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Publication numberUS1857882 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1932
Filing dateAug 1, 1930
Priority dateAug 1, 1930
Publication numberUS 1857882 A, US 1857882A, US-A-1857882, US1857882 A, US1857882A
InventorsShipman Frederic
Original AssigneeShipman Frederic
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Changeable sign front
US 1857882 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

vlVlay I0, 1932. F sHlPMAN 1,857,882

CHANGEABLE SIGN FRONT Filed Aug. l, 1950 2 Sheets-Sheet l May 10, 1932.

F. SHIPMAN CHANGEABLE SIGN FRONT 2 sheets-sheet 2 Filed Aug. 1. 1950 Patented May 10, 1932 narran STATES FREDERIC SHIPMAN, OF LOSANGELES, CALIFORNIA CHANGEKABLE SIGN FROT Application filed August 1, 1930. Serial N'o. 472,276.

This invention relates generally to illuminated signs more specically to an improved sign front.

The object of the present invention is to provide a sign front in which various color effects are produced by` a composite plate interposed between an indicia and a diffusing plate. 1

A further object of the invention is to provide a sign front which may be easily and quickly interchanged in a lamp housing with another front of the same construction when it is desired to change the reading matter or advertising display.

A still further object of the present inveiition is to provide a sign front constructed in such a manner that light rays emanating from incandescent lamps or other sources of lightin a housing will be evenly distributed tliereover even though some of the lamps may cease to function.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying draw- 5 ings, in which- Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the improved sign front mounted in a usual lamp boX or housing.

Fig. 2 is a horizontal section taken on line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the indicia plate.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a composite plate.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the light diffusing plate.

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the casing showing the improved sign front as it appears while being inserted or removed from the housing.

Fig. 7 is an enlarged detail section taken on line 7--7 of Fig. 6. n

Fig. 8 is a rear elevation taken in the direction indicated by the arrow 8 of Fig. 7.

Fig. 9 is a front elevational showing the improved sign front associated with a mirror reiiector.

Fig. 10 is a vertical section taken on line 10-10 of Fig. 9.

Fig. 11 is a horizontal section taken on vune ii-11 0i Fig. 9 il; the direction indimounted in usual sockets 12 carried by the rear wall 13 of the said casing. The side walls 14 and end wall 15 of the housing, and a plate'` 16 disposed adjacent to the rear wall serve as reflecting surfaces.

The improved sign front generally designated at 18 comprises an indicia plate 20, a composite plate 21, and a light diffusing lplate 22, placed together and mounted in a frame 23 which is removably mounted in a guide way 24 formed on the fiont of the casing.

Referring to Fig. 3 the indicia plate is formed of glass or other transparent elements. one side of which is covered with a thin layer of opaque material 25 except where the indicia26 and other design indicated yat 27 occur, this plate being preferably positioned in the frame with the opaque surface outwardly.

The plate 21 referred to as a composite plate consists of a vplurality of pieces of colored glass or other transparent material, and stripsl formed of wood, fiber or the like placed together on top of the indicia plate in the following manner Referring more particularly to Fig. 4:, a glass plate 28 is placed Vabove the indicia 26, a plurality of wood or fiber strips 29 are posi- Y tioned neXt to the plate 28, a plurality of glass plates 30 placed next to the strips 29 over the i design, Vand anotherv assembly of the strips 31 are placed around the plates 30.

Plates 28 and .30 are preferably of glass withroughened surfaces indicated at 34 and may be arranged-to produce various color .l

Strips 29 and 31 hold the plates in their respective positions, also being opaque effects.

will prevent light from showing through the indicia plate on the opaque surface thereon should it become scratched accidentally, i. e. when the sign is illumined.l These strips also reduce the Weight and cost of the sign front, especially so When manufactured in large quantities.

The diffusing plate 22 is formed of glass having a roughened surface 35,'and is preferably placed in the Jframe with this surface towardsthe-source of light. v

The traine L23 'is preterablyvforined of angular sections 23a and 23?), the flanges oi which overlap and are held together by frictional Contact, orl-other-suitable methods of securement. In order to easily and quickly insert or remove the sign front from the lamp box aliandle designatedat is.provided,.and is preferably formed of Wire bent into an Aelongated loop 37. The 'loop :37 --eXtends through slots 38 formed intheiian'ges, and is ,retained in .placeiby its freeends39'engaging inner Walls of saidlangesas-clearly shown in Figs. .7-and-8. Y

After placing the sign front in the housing ,the'handle 'may :be tur-ned inwardly, as lshovvn ,in'lllif-g. 2. From the construction it Willbe s eenthat by'rea-rrangingfthestripsgand .plates varied andeverchanging color effectson the `indicia may be produced from time to timeat Vwill.

Duegto thefroughenedgsurtaces otthediffusingplate, and plates 28 andBOfthe light rays .passing 'therethrough 'Will be evenly distributed, hence the indicia'and designs Will present .avery brilliant appearance. Figs 9, 10` and 11 the improved sign' front is shown in connection with a mirror :reflector of .usual form,.the construction offthesign frontbeingthesame as above described.

'lfhe :sign front is removably Vmounted in a ramet fdisposed zat approximately't de- -tg-rees toa mirror 44-Wl1ich is mounted inla suitable framea, theindicia indicated at 45 on the plate 20 being reected ein .the mirror as shown in Fig. 1l.

l,Further lremarkable .color 4results can be readily obtained -by using Ia double sejt'of color vplates ibetween the indicia-and thefdifvfusingl plate, las clearly shown -in Figs. 12 .and 13. To .thisendga plurality of colored glass plates designated at ,48, 49,50 and 5l lare, interposed' between the plate 28 and the diffusing plate, thergeneral arrangement and 4construction of the sign front :being the'same als. above described.

` Iwclainr:

vl. A sign front comprising-a transparent indicia plate having transparent indicia -formed in an opaque lcoating thereon, a colored transparent plate engaging said in dicia plate'on the opposite side to the opaque coating thereon and covering the areak in which the indicia is formed, a plurality `of opaque strips mounted on said indicia plate around said colored plate, a lightdiii'using plate mounted onsaid strips rand colored transparent plates, and a trame holding said plates in assembled relation.

2. A sign front comprising an indicia plate formed of transparent material having the indicia formed in an opaque field on one side thereof, a glass plate having a roughened surface onone side thereof mount ed ,on said indicia plate .on thel opposite side to the opaque coating and disposed above the indicia thereon, a plurality of non-transparentstripsmountedonsaid indicia plate and covering the area outside of the indicia, aplatehaving a roughened surface on one side thereof mounted on said plates and nontransparent strips, and a frame holding said Nplates and sstrips iin.assemhled. relation.

. Asign rontcomprisingfa transparent indicia plate vhaving transparent findicia `formed inanqopaque coating thereon, colored transparent plates engaging said indicia plate, a plurality .of .opaque strips mounted .on `said lndiciaigplate around-said vcolored plates, a lightdiusing plate mountedon saidstripsand .color-fed, transparent `plates,

and a= setof coloredzplates ydisposed between the Ycolored plate sand the ditusingplate.

In testimonyV .whereof alii-X inv signature.


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