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Publication numberUS1857523 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1932
Filing dateSep 3, 1929
Priority dateSep 3, 1929
Publication numberUS 1857523 A, US 1857523A, US-A-1857523, US1857523 A, US1857523A
InventorsWittel Otto
Original AssigneeEastman Kodak Co
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Film holding strap
US 1857523 A
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May 10, 1932. Q W|TTE| 1,857,523

FILM HOLDING STRAP Fiied sept. s, 192e Patented May 10, 1932 UNITED STATES PAT"TFFICE;


This invention relates to photography and more particularly to means for holding coils of motion picture film in shape. One object of my invention is to provide a film holding strap particularly adapted for use with certain types of non-rewind motion picture apparatus. Another object of my invention is to provide a device of the class described which is adjustable and which may be fric tionally held in an adjusted position for tightly holding the outer convolutions of a coil of motion picture film. Another object of my invention is to provide a strap having overlapping ends and having slidable connections between the ends and the strap, one of which is adapted to frictionally hold the ends in a set position. Another object of `my invention is to provide a strap of the class described with a fixed edge or pointer and a scale which cooperates with the pointer and which is graduated into suitable units for determining the amount of film held by the strap. Other objects will appear from the following specification, and novel features being particularly pointed out in the claims at the end thereof.

Coming now to the drawings wherein like reference characters denote like parts throughout,- l v Fig. l is a perspective view of astrap constructed in accordance With and embodying a preferred form of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a broken view of the strap shown in Fig. 1 before being assembled into a sub-4 stantially circular film holder;

Fig. 3 is a detail side elevation showing, the connections which hold the ends of the strap together;

Fig. 4 is anenlarged ,end elevation of one of the strap holding loops showing the spring fingers which are provided for forming aV frictional contact with portions of the strap, and

Fig. 5 is a similar view but withthe ends of the strap passed beneath the sprlng fingers.

While this strap is particularly adapted for use in the motion picture apparatus shown in my two following co-pending patent applications; 361,692, film winding device for motionpicture apparatus, f led May' `9, I. i

1.929, and 361,698, `motion',picturev film .winding device, filedv MayQ, 1929,l therea're obviously otherruses to which such a strapcould,

be put so that do not limit myself toa strap for use with non-rewind motion picturefap-v paratus. A

. As shown in Fig. 1, the-strap may comprise a metal band l having ends@ and 'which may be held inoverlapping engagementby means of thvefmetallic loops Ltitled 5.'L Each of these loops,is prefera'blymadewith a radially extendinghandle inv the form o'ffa flangeasfshown at 6 and 7. Loop v5, as best shown in Fig. v3 maybe soldered at 8 to'the strap 2. This loop, therefore, provides a fxedopening at 9 through whichvthe "may freely slide.

,Loop et differs from loopin thatitis provided with a pair of spring fingers l0 Vas best shown in FigJl, these Vspring fingers .nor- Y mally lying against the base `plate ll'so that when ,the loop 4: israttachedltothe strap end 3 it will provide a frictionalclamp tending "to, hold the overlapping strap Vendsv together.

This is indicated in Fig. '5.

The2 spring on the ngers l-Ois sufficient to permit the strap to slide therethrough', sothat the ends maybe made'to overlapv more onless by moving/the handles and?.` When these Y

handles are pulled apart Yto cause. the :strap y to tightly engage the outer convolutionofthe film coil, thec'oil willbefirmly heldifagainst displacement. i y l i. ,i

T Vhen' a strapof the type above vdescribed is usedin connection with anonfrewinding device such asshown in my two above mentioned copending patent applications the inner convolutionof a coil of filmY is cfa fixed diameter because it is wound upon ahublof a fixed size, consequently,'i`t is `A possible to provide a scale .onthe 1outside of. the strap which will cooperate with one ofthe handles as a pointer to indicate the kamount lof film yin thel coil. Such a scale Inaybe expressed in units oftime as shown at 11 in'FigQ wherein the numerals at 12 indicate the number of minutes thatv it will take to'proj ect the film coil at a standard rate of speed.

Or if desired thescale may begraduated l` into units of length, the numerals at 13 indicating the number of feet of film enclosed by the strap.

With the setting of the strap as shown in 5 F ig. l by merely glancing at the pointer Which consists of the straight edge l5 formed by thewhagdle itlcan @bey seen thatr al film coil enclosed by the strap willk take approximately 131/2 minutes in running vthrough a 10%. nrQeQtQn-f,omahneaat. aanolmalpeedpr that there iS anpQX-eeetely 34Oaieet-0ilm in the coil. This is a useful feature because it enables an operator to readily..ca1culatehowV long it Will take to project a given l 15 amount of lm andA also Iit will enable' him may'l, alsoplace i diigection. 2indicating p arth-Strap S....S.hQWI1.@Mathew arzgf, royysbei g 'toer'ilidiloate *theV direction which vclosed the Vstrap to a standard projecting Weheim Vangihuedessribedlmy nYnt-*Qnwhat 25 e Ic mslnew and rdesireto secure by Letters YQlapplilng ends, with. means for y yary'fing` vthe einem.aidefhwugh;@neem

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U.S. Classification33/561.2, 24/557, 206/53
International ClassificationG03B21/32
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European ClassificationG03B21/32B2