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Publication numberUS1854091 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1932
Filing dateApr 9, 1931
Priority dateApr 9, 1931
Publication numberUS 1854091 A, US 1854091A, US-A-1854091, US1854091 A, US1854091A
InventorsJohn C Young
Original AssigneeJohn C Young
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Ice cream cone holder
US 1854091 A
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April 12, 1932. c, YOUNG 1,854,091

ICE CREAM CONE HOLDER Filed April 9, 1931 Patented Apr. 12, 1932 UNITED STATES JOHN c. YOUNG, or ozanx, mrssouar ICE cam coma noitnna Application filed April 9, 1931. Serial No. 528,862.

The object of this, my present invention is the provision of a holder for ice cream cones that will permit of the handling of the cone in a sanitary manner and which holder is provided with a funnel-shaped top to catch and receive therein the drippings of the ice cream so that the same cannot fall upon the person or clothing of the eater of the cone.

A further object is the provision of a holder for this purpose which is of a sim le construction and which is thoroughly e cient for its purpose. I

To the attainment of the foregoing the invention consists in the improvement hereinafter described and definitely claimed.

In the drawings:

/ Figure l is a perspective view of the improvement with an ice cream cone supported therein.

Figure 2 is a substantially central vertical longitudinal sectional View through the improvement.

Figure 3 is a plan view of the outer portion of the blank from which the holder is formed.

As best disclosed by Figure 3 of the drawings the top of the holder is in the nature of a straight strip of parchment, oiledor other suitable bendable paper or cardboard. This portion is indicated by the numeral 1 and hasits edges cut at inward angles from the outer corners thereof, as indicated by the numeral 2. The lower and reduced end of the member 1 is preferably integrally formed with a tape 3. The tape projects beyond one and what I will term the outer angle end 2 of the part 1 for a slight distance, and this end of the tape is cut angularly, as at 4. The opposite and body portion of the tape is of a de sired length. The inner face of the tape is treated with an adhesive.

The outer portion 1 is folded to funnel shaped formation as disclosed by Figures 1 and 2 of the drawings and thereafter there is inserted through the bottom of this funnelshaped top a hollow tapered form member 5 around which the tape 3 is wound and adhesively secured. The tape may be wound from the bottom or the top of the form 5 and the form 5 is of paraflined, parchment or oiled paper. The extending end 4 of the adhesively treated tape is arranged over the upper folds of the spirally wound body of the tape, and secures these folds together and likewise holds the beveled or inclined ends 2 of the funnel-shaped mouth of the holder in proper lapping position. The cone 6, containing the ice cream is inserted in the holder and is not grasped by the hand of the user. All drippings of ice cream will be received in the funnel mouth of the holder and as the cone 6- does not extend entirely into the tapered form 5 all of the cream and all of the cone 6 ma be consumed by the user.

aving described the invention, I claim A holder for ice cream cones having its outer portion formed from a single sheet of material to include a top whose ends are inclined in the same direction and a ta 0 which has its inner face adhesively treate formed with the lower and reduced edge of the said outer portion, said tape having one end projecting slightly beyond the end of the said outer portion and its other end extended from the outer portion for a determined length, the outer portion designed to be 7 folded to produce a funnel-shaped end, a tapered form inserted in the funnel-shaped end and projecting therethrough and around whichthe tape is wound" and adhesively connected and the short extending end of the 3 tape being arranged over and adhesively secured to'the folded portion of the tape at the juncture of .the funnel-shaped mouth therewith.

In testimony whereof I aflix m si ature. s5 4 JOHN C. O G. v

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U.S. Classification426/135, 426/132, D01/118, 229/932, 426/139, D09/712, 493/154
International ClassificationB65D85/78
Cooperative ClassificationB65D85/78, Y10S229/932
European ClassificationB65D85/78