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Publication numberUS1863163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1932
Filing dateApr 14, 1931
Priority dateApr 14, 1931
Publication numberUS 1863163 A, US 1863163A, US-A-1863163, US1863163 A, US1863163A
InventorsSamuel Malti, Sebastiano Melita
Original AssigneeRosario Dallura
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Bottle support
US 1863163 A
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June 14, 19321 s MALT] ETAL 1,863,163


7 Our invention relates to means for supporting bottles but more particularly nursing bottles employed in the feedin of infants or very young children. The evice 0r means embodying our invention is particu larly useful for the holding of a bottle to permit the feeding of an infant therefrom while it occupies a cradle, crib, baby carriage or other similar device in which infants or very small children-may be placed and allowed to rest and sleep.

The general object of the invention is to provide a bottle supporting means of a character such that it may be fastened to the top edges of a cradle, crib, baby carriageor the like in such position thereon as may be desired and to provide the said support with means for adjustably supporting the bottle in position to render it easily and readily accessible to the infant or young child occupying the cradle, crib, baby carriage or the like.

It also is an object of the invention to provide a device of the character indicated including means which is adjustable from one side to the other or to any intermediate point with respect to the cradle, crib, baby carriage or the like in order that the bottle may be accessible and available to the infant or young child.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device including means which is in effect universally adjustable for holding and positioning a bottle or the like in any position relative to an infant or a child occu ying a cradle, crib, baby carriage or the 11 e in order that such infant or young child may be fed from such bottle.

To the foregoing and other ends our invention comprehends the construction and arrangement of parts as hereinafter described in detail, particularly defined in the appended claims and as illustrated in the drawing wherein we have illustrated one mechanical embodiment of our invention in a form which at present is preferred by us. However, we desire it to be understood that our invention is susceptible of embodiment in other forms of construction than that shown and that changes in the details of construction maybe made within the scope of the 1931. Serial No. 529,952.

port for a bottle or the like embodying our r invention and also showing fragmentary portions of the upper edges of the body of a cradle, crib, baby carriage or the like upon which the said device is supported;

Fig. 2 is a view in transverse sectional elevation; and

Fig. 3 is a view artl in section and partly in elevation ta en t rough the clamping means which holds the bottle and through a portion of the structure upon which the said clamping means is mounted.

In the drawing we have shown at 1 the opposite sides of a cradle, crib, baby carriage or other support to which the opposite ends of the supporting means are secured. supporting means comprises a rod 2 bent to are shape or substantially semi-circular as shown. The rod is round in CI'LHS section. The opposite ends of the rod are adapted to be secured to the support 1. In the construction as illustrated the opposite ends of the rod are adapted to be secured by means of bolts 3 to inverted U-shaped members 4. The U- shaped members fit over and rest upon the top edges of the support 1 and are secured thereto by means of bolts 5 and additionally The by the bolts 3. In order to prevent pivoting of the arc-shaped support 2 with respect to the bolts 3 the base portions of the said bolts are square or rectangular in cross section and fit openings in the opposite ends of the rod 2 which are of like shape. The openings upon the inner sides of the inverted U-shaped members 4 likewise are square and engage the squared portion of the bolts 5 to prevent rotation of the latter. By this means the arc-shaped supporting rod 2 may be held in a substantially vertical plane as is shown in Fig. 2. It will be apparent also that'by a proper arrangement of the corners of the openings through the supports 1 the bolts 3 may be so positioned as to support the rod 2 in a plane tilted in one direction or the other from a vertical plane.

. Instead of employing the means shown for securing the opposite ends or for that matter either end of the arc-shaped supporting rod 2 to its support any other suitable means may by means of a binding screw 13. A U-shaped or clevis-shaped member 14 is pivotally secured to the outer end of the arm 10 and supported thereby. In the construction as illustrated the member 14 pivotally secured to the outer end of the arm 10 by means of a screw 15 which passes through an opening at the middle point of the base of the member 14 and detachably engages a screw-threaded opening in the outer end of the arm 10. Any other suitable means may be employed for pivotally connecting the U-shaped or elev'islike member 14 with the arm 10. For the purpose of connecting and supporting a bottle or the like between the outer ends of the legs of the U-shaped or clevis-like member l-lwe have provided a spring clamp 16 pivotally connected by pivot screws 17 to the outer ends of the opposite legs of the said member 14. The screws have screw-threaded engagement with the opposite sides of the clamping ring 16 and are pivotally mounted within openings 17' through the outer ends of the legs of the member 14, which openings are plane and unthreaded. The clamp 16 consists of a strip, preferably of spring metal, bent so as to bring its opposite ends into adjoining relation to each other, as indicated at 1.8. These ends terminate in outwardly projecting portions constituting ears 19. These ears are provided with openings one of which, 20, is scrcw-thrcmimi for engagement with the screw-threaded end of a fastening screw 21. The said screw does not have threaded connection with the opening throu h the other of said cars 19. For turning t 1e said screw to adjust the ends of the said clamping ring toward and away from each other we have provided the same with a milled head 22.

It will be apparent from the foregoing and by reference to the drawing that we have provided a support including means .whereiy a bottle or other like article may be supported at points in adjoinin r relation to either side of a cradle, crib, aby carriage or the like or at any intermediate point. In Fig. 1 of the drawing we have shown in dash and dot lines the support and a bottle located in adjoinin relation to a side of the cradle, CIlb, ha y carriage or the like, while in full lines we have shown the same supported at or near the mid-point of the arca (1 support 2. The bottle is pivotally mova le about the axis of the pivot screws 17; and also the arm 10 is pivotally movable about the axis of the opening through the head'll thereof. Also the bottle is rotatable about the axis of the pivot screw 15. By this means the bottle is rendered practically universally adjustable. If desired the length of the'arm 10 may be increased, and also, as will be obvious, the bot tle 9 or other article, whatever it may be,- may be adjusted in directions lengthwise or axially of the said bottle.

Having thus described our invention, what we claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. Means for supporting a bottle or the like upon a cradle, crib, baby carriage or the like comprising a rod bent to substantially semicircular shape, means for connecting the opposite ends of said rod to the said cradle, crib, baby carriage or the like, an arm, means for rotatably connecting one end of said arm to the said rod for slidable adjustment from end to end thereof, means for securing the said last named means in any position to which it may be adjusted on the said rod, a U-shaped member, a pivot for connecting said U-shaped member to the outer end of said arm, a clamping ring, pivots for securing said clamping ring to the opposite sides of said U-shaped member, and means for adjusting the adjoining ends of said clamping ring toward and from each other to adapt the same to receive and hold a bottle or other like object.

2. Inadevice of the class described, a substantially semi-circular supporting rod, means for securing the ends of said rod to the opposite walls of a baby carriage or the "like, a collar rotatably mounted on said rod and freely movable from end to end thereof, means for securing said collar in any pos1- tion of adjustment on said rod, an arm having one end secured to said collar and extending transversely of'said rod, and means on the opposite end of said arm for securing a nursing bottle thereon.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing as our invention we have hereunto signed our names this 24th day of March, A. D.


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