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Publication numberUS1863256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1932
Filing dateNov 20, 1930
Priority dateNov 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1863256 A, US 1863256A, US-A-1863256, US1863256 A, US1863256A
InventorsEdward C Snoddy
Original AssigneeEdward C Snoddy
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Baby blanket
US 1863256 A
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June 14, 1932. l E. c. sNoDDY 1,863,256

f f BABY BLANKET Filed Nov. 20. 1930' I l; s 2.14.1 E. C. 51100105( Patented lJune v14, 1932 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BABY BLANXET Application led November 20, 1930. Serial No. 487,008.

This invention relates to baby blankets and has for its object the provision of a crib blanket which shall keep the baby securely covered; which cooperates with the mattress I to resist displacement; which is adjustable in size to accommodate it to any desired number of undercoverings; which has a fr ont Hap normally forming closed seams at its sides with the rest of the blanket but capable of be- 10 ing quicklyturned down to give access to the baby for changing purposes; which preferably provides for exposure of the underside of the mattress for Ventilating the same and which can be opened fiatv for laundering. Other objects of the invention will a pear as the following description of a pre erred and practical embodiment thereof proceeds.

Inthe drawing in which the same charactersv of reference have been used through-- 9 out the several gures to denote identical parts:

Figure 1 is a. perspective view of a blanket embodying the principles of the invention in closed position;

Fi re 2 is a similar view-showing the blan et with the iap turned down;

Fi re 3 is an underneath plan view of the bl et; and

Figure 4 is a 1 spread flat.

Referring now in detail to the several figures, the numeral 1 refers in general to the l blanket which is adapted to encompass a mattress as is suggested in Figures 'l and 2, bel ing formed with slits 2 and 3 at its sides, and preferably adjacent the sides of the mattress, said slits extending from one end of the blanket and terminating short of the other end. The slits define a middle flap 4, side wing portions 5 and 6 and a foot portion 7. l

The slits are preferably furnished with uick operable closures such for instance as t e slide type seam fastenings 8.

The side wing portions 5 and 6 and the 5 foot portion 7 are preferably provided with Alacin eyelets 9 throu h which a` cord or suitale lacing 10 may e strung so that the side wing portions and foot portion can be plan view of the blanket drawn toward one another beneath the mat-` tress.

It will be understood that when the mattress is in position on the crib the weight of the mattress holds the blankets a ainst displacement.' The lacing is adjusta le to provide any desired degree of fullness for u the blanket for the purpose of accommodatin any number of layers of under-covers.

t will be understood that when the slide t pe fastenings are in closed position as own in Figure 1, the child is securely covw ered and the seams closed in such a manner as to be draftproof. Figure 2 shows that the slide type fasteners may be quickly opened to permit the a 4 to be turned down, giving access to the ba y. Since the slits 2 and 3 are formed adjacent the sides of the mattress, the latter holds the wing portions 5 and 6 securely in position, preventing the blanket from sagging at the sides when the slide type fastenings are closed or opened. ,u

It will be observed in Figure 3 that the side wing portions and foot portion are preferably of such size as to terminate short of the middle portion of the mattress, leaving the latter exposed and thus giving opportunity for the ventilation of the mattress.

It will be noted from Fi ure 4 that the blanket may be folded out at to facilitate laundering and particularly ironing of the Same. 30

It is of course, understood that the slide type fastenings may be substituted by other equivalent quick operable seam closing means, and that the lacing by'which the side and vfoot portions of the blanket are brought a5 toward one another beneath the mattress is merel illustrative of any desirable equivalent t at may be adopted in practice.

WhatI claim is: Y

1. Crib blanket having longitudinal slits on both sides extending from one end and terminating shortof the other end, defining a iap bounded by'side wing 'portions and a foot portion, means carried by said wing portions and foot portion for drawing said 05 portions toward one another beneath a mattess, and slide type fasteners for closing said s its.

2. Crib blanketV comprising a fiat member adapted to cooperate with a mattress, said member having lon 'tudinal slits on both sides spaced apart su stantially the width of the mattress,4 extending fromone end and terminating short of the other end, defining a Hap bounded by side wing portions, adapted to extend under the sides of the mattress and to be retained in position by said Inattress, and a foot portion adapted to tuck under the foot of the mattress, means for drawing the wing portions toward one another beneath said mattress, and slide type fasteners for closing said slits.

In testimony whereof I affix my si nature.


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U.S. Classification5/494, 12/146.00B
International ClassificationA47G9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47G9/083
European ClassificationA47G9/08