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Publication numberUS1861935 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1932
Filing dateOct 3, 1930
Priority dateOct 3, 1930
Publication numberUS 1861935 A, US 1861935A, US-A-1861935, US1861935 A, US1861935A
InventorsO'donnell Michael T
Original AssigneeO'donnell Michael T
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US 1861935 A
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June 7, 1932. M, T ODONVNELL 1,861,935

DI SPLAY CASE Filed Oct. 5, 1930 Patented June 7, 1932 UNITED STATES MICHAEL r. ODONNELL, or DULUTH, MINNESOTA DISPLAY CASE Application filed October 3, 1930. Serial No. 486,125.

This invention relates to transferable display cabinets, and has special reference to a display cabinet or case for use in and about garage buildings or the like, and designed particularly for the purpose of displaying either externally or internally of the building the commodities for sale at the garage.

The principal object is to produce a simple receptacle and means for securely supm porting same in locked relation to the support in either of several selective places Other objects and advantages of the novel structure will appear in the further description of the invention.

Referring now to the accompanying drawing wherein like reference characters indicate like parts:

Figure 1 is a perspective View of a cabinet embodying the invention and in position upon one of its supports;

Figure 2 is a somewhat enlarged perspective view of the attaching strip on the back of the cabinet;

Figure 3 is a similar View partly broken away of the holder or keeper; and

Figure 4 represents the U-shaped bands found in connection with gas station service pumps.

The display cabinet, here shown rectangular in form as a preferred shape, is illus-' trated at 1, and is provided with an inwardly recessed door 2, having a glass panel therein through which the contents of the cabinet may readily be seen.

The door is recessed within the front wall of the cabinet to overcome the danger of wetting the interior in the event of stormy weather, or the like, when the cabinet is sup ported externally of the building, and is provided with a suitable lock.

Upon the back of the case is fixed in any desired manner as by suitable bolts through the holes 3 the bent depending strip 4 which when attached to the cabinet is spaced slightly from the back thereof. The lower portion of the strip 4 is bent outwardly at right angles forming a narrow shelf or floor like portion 5, and thence upwardly and inwardly as at 6 and fixed to the body portion of the strip, but may, if desired, extend the full cm, is:

length thereof for strength. Through the floor 5 is formed a slot 7 for cooperative engagement with; the lock hereinafter described.

The support proper for the cabinet shown 5 frequently found associated with the dis- 6 pensing pumps. Obviously by either of these latter described means the cabinet may be displayed where readily seen by those passing or availing themselves of service at the garage. The lower end of the channel holder 8 is provided with a transverse shelf like member 12 fixed interiorly thereof and which member carries a suitable lock 13 which I have illustrated as being similar to those found on roll top desks or the like; the same being provided with laterally projecting catches 14 which in this instance occur above the shelf 12 and are cooperatively engageable with the slot 7 in the strip 4 previously de- 6" scribed.

Access to the lock 13 is had through any suitable escutcheon 15 on the lower face of the holder 8, and which latter extends materially below the cabinet 1 for convenient accessibility.

From the foregoing it is evident that I have devised an exceedingly simple and effective display cabinet which may readily be transferred from one holder to another and answer the purpose for which it is intended admirably.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Pat- 1. In combination, a receptacle having fixed adjacent the upper edge of the back thereof a depending strip spaced therefrom, and a channel like support for cooperative engagement with said strip the latter slid-

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U.S. Classification248/553, 312/102, 109/52
International ClassificationA47F5/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/08
European ClassificationA47F5/08