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Publication numberUS1859523 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1932
Filing dateMar 15, 1927
Priority dateMar 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1859523 A, US 1859523A, US-A-1859523, US1859523 A, US1859523A
InventorsNeely Frank Rodgers
Original AssigneeA H Balliet Corp
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Inside label and corner flap
US 1859523 A
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May 24, 1932. R NEELY l;859,523


rivsrnn LABEL, AND CORNER FLAP Application filed March; is, 1927. sewn No. 175,471.

My invention relates to the inside wrapping of cigar boxes. I

A purpose of my invention is to make the flap label or labels at the lid hinge of. a cigar box in one piece with an inside cover of the lid, thereby lessening the cost of electrotyping and of inside wrapping. According to the wish of the customer, I make the flap label portion of my wrap form corner flaps at opposite ends of the hinge or a middle flap at an intermediate portion of the hinge.

Further purposes will appear in the specification and claims.

I have elected to show two forms only of my invention, selecting forms that are practical and efiicient in operation and that well illustrate the principles involved.

Figures 1 and are top plan views of somewhat dilferent forms of electrotyped wrap, adapted to serve respectively as an inside cover of a lid and corner flap labels, and as an inside cover of a lid and a middle flap label.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal vertical section to enlarged scale through a cigar box with lid raised and my wrap of Figure 1 applied. This corresponds to line 22 of Figure 3.

Figure 3 is a broken vertical, central sec- ..tion of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a broken horizontal section upon the line 4.-4t of Figure 3.

Figure 6 is a view corresponding to Figure 4 except that the wrap shown is that of Figure 5.

Like numerals refer to like parts in all figures.

Describing in illustration and not in limitation and referring to the drawings My present invention is directed chiefly toward a detail of the inside wrapping of a cigar box.

It is usual to cover the outside of the bottom and sides of the box with an electrotyped label or cover 10, which overlaps the top of the box along the sides.

In the illustration the lid 11 of the box 12 is hinged along its lower outer edge 13 by outside and inside flexible wrappings 14 and 15 which respectively comprise a strip of muslin and a portion of the ins'idecover of thelid. r

The strip'of muslin has a lower portion 16 glued along the back of the box and an upper portion 17 glued along the rear edge of the lid and overlapping the top of the lid, and is covered by the outside lid-cover 18 which is usually lapped around the edges of the lid at front and sides at 19.

The inside cover 20 presents advertising or ornamental electrot ped matter 21, on the inside of the lid. I

All of the above is old in the cigar box art.

Prior to my present invention in addition to the inside lid label a flap label or flap labels have been used, extending horizontally across the box over the cigars. They have been made as separate pieces and have been supported by integral vertically extending portions glued to the front walls of the back of the boxes or to hinge members which are glued to these front walls. Their electrotyping has been comparatively expensive and they have been separately inserted by hand before insertion of the box lining.

I form the flap labels 23 as parts of the inside cover labels and preferably integral with them, permitting them to be electr'o typed at 22 as part of the cover label and to be inserted with it. .1 I

The combined cover label and flaps are creased along the outer lower edges 13 of the lids and below the creases have aportion 24L I glued over the top of the back of the box, whichportions are in line with the ornamen-v tal flaps extending over the cigars. Usually the combined structure will be provided with another flap or flaps 25 or 31 glued down over the inside of the back of the box.

By thus uniting the flaps with the inside cover and gluing the interiorsection 24c to the upper edge of the back of the box I form the flaps as a'continuation of this portion 24 and extend them into the box in the same plane without necessity for creasing them. At the same time I obtain the benefit of attachment of the sheet to the inside of the back of the box by attachment of the flap 25 to it.

As the additional cost of electro-typing the inside lid cover'and flaps together is less than the cost of electrotyping the inside cover and the separate flaps, forming the flaps integral with the inside lid label reduces the costof electrotyping.

I also save considerably in the time required for placing the flaps and can place them more accurately. In addition I avoid a line at the top of the flap appearing where it was creased in the prior art form.

The inside end linings 26, front lining 27 and back lining 28 are glued alongtheir top portions on the inside of the box and creased at 29 to extend over thebottom asin the prior art.

The back lining is glued over any flap porlo tion 25 ofthe inside cover of the lid and'lies under the flap portion 23 of the lid-cover.

The flap portion or portions 23 of'the inside lid cover extend along the whole length or any desired portion or portions of the length of the box, the position or positions of the flap or flaps being variant according,

to fashion or variant desires of different customers.

In Figures 1 to a the flap portions of the inside cover ofthe lid form the usual corner flap labels at each end of the lid, and, an in termediateportion 30 between the flaps is glued down against the back, while in Figures 5 and 6 the flap label 23 is in the middle and portions SI ateach end thereof are glued down to the back.

Obviously the portions 30 or 31 glued against the back will be both omitted when the flap is extended the; length of the lid.

In view of my invention and disclosure,

variations and modifications to meet indivldual whim orparticular need, will doubtless become evident to others skilled in the art, and I claim all such in so faras they fall within the reasonable spirit and scope of my invention. v

Having thus described my invention, what I I claim as new and desire to secureubyLetters Patent is 1. In a cigar box having a lid hinged; to the back of the box, an inside label for the lid creased along the hinge, having an outer portion beyond the crease glued to the-lid,

an intermediate portion inside the crease portion forming a flap label to lie above the packed cigars.

2. In a cigar box having a lid hinged to the back of the box, an inside integral lid label wrap creased along the hinge, a portion beyond the crease secured bottom of the 3. In a cigar box having a lid hinged to v the back of the box, an inside integral lid lued along the top of the back and an inner having to the 1 lid, an intermediate portion inside and along the crease on the top of the:

label wrap creased along the hinge, having a portion beyond the crease on the bottom of the lid, an intermediate portion inside'and I form a lap glued against the back near the middle thereof and a corner flap at each side of the lap to lie above the packedcigars.

5. In combination, a box body, cover hin ed'thereto, and a label member constructed ind arranged tobe attached to the inner faceof said cover and a price tag integral 7 with said member and adapted to be disposed over the contents of the saidubox.


of the back and three lower extensions to

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