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Publication numberUS1861834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1932
Filing dateApr 7, 1930
Priority dateApr 7, 1930
Publication numberUS 1861834 A, US 1861834A, US-A-1861834, US1861834 A, US1861834A
InventorsBinggeli Arnold R
Original AssigneeBinggeli Arnold R
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Article dispenser
US 1861834 A
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June 7, 1932- A. R. BINGGE LI 3 ARTICLE DISPENSER Filed April 7, 1930 A? f g hem-J e -T" a #7723 fame rown low 5 V///////A 9 Patented June 7, 1932 PATENT UNITED STATES ARNOLD R. BINGGELI, OF KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI ARTICLE DISPENSER Application filed April 7, 1930. Serial No. 442,269.

My invention relates to improvements in article dispensers. Itis particularly well adapted for dispensing stick articles, such as cigars, cigarettes, stick candy and the like,

I I but is not restricted to the dispensing of such 10 a receptacle may be discharged therefrom one at a time without injury thereto, and without liability of the articles clogging the outlet of the receptacle or of becoming turned cross-wise in the receptacle. T i

A further object of 'myinvention is to provide a dispenser of the kind described, which is simple, cheap, strong, durable, not likely to get out of order, which is easy to operate, and which is reliable in its operation.

The novel features of my invention are hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, which illustrates the preferred embodiment of my in vention, I

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my improved article dispenser. with one side removed, the lid closed, and the article supporting and ejecting members shown, in solid lines, in their initial positions, cigarettes being shown in the receptacle.

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1, showing the supporting and ejecting members in the delivery positions, and a delivered cigarette resting on the external support therefor.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of my improved dispenser. showing the lid raised.

Fig. l is a reduced plan view of the lever.

Similar reference characters designate similar parts in the different views.

' The receptacle for holding the articles to be dispensed therefrom comprises a boxlike body 1 having a top filling opening 2 adapted to be normally closed by a hinged lid 3.

The front of the body 1 has a horizontal slot t which forms an outlet for the dispensed articles, such as cigarettes 5.

Hinged at its rear edge to and in the body 1 is a flat article supporting member 6 which inclines forwardly and downwardly toward the outlet 4.

7 designates a horizontal transverse ejecting member having an outwardly and downwardly inclined upper edge, and disposed between the outlet 4 and the front edge of the supporting member 6. The lower edge of the ejecting member 7 is pivotally mounted on the upper side of the forward end of a lever 8, which consists of a plate having a transverse U-shaped channel portion 9 the under side of which rests pivotally on the upper side of thebottom of the body 1. Two pins 10 extend through and are respectively loosely fitted in two holes 11 in the bottom of the channel portion 9, said pins being mounted in the bottom of the body 1 and serving to retain the lever 8 in its operative loca tion.

An operating vertical plunger 12 is vertically reciprocative in a hole provided in the top of the body 1 at the rear of the filling opening 2. The upper end of the plunger has on it a thumb button 13. The lower end of the plunger 12 is disposedbetween and pivoted by a horizontal pin 14 to two ears 15 with which the lever 8. at the rear of the channel portion 9, is provided.

The downward swinging of the supporting member 6 is limited by a cleat 16 fastened to the inner side of one side of the body 1. I For swinging upwardly the supportin member 6, the rear side of the ejecting member 7 has fastened to it a longitudinal cleat 17. which,.when the ejecting member 7 is raised to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, engages the under side of the supporting member 6 and swings the latter upwardly on the continued upward movement of the ejecting member 7 to the position shown in Fig. 2.

The articles, such as cigarettes 5, to be dispensed are piled transversely in the receptacle body 1 upon the supporting member 6. The sloping upper sides of the supporting member 6 and ejecting member 7 causes the cigarettes to move downwardly by gravity until the foremost cigarette lies on the upper edge of the ejecting member 7 and against the inner side of the front of the body 1 below the outlet 4, as shown in solid lines in Fig. 1.

When the button 13 and plunger 12 are de pressed to the position shown in dotted lines 5 in Fig. 1, the lever 8 will be swung by the plunger 12 so as to lift the ejecting member 7 to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, thereby lifting the cigarette which is carried on the ejecting member 7, the latter striking the next succeeding cigarette and forcing it rearwardly and preventing its forward movement.

Upon the continued upward movement of the ejecting member 7, the cigarette carried thereby will be lifted above the bottom of the outlet 4, and the latter, being inclined forwardly and downwardly, the lifted cigarette will be delivered by gravity through the outlet 4, and will drop upon two supporting devices 18, fastened to the outer side of the body 1 below the outlet 4, and provided each in its upper side with a recess 19 into which the dispensed cigarette is deposited and rests.

The body 1 is provided with means cooperating with the supporting member 6 and the ejecting member 7 for separating, during a dispensing operation, the foremost article to be dispensed from the one next succeeding it. Such separating means embodies wedg in means consisting of a wedge shaped portion 20 with which the inner side of the front of the body 1, above the outlet 4, is provided. The wedge shaped portion 20 has its lower sharp portion disposed in a vertical plane between the supporting member 6 and the ejecting member 7. The rear side of said wedge shaped portion 20 inclines upwardly and rearwardly, as designated by 21.

When in the upward movement of the ejecting member 7, the cleat 17 thereon lifts the front edge of the supporting member 6, the latter, in lifting the cigarettes carried thereon, will force the cigarette next succeeding the one on the ejecting member 7 against the slanting portion 21, whereby said succeeding cigarette and the ones to the rear of it will be forced rearwardly and upward ly on the supporting member 6, as shown in Fig. 2. v

In the meantime, the cigarette carried upwardly by the ejecting member 7 will be delivered through the outlet 4c onto the supporting devices 18, from which it can be removed at the pleasure of the operator.

' Upon the operator releasing the button 13, the supporting member 6 and the ejecting member 7 will lower by gravity to the position shown in solid lines in Fig. 1, thereby causing the lever 8 to be swung to lift the plunger 12 to its initial raised position, shown in solid lines in Fig. 1.

From the inclined portion 21, the inner side of the front of the body 1 preferably 5 inclines forwardly and upwardly, to enable next in the rear and hold it and the other cigarettes back before they have been lifted or moved forwardly. This effectually prevents jamming. i

As shown, the front side of the wedge portion 20 inclines upwardly and forwardly, so that when a cigarette or other article 5 is lifted to a position in which it registers with the outlet 4 said inclined front side of the wedge engages the article at its rear side and positively forces it forwardly and downwardly, thus preventing a bent or otherwise deformed article from clogging the outlet.

While I have described my dispenser as being adapted for dispensing cigars, cigarettes and stick candy, it is obvious that, by making it in proper dimensions, it may be em.- ployed for dispensing other articles which will roll down an inclined surface, as cylindrical articles, such as pencils.

I do not limit my invention to the structure shown and described, as many modifications, within the scope of the appended claim, may be'made without departing from the spirit of my invention.

What I claim is 2- i In an article dispenser, the combination of a receptacle having a body provided with an outlet'in one side for articles to be dispensed, and having at the inner side of said sidea wedge portion. at the rear of said outlet, said wedge portion at its rear side inclining'upwardlv and rearwardly, and the inner side of said side of said body inclining upwardly and forwardly from said inclined part of said wedge portion, an article supporting member adapted to support articles to be dis pensed and pivoted on a horizontal axis and inclining forwardly and downwardly toward said outlet and said wedge portion, an ejecting member vertically movable between'said outlet and said supporting member froma position at the rear of and below said outlet, in which position it is adapted to receive thereon from said supporting member and lift to a delivery position at the rear of said outlet the foremost of said articles, and having means for engaging and swinging upwardly said supporting member after said ejecting member has moved upwardly in front of the next succeeding member, said wedge portion being so disposed as to enter between said foremost article and the article

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U.S. Classification221/205, 221/274, 221/195
International ClassificationB65D83/02
Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/02
European ClassificationB65D83/02