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Publication numberUS1862237 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1932
Filing dateJun 17, 1931
Priority dateJun 17, 1931
Publication numberUS 1862237 A, US 1862237A, US-A-1862237, US1862237 A, US1862237A
InventorsPepler Thomas
Original AssigneeBennett G Rohret
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Bed table
US 1862237 A
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T. PEPLER BED TABLE June 7, 1932.

Filed June 17. 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Java 12 -20?" Yfiomas [32 v Zer:

T. PEPLER BED TABLE Filed June 17, 1951 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 In wen/Z01 Thomas Pe vler AZ own/63g June 7, 1932.


BED TABLE Application filed June 17, 1931. Serial No. 545,112.

The invention relates to adjustable sup ports and more particularly to devices of this character adaptable for mounting on a bed or the like to be used by bedridden persons for suitably supporting books, papers, trays or similar articles, and which are adjustable to adapt them to various positions of use.

An object of the invention is to provide a device of the character stated which is equipped with novel mounting means adapting it to be secured upon ordinary beds of various sizes by engagement with both side rails so as to provide a particularly rigid mounting assuring against inadvertent cob lapsing, vibration or other undesirable changes of position. 7

Another object of the invention is to provide novel means whereby the supporting table may be adjusted more or less universally to suit the position in which the user can rest in comfort, and even to the extent of collapsing the device out of sight beneath the bed without removing it frorn'itsmounting on the bed.

The invention further resides in the provision of novel means for effecting adjustment of the degree of elevation of the table above the bed, and also for varying theangularityof the table support'without effecting the elevation adjustment. 7

Other objects will in part be obvious and in part be pointed out hereinafter.

To the attainment of the aforesaid objects the invention still further resides in the novel details of construction. combination and ar rangement of parts, all of which will be first fully describedin the following detailed description, then'be particularly pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings in which.

Figure 1 is a somewhat diagrammatic perspective view illustrating the invention in use upon a bed, the device being shown collapsed under the bed in dotted lines; 7

Figure 2 is a side elevationof the device, the table proper being adjusted so as to present its under face to'view, the adjustability of the angularity of the table with relation to its mounting rod being indicated in dotted lines; 1

V Figure 3 is a front face view of the table I proper; a v

Figure 4 is detail cross sectional view taken on the line 4l l on Figure 2, the adjustability of the table about the axis of its mounting rod being indicated in dotted lines;

Figure 5 is an enlarged detail vertical cross section taken on theline 55 on Figure 2; 1

Figure 6 is an inside face view of the adjustable mounting bracket shown in Figure 5, and a i Figure 7 is a somewhat diagrammatic side elevation illustrating the invention adjusted to enable a user to read comfortably while lyinginbed. g

In the practical development of the invention I provide atable proper designated 1, which may bein th'e'form of a rectangular board of suitable thickness, or may be formed of metal if so desired. The table 1-is provided at its loweredge with a supporting ledge 2 which will serve to support books or papers resting upon the table, and overcome anytendency of these articles to slide off the table when it is adjusted to an inclined posij tion before the user, 7 r

The table 1 is also provided with paper or book holding springclips 3 which areprefe're ably formed of resilient metal and secured at one end only so as to facilitate the insertion of books or papers beneath the same and also to provide for the maximum resiliency of which these elements are capable. tional spring clips 4. may be provided and Addithese clips, and also the clips 3, if so desired,

are pivoted at their attached ends so that they may be folded down adjacent the ledge provided edgeof the table so as to present an unobstructed upper face of the table proper L loo By reason of the pivotal connection of table 1 with the plate 5 through the medium of the bolt 6 it is possible to adjust the table relatively tothe plate in the-plane of the table and by manipulation of the clamp screw I 9 the table may be secured in its various positions of adjustment about the pintle 6. The screw 9 and bracket 8 also serve to clamp the table proper down tightly against the supporting plate. See Figures 2 and 4:; I

Similar bracket plates 10 are secured to the plate 5 and are provided with partially rounded portions to receive the mounting rod 11, clamp screws 12 being provided for clamping the brackets 10 tightly against the rod 11. By the equipment just described the plate 5 and the table '1 carried thereby may be rotatably adjusted about the axis of the rod 11, being: secured at its positions of adjustment by-the clamp screws 12.

Therod 11 is usually d'sposed horizontally and this rod merges with a vertical standard portion 13 which is vertically adustabl-ein,

and angularly adjustable about the verticalaxis of a tubular standard lL- For this purpose the standard 14 is threaded at its upper end to receive the internally threaded cap 15 which is formed to provide an annularrecess ,16'which rotatably receives the collar 17 ofa clamp sleeve 18 surrounding the rod portion a 13. A set screw 19 threads through a receiving bore in the sleeve 18 and engages the rod portion 13; By loosening and again tightening the set'screw 19 it is possible to adjust the rod portion 131vertically for the purpose of varying the elevation of the table 1 above the bed and to suitably secure this adjustment. By threading' 'the cap 15 down wardly on the standard 14-. it will so. engage the collar 17 as to force the lower end of the sleeve 18 into tight frictional engagement with the upper end of the standard 14 and thus secure the rod portion 13 at any desired adjustment about the of the standard 14L See Figure 5.

From the above it will be apparent that the clamping or securing devices 19 and15 are independent and it is possible to adj List either without disturbing the adjustment secured by the other. '1' i i The standard Mis secured toor is bent to V 7' form a horizontal tubular portion 20 in'ivhich a second tube 21 is telescopicallymounted in a manner adapting the invention to-useon beds of various 'Widths. The horizontally disposed supporting tubes 20 and 21 are rotatably .mounted in bearings 22 carriedby brackets '23 which include a portion adapted for engagement with the side rails 2 of the bed and equipped with clamp'scr'ews or similar securing means for securing the brackets and the composite tubular support carried thereby to the bed'rail. By thus securing the device upon a support rigidly attached to.

both bed rails, a particularly strong and comfortably rigid device is provided which will be incapable of twisting movements, excessive vibration or other undesirable position changes to which devices of this type are usually subjected. V

The bracket 23 at the standard side of the bed is equipped with a wing support extension 26 which may be provided with an arcuate slot 27 to receive the clamp bolt 28 carried by thestandard ltthrougli which medi- Y um, and the wing nut 29 carried by the bolt 28 it is possible to secure the standard 14' in'vertical position or at various inclinations to the vertical. See Figures 5 and 6.

Preferably the slot 27 is made long enough so that the standard 1d may be swung down far enough to assume a horizontal position just below the level of the adjacent side rail of the bed. When the standard is swung ,to

this position it is possible to so adjust the mounting rod 11, 13' and the table 1, that the 7 device may be collapsed under the bed and out of sight in the mannerindi'cated in Figure 1' of the drawings; By swin ing the standard part Way dovv and adjusting the mounting rod 11,'13-wholl-y or'partially in the plane of adjustment of the standard 16 and by suitably adjusting the table about its pivotalconnection 6, it is possible to adjust the de'vice so that a user may See Figure 7;

In the foregoing description I have'disclosed a bed tablehavi'ng provision for securing papers or books thereon, and which is mounted in a'more or less universally ad justable manner to adapt it for being col lapsed out of sightunder the bed or-in desired position of use. 1 From the foregoing'description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it is thought that the novel details of conany '95 read whilejlying on his side. 7

struction, the manner of use'and'the'advantages of my invention will'be readily ap-' parent to those skilled in the art to which it relates.


. '1. Ina bed table, a mounting rod including a vertical'portion and 'a'horiz'ontal portion, a supporting plate having an arcuate edge, space bracket "plates secured to-said supporting plate and forming bearings for receiving the horizontal portion of said :rod, V

portion, and means for lockingsaid table proper against movement about saidpintlef 2. In a bed table, a mounting rod including a vertical portion and a horizontal portion, a supporting plate having an arcuate edge, spaced bracket plates secured to said supporting plate and forming bearings for receiving the horizontal portion of said rod, means for clamping one of said bracket plates against said rod portion whereby said supporting plate may be locked in various positions of adjustment about the axis of the horizontal rod portion, a table proper supported on said supporting plate, a pintle located in the axis of said arcuate edge and connecting said table proper and said supporting plate for pivotal movement substantially in the plane of said horizontal rod portion, a bracket secured to said table proper adjacent the arcuate edge of said supporting plate, a portion of said bracket underlying the supporting plate, and a set screw threaded in said underlying portion and bearing against the bottom of said supporting plates, said set screw and bracket functioning dually to maintain the table proper both in adjusted position about said pintle and tightly clamped down on the supporting plate.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto vsubscribed my name. V


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European ClassificationA47B23/02