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Publication numberUS1857934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1932
Filing dateMay 16, 1928
Priority dateMay 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1857934 A, US 1857934A, US-A-1857934, US1857934 A, US1857934A
InventorsMerrill M Blackburn
Original AssigneeMerrill M Blackburn
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Score card holder
US 1857934 A
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INVENTOR n -May l0, 1932. M. M. BLACKBURN SCORE CARD HOLDER Filed May 16. 1928 Patented May 10, 1932 .PA TLEQN'T germ-.cie


The present invention pertains to holding means for score cardsand more particularly to such a holder for'golf score cards, the same being adapted for easy attachment to and 5 detachment from a golf bag.

' Among the objects of this invention are to provide a score card holder of the character indicated `which will be'elfcient vfor the purpose stated;to provide a golf score card l0 holder which will be readily attachable to and detachable from a golf bag; to provide a structure of the characterindicated which can be easily and cheaplymanufacturedV and which can be sold at a reasonable price; to l5 provide a structure of the characterindioated which has associated 'therewith or forming a part thereof meansto'hold a suitable marking instrument, such as alead pencil; and such further objects, advantages and capabiliil ties as will hereafter appear and as are iii-- herent in the construction disclosed. My lnvention further resides in the combination, construction and arrangement of parts illusu trated in the accompanying drawings and while I have shown therein what is now considered the preferred embodiment of said invention, together with a modification thereof, I desire the same to be understood as illustrative only and not as limiting said inven- 30 tion.

In the drawings attached hereto and forming a part hereof of Fig. l is an elevation of a holder having a score card attached thereto; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the con struction shown in Fig. l substantially along the plane indicated by the line 2 2 in said ligure, a portion of a golf bag being shown in dotted lines; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section of a modification of the structure shown in Figs. l and 2; Fig. 4: is a fragmentary transverse section substantially along the plane indicated by the line 4 4, Fig. 1.

Referring more in detail to the annexed drawings, numeral l denotes asheet or plate 1d of somewhat rigid material such as sheet iron, sheet aluminum, fiber and the like. I prefer to make this of sheet aluminum. This plate has its corners rounded as indicated at -4 2 so that the person and clothing of the user '5U will not be injured thereby. As indicated 1928. Serial N0. 278,071.

at 3, the'upper end is extended-slightly, primarily for thevpurpose oli-improved appearance. Theextremity ofthisportion of the plateis extendedand bent over as-indicated at 4 toform an attaching tab 5 whereby ra J"ISIS suitable clamp 6 Vmay be'attachedf by fmeans of la rivet or rivets 7, or the like. The clamp 6. here illustrated is a well-known clampreadily procurableonthe market and theV sainel is equipped with a pair of handles 8 by means 60 of which Jthe jaws 9 ofthe clamp maylbe separated. To `attach this deviceto a-golf bag or the -likethe jaws of the clamp -fare separated 'by lmeans Vof-the handles l8 in -a f well-known manner and then they areslipped tg05 over the edge 10 of the bag -with the plate l outside thereof and resting againstV the outer surface ofthe bag. The clamp isthen permitted toclose and, preferably, the arm 8 inside lof the lbag vis turned Vdown to rest 370 against theinside thereof. u

A scorecard ll -is xplaced under-the jaw which is outside ofthebag and between it land 'the plate 1-1. Thiscan be accomplished by pressing both'of fthe'handles 8 -together to?" "open the ljaws l9'01` by lpressing inwardly on the "outer lhandle 8 when Vthe latter 'is turned up into the customary openingpos'iti'on. v"It willr beV noted that" thefangle at 4 ibetfweenfthe plate or 'sheet l and the tab'is an acute an- G0 gle. `It is preferredto 'make this anglesubstantiallythe same as-'thelcorresponding angle of the clampsothat the jaw9 will lit closely against d'the plate or against -a card insertedbetween the plate andthe jaw. If i desired, 'the platecan-be bent substantially at a point in line withlthe edge ofthe jaw so that -the plate will have the same-direction as the median plane of the clamp, that is,l

the direction of a plane fpassingthrough the i9@ Y rivets 7 andmidwaybetweenthe jaws '9. If vthis be constructed'in this manneiythe clamp will 'then occupy a slightly different direction upon the bag. VVHowever, this is lnot considered as .any improvementover the 'shape-95 shown in 1Fig. 2. `If'desiredymorethan one card can be inserted betweenithe plate and jaw 9 but, ordinarily, Aone is -all that fwillllbe desired. A l K In the modification shown tin Fig. E13, theiloo projects. This would slightly increase tne end of the plate 1 is turned up as'indicated at 12 to form a flange 13 between which and the plate 1 the lower end of the card 11 may be inserted in order to prevent the card from being bent or torn during use.

As indicated in Figs. 1 and 4, the edge of the plate may be slotted at 14e and 15 and then alternate tongues may be bent in opposite directions as indicated at 16 and 17. These are curved as shown most clearly in Fig. a and form a clamp forthe reception of a marking element such as a pencil 18. lVhen this marking element is inserted between the tongues 16 and 17 it is normally shoved lengthwise into the space between them. To

withdraw the pencil, it may be either drawn out longitudinally or pulled laterally to cause the tongues to spread apart. In order to do this, it is necessary that the material of the plate 1 have a certain amount of resiliency so that it will return to shape sufficiently to hold the pencil in place. It will be seen from this disclosure that the lower tongue 17 will serve as a guard to protect the point of the pencil. If additional protecting means is desiredthe lower portion of this tongue may Abe sufficiently enlarged so that it can be rolled over to form a complete or substantially complete tube into which the point of the pencil cost of material and manufacture but might correspondingly increase the desirability of the article.

If it were considered desirable, a scale could be marked along one edge of the plate in any desired manner as by pressingV scale lines into the material or marking them thereon. It is quite common to have a six inch scale marked along one edge of score cards. This scale mentioned as being applied to the plate 1 could take the place of the lscore card scale, in event the cards were not printed with such a scale. n

Score cards are made in various sizes ,and shapes and it will therefore be understood that these holders will probably be also made in a variety of sizes and shapes.

l/Vhile I have shown herein what is now considered the preferred embodiment of my invention, it will be understood that various departures from this disclosure may be made without departing from the spirit thereof.

Having now described my invention, I


1. In a holder of the character indicated, a plate having an edge thereof bent over at 2. A holder of the character indicated comprising a substantially flat body having an edge thereof bent over at an angle to the body, a clamp at said edge having a jaw upon each side of said body, each jaw being adapted to hold an article between itself and the body, and said jaws being resiliently connected to each other by a cross-member, the cross-member being connected to the bentover edge, and a `pencil holder formed in another portion of said body, said clamp having operating arms pivotally connected to its jaws.

3. In a holder of the character indicated, a plate having an edge thereof bent over at an angle to the body thereof, to serve as means whereby a clamp may be secured to the plate, a somewhat U-shaped clamp having the part thereof remote from its open side secured to the bent over part and having one of its jaws on each side of the plate, arranged to receive between themselves and opposite sides of the plate articles to be held by the clamp, one of said jaws being normally substantially in contact with the plate throughout theinside face of said jaw and the other jaw being mostly considerably spaced from the opposite face of the plate whereby to provide ample space for the reception of a thick supporting member.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name to this specification.


an angle to the body thereof, to serve as j means whereby a. clamp may be secured to the plate, a somewhat U-shaped clamp having the part thereof remote from its open side secured to the bent over part and having one vof its jaws o n each side of the plate, arranged, to receive between themselves and opposite sides of the plate articles to be held by the clamp.

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