending dovvnvvardlythrough the opening 6 with the terminals l0 `offset and lying in the end portions of the slot 7 beneath the plate 4a. A simple, but very effective eye is therefore provided in which the cable or other hanger canfbe engaged.

A trim and very compact countervveight is thus provided, the Weight of which is rela-I tively great for its size, making it particu-v larly usefulV for metallic sash in metal Win- Y dow-frames. The structure furthermore perp e mits a variation in Weight. That is to say,`by employinga cold chisel and hammer, one or more of the lovvermost plates can be removed by cutting the Welded portions. 5

From the foregoing, it is thought that the construction, operation and many advantages of the herein described invention vvill be ap-A parent to those skilled in the art Without further description andit Will be understood that various changes in the size, shape, proe portion and minor details of construction may be resorted to Without departing from the spiritl or sacrificing any of the advan-IV tages Aof the invention.

That I claim is: Y

l. A countervveight for sashes and the like comprising a stack of metal plates securedl together, Vthe uppermost plate having an opening .therethrough and aplate beneath also having an opening, and an eye member projecting through the opening of the upper the lovver plate.

uppermost having yan yopening therethrough, y

and an underlying plate havingA a slot of greater length than the opening, an eye staple extending above the top of the stackv and SQ l 2; A countervveight for sashes and the like having Shanks passing downwardly through the opening with their terminals utstanding in the ends of the slots, and lines of Welding connecting opposite edges of the plates and securing them together.

4. A CounterWeight for sash and the like comprising a stack of plates, the uppermost having an opening therein, an underlying plate having a slot that alines with the opening and extends on opposite sides of the same beneath the overlying plate, an eye member for suspending the counterweight compris-V ing a staple having shanks passing throughv the opening and offset terminals lying in the l5 end portions of the slot beneath the overlying plate, and means securing'together ,the

opposite sides of the plates.

In testimony whereof, I ax my signature.


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U.S. Classification16/217
International ClassificationE05F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationE05D13/14
European ClassificationE05D13/14