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Publication numberUS1863323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1932
Filing dateJan 27, 1932
Priority dateJan 27, 1932
Publication numberUS 1863323 A, US 1863323A, US-A-1863323, US1863323 A, US1863323A
InventorsBerne Celestin
Original AssigneeMaurice Daniells
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Detachable spring hinge
US 1863323 A
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June 14, 1932. c BERNE 1,863,323

DETACHABLE SPRING HINGE Filed Jan. 27, 1932 Fly] I INVENTOR. Celeszm Berna A TTORNE Y Patented June 14, 1932 UNITED STATES PATENT- @FHQE GELESTIN BERNE, or BRIDGEPORT, GONNECTIGUT,ASS1G1\TQR or ONE-HALF 'ro MAURICE DANIELLS, or MILFORD, connncrrour 1 DETAGHABLE SPRING HINGE Application filed January 27, 1932. Serial ll'o. 585L160.

My invention relates to hinges and more particularly to spring hinges such as are commonly used on screen and storm doors and has for its object to providea novel form of separable hinge whereby a door may be readily detached from its casing without the necessity of removing a number of screws from the door or casing, as is usually customary, and wherein it is only necessary to operate thumb screw for the releasement of each hinge from the casing and whereby the door and its attached hinges may be readily taken down.

The hinge for the most part is constructed 1 along the usual conventional lines comprising two sections or leaf members hingedly connected together and having a pivotal pin and coil spring that normally holds the leaves in aligned relation and when attached to a door tends to hold the same closed.

My invention more specifically resides in the employment of a specially formed plate adapted to be permanently attached to a door casing. or the door if desired. and to adapt one of the leaves of the hinge for positioning and removable attachment to the plate whereby the hinge and its attacheddoor may be conveniently and quickly attached to the plate and door casing.

With these and other objects in view. the invention resides and consists in the construction and novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described. illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and

pointed out in the claims hereto appended,

it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size. and minor details of construction within the scope of the claims may be resorted to without departure from the spirit, or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention. Similar characters of reference denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several figures of the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification and upon which Fig. 1 shows a front elevation of my im proved detachable spring hinge, shown applied to a portion of a door casing and screen 0 door;

Fig. 2 is a side .view, as seen from the left, Fig. 1, though in a horizontal position;

Fig. 3 is'a cross sectional View, through the hinge including the attaching plate, taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1; I

Fig. 4 is a plan View of the plate member of the hinge detached; and

Fig. 5 is a detail showing a modified form of means for clamping the hinge leaf and plate together.

Referring more particularly to the drawing in which like characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several figures. 10 represents a portion of a door casingand 11 a small section of a screen door and to both of which parts my improved detachable spring hinge is shown attached. 12 represents the leaf of the spring which is shown attached to the door 11 by means of screws 13. '14 represents the companion leaf member which is in part-of special construction, but like the member 12 is provided at its opposite end portions with outwardly disposed ears or flanges 15.

, Corresponding flanges 16-16 ber 12 are positioned against the inner sides of theflanges 15 and all of the saidflanges are provided with aligned holes to receive the pivotal pin 17 upon which a coil spring 18 is positioned, one end portion 19 being disin posed against one leaf 12 of thespring and the other end 20 being disposed upon the other leaf 14, the inner edge portions 21 of the leaves being adapted to engage and limit the action of the spring.

The base portion of the leaf 14 is deflected or bowed as at 22, and is provided with an elongated opening 23; The underface 24*0f this base portion of the leaf 14 normally lies slightly above the underface of the companion leaf. member 12, so asto provide space of the memlie for the plate 25 to which the hinge is ati tached; This plate is elongated as shown and like the leaf 14,:is preferably bowed cross- I wise of itslength, but not quiteas much as that of the leaf member so-that in the loose assembling of the two parts there remains a space between the two toallow for the clamping action which is efi'ected by theoperation of the thumb screw 26 positioned upon the top side of the base 14 and whose threaded screw end engages a flange nut 27 that is positioned in a shouldered hole of the plate and against the underside of the plate.

The thumb screw, as will be seen, is flanged to form an elongated engaging surface 28 that is" adapted to freely pass through the elongated opening of the member 14 and be turned against the inclinedsurfaces of the edge portion ofthe openingtin the leafin a way to draw the yieldable deflected portions of the leaf and plate members together,- with a clamping action, and which serves to secure the leaf to the plate. Any suitable form of clamping means may be employed such for instance a win ed thumb screw and nut, as shownin Figs. 2 and 3,01 a win ed nut and headed screw, as shown: in: Fig. 5 01 in fact a; simple form of'levere'd cam not shown, could be employed. 7 1

The white is provided with screx'v holes- 29 for its permanent atta'chment'to adoor frame and is provided w itli outwardly projecting bosses 30 upon its side and end portions,- see Figs. 1, 2 and 4, intermediate of the leaf member of the hinge is positi oned' and held against vertical or lateral movement, preparatory to as well as afterthe clamping operation; 7

The hinge is preferably constructed of sheet metal and therefore boththe' deflected or bowed base member of'the leaf 145i and the retaining-plate 25 are more or" less flexible and adapted to be drawn together by the screw with a yielding resistance in a way to insure a. firm clamp action? of thetwo parts This result may also be obtained if but one of the members bedefle'cted, as for instance the leaf member, and whereby a yi'eldabl'e straight-plate could be as effectively clamped long as there was ample space'between the bowed leaf member and said straight-plate;

Having thus described my invention what I claimand desire to' secure by Letters Patexit is 1. A detachable spcing hinge,- comprising in part, two leaf membei s hingedly connected together, thebase portion of one of, the

said leaf members incli'iding" a deflected yieldable portion provided: witlr an opening therethrou-gh a yi-eldable retainingpiate for permanent atta-chmentto a door frameg-upon which the said: deflected" leaf is positioned; and clam-ping? means carried: by saidplate plate for permanent attachment to a door frame upon which the yieldable leaf memher is mounted, and clamping means carried I by said plate and adapted to enter the opening and clamp the deflected leaf and plate together;- v r A detachablespring hinge, comprising twov spring actuated leaf members hingedly connected togethenthe base portion of one o'fsai'd' leaf. members including a deflected yieldab'le portion provided with an opening therethrough, a deflected yieldable retaining-plate for permanent attachment to a door frame; upon which the said deflected leaf is positioned and clamping means carried by'sai'd plate and adapt-"ed toenter'the opening and" clamp the deflected leaf? and plateZ'tog-ether; 1 v

4 Av detachable. spring hinge; comprising two spring? actuated leaf. members hinged'ly connected together; the base portion: on one ofrsaid leaf members including." an: outwardly deflected yieldable portion provided; with an opening therethrough, aa yieldabl'e' retainingplate' for permanent attachment to a; door 1 frame up on which the yieliia'ble leaf memben is mountedgsaid plate being'provided: with lugs to engage the edge portions-of the leaf to hold it in: place; and clamping means carried by said plate and a'daptedrto: enter the 1 opening-andbe' operated: to clamp the deflected leaf and platetogethen- 5. A detachable spring hinge,. comprising two" spring actuated: leaf members hingcdly connected together, the base: portionofone of saidleaf members being bowed and yieldable and provided with an elongated: open ingftherethrough, a yieldable bowed retain ing pla-te for attachment toadoon frame-and designed tosupport" said bowed leaf memher in yieldable spaced relation, clamping means carried. by said plate and adapted to enter the opening and be operated to clamp the deflected leaf and plate together. Signed at Bridgeport, in the. county of 9' Fairlield and State of Gomieoticut, this 23rd day off-January, A. D. 1982, c


and adapted to enter the opening be v operated to clamp the deflected: leaf and plate together.

2. A detachable spring hinge; comprising twoleaf membershingedlv connected together,, a coiled spring attached thereto to V retain the two said leaf members in normal positions, the base portion of one of said leaf members includingv an outwardly deflected yieldable portion providedwith an opening tl'ierethroughg, a yieldable retaining-

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