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Publication numberUS1853960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1932
Filing dateSep 28, 1929
Priority dateSep 28, 1929
Publication numberUS 1853960 A, US 1853960A, US-A-1853960, US1853960 A, US1853960A
InventorsCunningham William T
Original AssigneeCunningham William T
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Vacuum cleaning machine
US 1853960 A
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Filed Sept. 28, 1929 www W Patented pr. 12, 1932 Application Lllcdegitemher ioctl to.. 3253633.

My invention relates to e nevv sind useiui improvement in e vacuum cleaning machine and particularly of the coin controlled type lt is en object of the present invention to gorovide e vacuum cleaning machine which he operated by coin control sind utilized or cleaning the upholstery oi vehicles end Ril o od arrangement of ports herein scribed sind claimed.`

The invention Will he best understoo" e reference to the accompany: f dcew which form o port oi this specicetion in which, l

Fig. l ise side elevational view oi vention, with parts hielten ewey oud shown in section.

2 is e, view teken on line 2--2 of i 'with parts broken sway end parte shown in section 'Figo 3 is o fragmentary sectionel vievv teiten on substantially line 3-3 oi: 2

Q, The device comprises e hous'ig heviiig o lower compartment e with the Wells t) and. it@ perforated.1 Positioned in com ment 8 is a dust beg 1l connecting with conduit l2 which communicates with the hlovver housing 13 positioned in the upper compartment 14 ci the housing.

in the blower housing1 13 is c fen 'l5 dri' A hy the electric motor' 167 and communicetr through the nipple,v 17 with the blower housing 13 is an inlet conduit 18. The shett i9 of the motor is provided with o Worin 20 meshing With a Worm `7Wheel 2l ourneled on suitable brackets 22 mounted in the comparti/nent 14. The shaft 45 on which the Wheel 21 is mounted carries e Worin 4:8 mesh ing with o Worin Wheel 44C supported b v brackets 222 @ne oif the Wires oi the circuit leerling to the motor lo is connected to the contact 23 and continued by the Wire 24e which is connected to tile contect 25. ly mounted on the Contact 25 is the s itch erro 26 which is connected by rod 2'? to the dog` 28 which is rochn o hly mounted on the coin tube 29 progected invmrdly so that when e coin is t dropped down the tuhe 29 it will rock ove the switch erm 26 into Uh the Contact 23 end close the cuit to4 the inotor 1 6. The motor i6 "l l set into operation end cerise e rthe Wheel 445 the switch remain eg il the contact ineinher 30 mounted 1e Wheel is hic i@ into th the projection 3i on the rin 265 upon which the emi 26 will he rocked into "lie position shown in lig. 2 to open the sWi The he deposit ont e coin in A coin receptecle' 32 is positioned conspertinent 'it helovv the coin tube 29. o device constructed in this meneer9 the edv yntegfijes sought are obtained end it is helieveoh that the simplicity oit the structure is evident from the escription.

l/"hiie 'I lieve illustrated and described the preferred torni of my invention, l do not Wish to limit myself to the 'precise deteils o structure shovvn hut desire to eveil my 't oi" such verietions end modiiicetions os come within the scope et the oppended.

moving thus described my invention9 who cloiio. new and desire to secure ley LetlPeteut is:

o device el the class described, e motor; o rocliehly mounted switch erm for controlling the operetion oi2 seid motor; e rotetoole member rotetshle upon operation of said niotor; o contact inemoer carried by seidrotetcible member; end projection mounted on seid engegeahle with said Contact inem- ELS her, upon rotetion et said rotatehlemeinher o fr oo to a pre-determined position, for rocking said Switch arm and openin and rockabie means connecte arm and adapted upon rocking movement for rocking said switch arm'to switch closing position.

In testimony whereof Ih'ave signed the foregoing specification.


said switch; to said switch j

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U.S. Classification318/466, 194/244, 318/519, 15/314
International ClassificationG07F17/00
Cooperative ClassificationG07F17/00
European ClassificationG07F17/00