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Publication numberUS1860277 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1932
Filing dateOct 21, 1931
Priority dateOct 21, 1931
Publication numberUS 1860277 A, US 1860277A, US-A-1860277, US1860277 A, US1860277A
InventorsWilliam Dennis
Original AssigneeWilliam Dennis
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US 1860277 A
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w. DENNIS May 24, 1932.

BRUSH Filed Oct. 21, 1931 @ATTORNEY Patented li/lay 24t'1932 v i 1' V QUNITED- STATES PATENT OFFI i ILLIAM Dnnnrs, or i E QVIEgMONTg v ems p a Application filed October 21, 1931i Serial 1N0. 570,174.

This invention relates to a fountain brush Whenthe finger is placed. upon the knob 14 K V and it consists in the novel features hereinand the same is pressed so that the spring 15 after described and claimed. compresses the inner end of the bolt 13 beair- I An object of theinventionis to provide a ing upon the plate 12 moves the plate toward brush of simple and durable structure adaptthe sponge, squeezing the liquid from the 55 ed to be used for'applying a liquid toa sursame as hereinbefore'described; When presface. sure is removed from the knob 14 the spring The'further object of theinvention is to returns thebolt 13 to normal position; 1 provide a fountain means for the brush As thebrush is beinguse'd upon a surface, by 10 adapted to contain the liquid, and having grasping the handle 1 a liquid may be ejected 0 means whereby liquid may be ejected from at desired intervals and applied to the surface 7 p the fountain as desired. over which thebristles pass. I i In the accompanying drawings: Having described'the invention, what is I Figure 1 is a side elevational View of the claimed is: V o f 7 brush with parts broken away and parts A brush comprising. a reservoir body, a shown in sections. 1 partition Wall of elastic material located in Figure 2 is a top plan view of the brush. the body and having bristles on one side and Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view of nipples extending between the bristles, a 9 the brush cut on the line 3 3 of Figure 1. sponge carried in the body, a movable plate M The brush comprises a handle 1 having a located in the body andadapted to bear 7 plate 2 attached to the lower end thereof.j againstthe sponge-and a spring pressed pin Said plate is provided with an opening 3 slidably mounted in the side of the body and. which is normally closed by a cover 4. The" having an end bearing a ainst said plate. plate 2 is provided with a peripheral flange In testimony whereo'fi aflix mysignature.

5. A body 6 is attached to the flange and a i WILLIAM DENNIS. ferrule '7 is mounted at the lower edge of the i J 3 body 6. Bristles 8 are held in the lower portion .of thebody by the ferrule 7 The ferrule 7 is of rubber. or other compressible ma- 30 terial and serves as a dam. to prevent the liquid from escaping at the outer side of the bunch of bristles. A partitional wall 90f rubber is disposed transversely across the 5 lower portion of the body 6, and thesaid Wall 9 is provided with a series of nipples 10 which lie between the upper portions of the bristles 8. The body 6 is adapted to retain a sponge 11 which sucks up the liquid poured into the i t v g 40 body through the opening 3. A plate 12 is I V 7 i located in the body and may be moved to V t r p compress the sponge 11 and squeeze the liqj uid therefrom, causing the same to flow through the nipples 10 into the bristles 8. A i V 45 bolt 13 is slidably mounted in the side of the r 7 V i' t body 6 and the inner end of'the bolt bears Y against the side of the plate 12. A- knob 14 is carried .atthe outer end of the bolt 13. A spring 15 surrounds the bolt 13 and bears n V p p 50 at one end against the knob 14 and at its i i other end against the side of the body 6. T

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U.S. Classification401/143, 401/287
International ClassificationA46B11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B11/0055
European ClassificationA46B11/00C6D