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Publication numberUS1862609 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1932
Filing dateOct 16, 1930
Priority dateOct 16, 1930
Publication numberUS 1862609 A, US 1862609A, US-A-1862609, US1862609 A, US1862609A
InventorsShaw Thomas
Original AssigneeShaw Thomas
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Nesting bin
US 1862609 A
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Patented .lune 14, 1932 PATENT oFFis THOMAS SHAW, or wooNsocKEr, RnonEmIsLaNn NESTING BIN Application led Oct-ober 16, 1930. Serial No. 489,201.

My invention relates to bins used for the display and storage of stock such as seeds,

grain, etc. by storekeepers and the like. more particularly to a binhaving a plurality of compartments for the display and storage of a variety of goods r stock, and it consists in the combinations, constructions, and arrangements herein sholwn and described.

Storekeepers and others utilizing bins for the display of goods or stock for sale often lave variable quantities of said stock or goods necessitating the use of a large bin for such display only portions of which are utilized at times the remaining unused portion merely taking up space in the store or other place f in which it is positioned. lt'is, therefore, a

primary purpose of mjy invention to provide a bin of the type described that may be increased in size to provide any desired number of sections or units for. the display and storage of goods or reduced in size to provide a smaller number of sections for the stock, thereby enabling a storeleeper to economlze in the use of space occupied by the bm.

Another object of my invention is to provide a bin of the type described in which the units are similarly formed and adapted for easy engagement with one another thus faciltating assembly 'of the units to form' the bin.

A. further object of the invention is to provide a device of the type described whichhas few parts, is simple to manufacture, and does not get out of order easily. Y

@ther objects and advantages will appear as the specification proceeds and the invention WillV be more particularly defined in the appended claims. My invention'is illustrated in the accompanying drawing forming a part of this ap` plication in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of my Linvention; f

Figure 2 is a'sectional view of my device, and

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view on line 3h?) of Figure 2;

My bin is formed' of a plurality of units or a single unitif that is all that is required of exactly similar constructions and adapted to be stacked on one another to form a bin of any desired number of sections.` In this em- /bodiment I show four of such bins 1, 2, 3 and 4- respectively stacked to form a sectional bin of :tour compartments. As these units are of similar construction a detailed description of one will suice.

The unit 1 comprises a rectangularA boxlike structure having its back wall 5 and side walls 6 and 7 formed of a single piece of material preferably metal, and its base 8 and front wall 9 formed of another single piece. The parts are held together by lapping portions 10, 11 and 12 of the iii-st named piece` about the second named piece. The front wall 9 `formed from the second named piece is retained in position by lapped portions 13 and 141 which with a lapped portion 15 form a continuous band along the top of wall 9 adjacent the mouth 16 of the bin. 1t will be noted that this Wall 9 is disposed at an angle of substantially forty-live degrees inclination to the base of the bin to permit a. user to remove the stock or goods through the mouth'16 with the greatest ease. 1t will also be noted that .the base 8 terminates a short distance to the rear of the top of walls 6 and 7 for a purpose that will be made clear later base of a nesting unit as is easily understood.

For further supporting a unit and for preventing sidewise slipping of said unit on the supporting unit, a band 20 is mounted about the top walls 5, 6. and 7 to extend above the shelf formed by portions 17, 18 and 19. The front wall 21 of this band 20 is bent inwardly as indicatedVA at 22 to engage the walls 6 and 7 and lying ush therewith to provide a front shelf for cooperation with the shelf portions 17, 18 and 19 for support of a nested bin.

A placard rack23 formed of a suitable piece of metal is mounted on the portion 21 of band From the foregoing description the use and operation of my devlce is easily understood. The user of the bin simply selects the desired number of units for storing or displaying a` desired variety of goods or stock and stacks them by merely placing them on top of one another as shown in the drawing. This stacking is easily accomplished as the bases of the units are smaller than the supporting shelves, said bases engaging said supporting shelves with their front ends 24 situated in spaced relation to the front walls 21 of the bands 20 to allow the lower portions of walls 9 to engage the upper extremities 25 of said walls, or to be spaced therefrom only a short distance. The goods or stock can e easily yreached through the mouths of the units by "a user when said units are so stacked.

Any suitable cover, (not shown), maybe positioned on the top on uppermost unit, in the embodiment shown, unit 1, f desired.

The units may be disassembled by merely reversing the stacking process. i

It is thus seen that I have provided a bin for use in storing or displaying goods or stock that can easily be made large or small as desired to provide a variable number of unit compartments for the goods, thus permitting economy in the use of space required for storin or displaying the goods or stock.

claim l. A bin for storing and displaying goods and the like comprising a box-like container having a bottom, front, side and rear walls, said front wall being inclined at an angle to form a mouth for the reception and discharge of goods, said side and rear walls having their `upper portions bent inwardly to define shelves, a band surrounding the top of said container and having vertically extending walls .for securing a slmilarly formed bin in nested relationship, and `said band adjacent the mouth of the receptacle being bent inwardly to lie Hush .with the shelves formed by the side and rear walls.

2. A bin for storing and displaying goods and the like comprising a box-like container having front, side and rear walls,`said side and rear walls having their upper portionsl bent inwardly to define horizontally disposed shelves, said front wall being inclined at an angle to form a mouth for the discharge and reception of goods, a band encircling said side and` rear walls and positioned above said mouth and providing contiguous vertically `disposed walls for securing Va similarly formed bin in nested relationship, and said band having its lower portion adjacent said mouth bent inwardly to lie lush with the shelvesformed by the side and rear walls.


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