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Publication numberUS1860790 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1932
Filing dateMay 8, 1931
Priority dateMay 8, 1931
Publication numberUS 1860790 A, US 1860790A, US-A-1860790, US1860790 A, US1860790A
InventorsHans Schultheiss
Original AssigneeHans Schultheiss
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US 1860790 A
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May 31, 1932. HULT EI S 1. f 1,860,790

APPLICATOR Filed May 8, 1931 flaw; Jc/mzmews Patented M... 31, 1932 PAT ms soHUL'rnEIss, on BALTIMORE, MA YLAND .errmonron Application filed May 8,

This invention relates to improvements in applicators, and more particularly to devices of this character adapted for ready attachment to the threaded nipple of a collapsible paste tube; the collapsible tube functioning as a handle for the applicator, and as a convenient means for supplying a paste, such as shaving cream, to the working surface of the applicator.

Specifically, the invention relates to improvements in the construction of devices of this character, and has for an object to provide an ap licator for collapsible tubes having a flared concaved paste distributing and working surface, whereby a beard softening medium, such as shaving cream,'may be uniformly spread over the beard surface of the face and the coated surface massaged as the cream is dispensed from the tube. v

A further aim is the provision of spaced cream ducts or ports leadin from within the cap-like fitting of the appllcator to the lowermost point of the concaved working surface, the ducts or ports being disposed to each side of the longitudinal center of the workingsurface and flared towards the. out- 'er end thereof.

A still further object of the invention consists in the provision of an outwardly flared concaved paste or cream. applicator, the working surface of which is provided with a fanlike series of relatively shallow grooves and intermediate ribs which merge with the 'concaved working surface adjacent its lowermost point. Other objects and purposes will also appear hereinafter.

An exemplification of this invention is set forth in the accompanying drawings in the manner following:

Fig. ,1 is a rear perspective view of my improved applicator as applied to the threaded end of the collapsible tube and showing the surface to be coate manner of directing the applicator over the Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the assembly 1931. Serial No. 535,982.

in section, a V I --Fig. 3 is a topplan view of the applicator applied to a collapsible tube; i

shown in Fig. 1, the applicator beingcshownj V I ig. 4 1s a'transverse section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 3; and 1 i Fig, 5 is aview similar to Fig. 3, ofa slightly modified form of the invention.

In the drawings the portion indicated as A represents a collapsible paste tubeyof usual 5 construction and design having a threaded nozzle orv nipple B through which the contents of the tube may be discharged; 1

The applicator, designated broadly as 5, comprises a substantially triangular having rounded corners and from "the inner corner of, which depends an interiorly thread edcap-like fitting 6 adapted to be screwed to seated position on the nipple B of the collapsible tube A. In this position of parts the tube A functions as a handle for the applicator 5,, as shown in Fig. .1, and also as a means for supplying. cream under pressure to the chamber 7, thence through the ducts or ports 8 and 9 to the working surface 10. of the'applicator. Y a c To facilitate-uniform. distribution of the paste or cream discharged through the ports 8 and 9 to the working surface 10 of the applicator, the plate: is outwardlyjflared and :1 slightly dished or concaved from a point inwardly of the ports 8 and 9 to the outerflared edge thereof. 1 I

The inner end portion 11 0f the plate immediately above the threaded fitting 6 is pref erably formed flattened and slightly elevated above the major portion of theplate to pro{ vide a slidingbearing surface or pivotal base forcontrolling the operation of the applicator thereabout when pressed firmly against the bearded surface of the face and'moved thereover. i 1 f By the construction just described" the dished or concaved. portion 10 of the appli-' cator,. which is outwardly flared from thev ENr OFFICE I plate readily maintained in contact wit relatively small and flattened bearing surface 11 and handle connecting fitting1 6, may be the bearded surface of the face under a desired pressure, or in slightly spaced-relation thereto and shifted from side to side during movement in following the contour of. the face.

As a further means for uniformly distributing a beard softening medium over the surface to be treated and massaging the coated surface as the applicator is moved thereacross, I have provided a fan-like series of relatively shallow grooves 12 and intermediate ribs 13 which extend inwardly from the outer flared edge of the plate to a point inwardly of the ports 8 and 9 where the grooves and ribs merge with the concaved wall of the working surface 10.

While a "device constructed according to the present detailed description may be produced at small expense and assembled with little effort, I do not desire to be specifically limited thereby since many c anges and modifications may be made by those skilled in the art, without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention, as covered by the appended claims.


1. An applicator ada ted for attachment to the discharge nozzle 0 a collapsible tube or the like, comprising a spreading plate havin a slidin bearing surface adjacent one en thereof %or controlling the movement of the plate relative to the surface being coated and said plate having longitudinal side flanges extending from the sides of said bearing surface and projecting above said spreading plate.. I

,2. A device for applying shaving creams or other beard softening medium, comprising an elongatedspreading plate having a sliding bearing surface at one en thereof, an interiorly threaded cap-like fitting depending from the underside of said plate, said plate having a transverse series of ribs on its upper surface extending from a point adjacent the bearin surface to its unrestricted opposite end an ports leading'fromsaid surface to the interior of said fitting.v

3. A device for applying shaving creams or other beard softening medium, compris-' ing a substantially triangular plate, an interiorly threaded cap-like fitting depending from the underside of said plate adjacent one corner thereof, the upper surface of said plate being flattened immediately abovesaid tting and constituting a sliding bearin surface, and outwardly flared and concave from said flattened portion and providing converging side flange portions, the concave surface of said plate having parts leading to the interior of said fitting. v

4. A device for applying shaving creams or ,other beard softening medium comprising a cap-like fitting having a bore adapted for attachment to the discharge nozzle of collapsible tubes, said fitting being formed with an elongated spreading p ate having a sliding bearing surface adjacent one end, an unobstructed delivery portion at its opposite end, said plate being further formed with upturned side edge portions and a ort extending from said 7 plate. between t e. upturned portions and communicating with the bore of the fitting.-

In testimony whereof I aflix my si ature.


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