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Publication numberUS1859341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1932
Filing dateOct 28, 1929
Priority dateOct 28, 1929
Publication numberUS 1859341 A, US 1859341A, US-A-1859341, US1859341 A, US1859341A
InventorsMax Marsack
Original AssigneeMax Marsack
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US 1859341 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 24, i932. M MARSACK y ,859,341

MATTRESS Filed Gat. 28V, 1929 Patented :Malyb 24, 1932 UNITED STATES' PMIE'IIW GFFICFEt MAX MARSACK, SHIEIBOYGAN,v WISCONSIN i MATTRESS application filed October 28, 1929. Serial No. 402,946.

My invention relates to mattresses and has among its objects the production of a mattress in which there is employed an inner spring construction which is comfortable,

simple, durable and attractive in appearance, efcient yand satisfactory. The mattress is of the type known as an inner spring mattress in which a suitable spring construction is `enclosed Withinthe mattress. j,

The invention has` particularly as an object the production of a mattress so constructed, that it will to a very large extent retain its original shape and attractive appearance afterl long use without in any Way impairing or sacrificing comfort and rest giving qualities. It has, as a further object, the production of an -improved mattress provided with an inner spring construction entirely enclosed by a quilted casing. ,f

lifany otherobjects and advantages of the construction herein shown and described will-be obvious to those skilled in the art from the disclosure herein given. To this end, lmy 'invention consists in the novel construction, arrangement and combination of parts herein shown and described, andA more particularly pointed out in the claim. t

In the drawings, wherein like reference characters indicate like or corresponding parts, i Fig. 1 is a plan view of lone corner of a mattress embodying the principles of my invention; and v 35, Fig. 2 is a vertical section through the mat- Vtress shown in Fig. 1.

Referring now more particularly toi'ithe.

drawings, the' numeral 11 represents a spring construction made up of ,any desired number and style of springs, the particular spring construction in itself forming no part of the present invention.

In similar constructions luncovered or bare, while others may be entirely encased ina covering of canvas or the like, while in still other ty es of construction each co'il,may, if desire be enclosed in a pocket and several pockets secured together. Extended over the 'faces of the spring construction is a pair of quilted casing sections.

the springs are Each quilted section comprises an inner cover l2 and an outer cover 13, between which covers is arranged a filling 14 of cotton, hair or any other material commonly used or suitable for the purpose.4

The casing is quilted by means of stitches 15 or the like to secure the inner' and outer covers 12 and 13 and filling that the same is of substant 14 together so ial body. The

edge of the spring construction.

Adjacent edges of the casing sections are fastened together by any suitable means such as stitches 16 so that the two sections completely enclose the spring construction.

- Over the opposite faces of the spring construction are arranged cove ticking or the like, size that their edges of the vquilted casing.

r sheets 17 of the same being of s uch a project beyond the edges Filling 18 of any desired material is positioned between the cover sheets 17, the

quilted casing and the fillingrpreferably having substantially the same lateral dimensions as the cover sheets. cover sheets 17 are fastened plurality of tufts erably of the samermaterial a cover sheet 17,'is arranged ab edges of the mattress with The oppositely positioned together by a 23. A cover sheet 19, prefs comprises the out the vertical the marginal edges of the sheet 19 connectedto the marginal edges of the cover sheetsl. The edge portions 24 of the cover sheet 17 are secured to the edge portions 25 of the cover sheet 19 by stitching or binding the diagonal sti tches 22 same at their juncture to form a hem 20u A plurality of extend through the filling 18 and the adjacent edge portions 24 and 25 to form a roll 21. The stitches 22, forming the roll 2l,

may bemade to extend through the connected edges of the covers 12 and 13, if desired. In some c ases preferably alternate ones of the stitches 22 may be made to pierce the connected coverings l2 and 13.

edges of the casing,

In the construction shown, it may be noted that the spring construction closed in quilted poke or casi is entirely enng so arranged 2r A f f natanti that the quilting is held stretched taut both when the mattress `is occupied and unoccupied. The quilting on the edges o the spring construction is substituted for the` boxing with which such mattresses are frequently provided, thereby tending to economy of construction without sacrificing the comfort and rest giving `qualities of the mattress. j Having thus described my invention, it is obvious that various immaterial :uiodica--Y tions may be made in the same without departing from the spirit of my invention; hence, il do not wish to be understood, aslimv itingimys'elf to the exact form, construction,

arrangement and combination of parts here- Y 1n described and shown, or uses mentioned.

What l claim as new anddesire to secure l lby Letters Patent is: J

ln a mattress of the kind described and in combination, ah inner spring construction,

a quilted inner casing completely enclos-K ing and closely fitting the spring construction, said casing being arranged in sections with adj acent edges of said sections connected at vdiagonally opposite edges of the spring construction, an'outer casing completely enclosing said inner casing, filling positioned between the adjacent horizbntal portions of said inner and outer casings and projecting beyond the edges of the inner casing, and stitches extending through the adjacent marginal edges of the filling and the horizontal and vertical portions of said outer casing to form a roll, the connected'edges of said inner casing being fastened to the adjacent roll by the stitches forming said roll. c

ln witness whereof, l hereunto subscribe my name this 3rd day of September, A D.


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