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Publication numberUS1860202 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1932
Filing dateOct 17, 1929
Priority dateOct 17, 1929
Publication numberUS 1860202 A, US 1860202A, US-A-1860202, US1860202 A, US1860202A
InventorsReisman Adolph B
Original AssigneeReisman Adolph B
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US 1860202 A
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May 2 4, 1932.

A. B. REISMAN BELT Filed oct, 17, 1929 Inventor ooL P///fE/SMH/w q @Ww/@512% A torney Patented May 24, 1932 ADOLPH B. nnIsMAN, F, New Yong. N.

Application mea octoberiafieze. serial No. 400,325.1f-ff i This invention relatesV to improvements in belts and has particular reference to an abdominal health belt to be worn about the Waist of a w-earer next to the skinv for the treatment and relief of body pains such as abdominal colds, stomach ailments, vlumbago, kidney trouble and the like.

It has long been the practice to apply red medicated annel to various partsl of the human body where heat is essential in the treatment and relief of Vbody ailments. It is therefore my intention to embody an inner layer of red flannel'in a waist encircling belt to comfortably lit the Waist of a wearer to lie snug against the body to'prevent any bulky appearance when worn under the usual under and outer garments. K f f Anotherobject is to provide'a 'health belt which is adjustable to t the waist of various size persons.

A further obj ect is the provision of a health belt which is constructed of an inner layer of material such as red medicated flannel, an intermediate layer of heat retaining material such as white annel, and an outer covering of satin or other like finishing material, the y said outer and intermediate thicknesses of material having alined Ventilating `openings therein for the evaporation of perspiration or moisture which may penetrate from'the inner side of the inner layer of red fla-nnelso as to maintain the'belt in a relatively dry condition at all times. 1

A still further object of the inventionis to provide a health belt of the character mentioned which is constructed of Washable material to enablethe same to be kept in a'sanitary condition at all times. K v 'i With these and other objects in view the in-r vention resides in the certain novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, the essential features of which are hereinafter fully described, are particularly pointed out in the appended claim, and are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in'lwhich:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of my improved health belt in a flat condition.

Figure 2 is a rear elevational view showing the belt in an applied position.A

`at its opposite ends.

Figure 3 is a front elevational yview' showf in'the b elt in anapplied position. f

igure 4 is an'enlarged proved health belt initsentirety which includesV a ieziblge elongaited'K'body 11, the side' i edges of which are curved .to fit the-contourf is in an applied position and, freferencefto Figures' V'1 Land 2 Vof the 1 drawings-'itwill .be e noted that the body is wider at its emythan Y tionof the tongues ofthe buckles to enable 'l theK adjustment of the belttovarious size 75 waists. f

f The body 11 is constructed of. several lay-` A t Y ers or' plies of material, the linnermost of'- l K detail sectional vview'onthe linea-4 of Figure 1. "u Referring to the drawings by 'reference 55K K characters, the numeral lO des'ignates'myiimff I by the opposite lof the body of a human beinglwhen the bdyj j K This fis tof enable the l f v body toffullycove'r 'and protect the backof 65 Fixedly` carriedflad j K' Vwhich constitutes a layerA of medicated red i flannel 1K4 over which is applied `anintermedi-V 80 i ate thickness of White liannellnwhile overlying and covering the intermediate thickness 15is an outer layer of finishing material such f as satin or the'like 16. The threethicknesses of material are fastened. togetherby stitch- 35 i.

ing 17 extending along the edges of the body v11 as clearly shown in Figure 1 of the draw'- ings. The inner layer ofred flannel 14 iscontinuous while the intermediate and outer layers of materialare provided'with'alinedopcn- '90 i ings lin which screened'eyelets 18 are arranged. These eyelets 18V are grouped so as to be disposed at the back of the'wearer when the beltis in4 applied position as shown inT Figure 2, and serves as ventilating openings "9.5

for permitting the evaporation of perspiration ormo'isturewhich might penetrate the inner. layer of red fianned 14 when the belt is in K K K aworn condition. I

It will therefore 4be seenthat when Vthe belt img Y 4 i is'applied tothe waist o'the wearer as shown in Figures 2 'and 3, the inner layer of red.

flannel '14e is next'tothe skin and snugly fitS the alifected parts. The sides of the body ll as hereinbefore mentioned are out to conform i j to the general shape ofthe body of the wearer andyit snugly vsro as to prevent any bulky appearanee vbeneath ithe underoutergaatv ments of the wearer. The belt being constructed ofwashable material permits the`belt -to be washedl when'rdesilredlsoto maintain vthe same in a highly sanitary condition at all;VIA ,l

Y times. i

Having thus described theinverlvt'iim;what;4 y

vI claim as new and desire to securebyLetterSq Patent,.isx-fV y A''healthfbelt`,adaptedto.snugtyiitabout' the `abdominal Y region :of av wearer ecompislingv a "flexible elongated body having. .euryed 'Y ,sdeedgea r-.thelsame .being rwidenat 'fits center andA .narrower :at its opposite .ends 4saidbody inluding apluralityoflayers of fabric mate.-

rial off equal sizes, the ,innermost layer of spaced lfastening devices ydetachably joining 'the v.ends .of `the; belt,y those layers of fabric material 'exteriorly of `theinner ,layer lbeing 'formed wi hl layer 'being imperforate.

'.Inte'stimony whereof-Igaffixmyiignature.y 'y Y ADOLPH eB. l

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