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Publication numberUS18546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1857
Publication numberUS 18546 A, US 18546A, US-A-18546, US18546 A, US18546A
InventorsAlonzo Hebbard
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Improved water-gooling pitcher
US 18546 A
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Speciication forming part of Letters Patent No. 18,546, dated November 3, 1857.

' or pitcher for the purpose of making a frigoric pitcher and at the same time of great lightness as Well as non-destructibility from the action of lenionades or other acidulated articles or liquids used as cooling drinks or for otherpurposes; butto describe myinvention more particularly I will refer to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, the same letters of reference wherever they occur referring to like parts.

Figure l is a vertical cut-section of the pitcher, showing by the different-colored lines the several parts.

Letter A is the shell of the pitcher, which may be made of any suitableA material for such purposes, and of such size and shape as may be required. This shell is made in two parts, as shown by the dotted line Z), The object of this is to facilitate the insertion of the interior pitcher in the shell.

Surrounding the earthen or porcelain pitcher C is a covering of felt D. This may be Woolen cloth of one or more thicknesses, or ot' felt cloth of sufficient thickness to fill the entire space between the shell and porcelain pitcher, say to the thickness of one-fourth of an inch, more or less. The object of this felt coveringr is threefold; First, wool felts are among the best non-conducting substances known of 5 second, it is of less Weight in proportion to its non-conducting properties than any other substance for such purposes that can be found, and, third, it is elastic, and consequently affords greater protection to the exterior porcelain pitcher against fracture from external causes than could be obtained from any known material that could be used. The great desideraturn in pitchers for this purpose is a tasty style combined With portability or light-ness as Well as frigoriic properties, and to obtain these results it is believed no other combination of substances is better adapted or ever before used.

To protect the upper edges of the felt and A porcelain pitcher from the action of the liqnids when being poured in or out of it, a flange E is soldered to the inside of the neck of the shell, which is luted or cemented down upon and over the edges of the porcelain pitcher, and thereby securely protects it from the action of the liquids or from getting in between the shell and interior pitcher.

Letter F is the cover attached to the shell and operated by a hinge in the usual Way with covered pitchers.

Having now described my invention and its mode of construction, I will proceed to set forth what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States.

Vhat I claim is- The use of the combination of the woven cloth or felt covering as an elastic non-conducting packing for a porcelain or glazed Ware pitcher With the said porcelain or glazed ware interior pitcher and external metallic shell or pitcher, for'the purpose of making a a Water-cooling pitcher, as hereinbefore set forth. f




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