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Publication numberUS1857581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1932
Filing dateOct 10, 1928
Priority dateOct 10, 1928
Publication numberUS 1857581 A, US 1857581A, US-A-1857581, US1857581 A, US1857581A
InventorsAthey Robert T
Original AssigneeAthey Robert T
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Renewable fuse
US 1857581 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May l0, 1932. R, Tf ATHEY 1,857,581

RENEWABLE FUSE Filed Oct. 10, 1928 1N VEN TOR. oaapr/l THE Y ATTORNEYS.

Patented May 10, v1932 1 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ROBERT T. ATHEY, OF ARMONA, GALIFORNIA RENEWABLE FUSE Application led October 10, 1928. Serial No. 311,574.

My invention relates to improvements in are secured to threaded rods 9, and the latrenewable fuses, and it consists in the comter are passed through openings in the end binations, constructions, and arrangements 3, and are secured in place by means of nuts hereinafter described and claimed. 10. The rods 9 and nuts 10 form an electrical b An object of my invention is to provide a connection between the fuses and the ter- U renewable fuse in which all of the fuses are minals 5.

viewable from outside of the container, and The other ends of the fuse 8 are secured in which novel means is provided for conto threaded rods 11. The left-hand rod necting in a new fuse when one has been shown in Fig. 1 is insulated from the end m burnt out. 2 by means of a bushing 12 and a washer 13. 'i A further object of my invention is to pro- The washer also insulates the end 2 from a vide a device of the type described in which metal washer 14 and a lock-nut 15. There all of the fuses are connected to the terminals are two washers 14 and lock-nuts 15 on each of the fuses, and yet are insulated therefrom, rod 11. It will be seen from this that the with the exception of the fuse in use. Then left-hand fuse 8 does not form an electrical this fuse burns out it is merely necessary to connection between the terminal 5 and the remove the insulating member of one of the terminal 4. The right-hand fuse 8 has a other fuses whereupon this fuse becomes elec- .rod 11 that is passed through a bushing 12. trically connected. This change can be ac- The outermost washer 14 contacts with the 2U complished without removing the burnt out end 2 and the insulating washer 13 is dis fuse, and without the necessity of opening pensed with. The washer is held in place by up the fuse container in order to connect the the nut 15. It will, therefore, be seen that new fuse. there is an electrical connection from termi- Further objects and advantages will apnal 4 to terminal 5 through the fuse 8 dis- ;5 pear in the following specification, and the posed in the right-hand side of Fig. 1. 75 novel features of my invention will be par- Should the fuse burn out, any one or' the ticularly pointed out in what I hereinafter' Other fuses may be electrically connected by claim. merely removing the insulating washer 13 My invention is illustrated in the accomof the fuse in question and then tightening panying drawings forming a part of this apup upon the outer nut 15. The cylinder 1 is o plication, in which made transparent Jfor the purpose of seeing Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device, what fuse is burnt out. the upper portion being shown in section for In Fig. 1, I have shown each fuse as being clarity; composed of two pairs of fusible members 35 Figure 2 is a section on line 2 2 of Figconnected to the rods 9 and 11. I have 85 ure 1; and further shown six fuses, although it is obvi- Figure 3 is a transverse section through the ous that this number may be changed at will. device. Although I have shown and described one In carrying out my invention, I provide embodiment of my invention, it is to be 4,) a container that has a transparent cylindriunderstood that the same is susceptible or'l 9o Cal portion 1 made of a noneconducting mavarious changes, and I reserve the right to terial, such as glass or mica, and ends 2 and employ such changes as may come within the 3 which are made of a conducting material. scope of the invention as claimed. The ends 2 and 3 carry terminals 4 and 5 of I claim: the fuses. These ends are prevented from l. Afuse comprisinga tubular casing, me- `95 moving toward each other by ber rods 6 tallic covers telescoping over said casing for that are held in place by means of screws 7 closing the open ends thereof, terminals car- (see Fig. 3). ried by said covers, insulated members ex- A number of fuses 8 connect the ends 2 tending transversely of said covers and bear- 50 and Stogether, as shown in Fig. 1. The fuses ing against said casing for preventing the 100 covers from moving toward each other, and a plurality of fusible members disposed in said casing and being connected to said covers for preventing the same from moving apart.

2. A. fuse comprising a casing having two terminals and a transparent body portion, fusiblevmembers mounted in, said casino'A and being connected? tof said terminals,` and 2being observable from the exterior of the fuse, one

of said terminals having openinofs therein for receiving said members, an insulating-V means disposed between said membersv and the terminals, said members being electrical- 1y connected to both terminals when said insulating means is removed.

3v. AL fusel comprising a casing made o a transparent and nona-conducting material, metallic covers closing the ends of said casing,l terminals carried' by said; covers, fusible members mounted. in: said. casing and being connected to said covers, insulating bushings dis osed between. said` members andi one of sai covers,v insulating Wasliers mounted. on.` said members, andi nutszsecuring said Wash.-

ers iny place, said. nutsl being movable into.

Contact with; the cover when the washers are removed thus forming an, electrical. connection-z between. the terminals:


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U.S. Classification337/230, 337/251, 337/284
International ClassificationH01H85/00, H01H85/26
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