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Publication numberUS1863482 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1932
Filing dateJul 7, 1930
Priority dateJul 7, 1930
Publication numberUS 1863482 A, US 1863482A, US-A-1863482, US1863482 A, US1863482A
InventorsIsaacs Harry Z
Original AssigneeIsaacs Harry Z
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US 1863482 A
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H. Z. ISAACS June 14, 1932,


BREECHES Application filed July 7, 1930.' Serial No. 466,254.

This invention relates to breeches, and particularly to what are known as serv ce breeches, which have the general ch aracteristics of riding breeches.

Breeches as at present generally constructed have their bottoms, which embrace the calves of the legs of the wearer usually to within a short distance of the ankles, provided with buttons or lacing means whereby they may be securely adjusted in position conforming to the shape of the calf of the leg from the under portion of the knee down, so that a legging, puttee, boot or other leg covering may fit over them neatly and comfortabl reeches so constructed have the disadvantage, when their bottoms are thus adjusted, of being so securely fixed in position at the lower leg portions that bending of the knees i is apt to cause ripping, tearing and excessive wear at their knee portions in spite of the reinforcements commonly employed.

It is the object of this invention to so construct the breeches bottoms that they will .1 provide marked flexibility under the conditions of wear mentioned, whereby the ripping and tearing referred to are avoided, but the required neatness and snugness of fit retained.

The invention contemplates breeches hav ing bottoms adapted to embrace the calves of the legs of the wearer, these bottoms having their back portions provided with resilient inserts so arranged as to provide elasticity in the breeches bottoms, whereby the bottoms may conform readily to the shape of the legs of the wearer and furnish suflicient elasticity upon bending of the knees to counteract the strains thereby placed upon the knee portions of the breeches, as will be hereinafter more 1 particularly explained and finally claimed.

In the accompanying drawing illustrating the invention, in the several figures of which like parts are similarly designated, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the rear of breeches embodying the features of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary elevation of the lower waistband l to the lower edges of the bottoms 5, preferably in one piece, but the back leg portions 3 terminate at a point adjacent to the bend of the knee of the wearer and have the back portions or backs of the bottoms joined to them by seams 6.

As illustrated in Fig. 2, the lower edges of the back leg portions 3 are curved as inclicated at 7, and the upper edges of the backs of the bottoms are complementa-lly reversely curved as indicated at 8, so that when these edges 7 and 8 are joined by stitching in the seam 6, they will provide a fullness at the knees of the breeches and a calf in the bottoms.

The backs of the bottoms, which form the salient feature of the invention, include two substantially similar preferably tapering members 9 usually formed from the material of which the breeches are made, and between these two pieces is assembled a reversely tapering r Wedgeshaped insert of resilient material 10, such as elastic webbing. These three parts are joined to each other by appropriate stitching, as indicated at 11.

After the backs of the bottoms have been joined to the back leg portions 3 by the seams 6 and the reinforcing members or patches 4 stitched in place, the front and back leg portions, including the bottoms, are properly assembled by means of the outer seams 12 and the inseams 13 and the finishing of the breeches is completed.

Referring to Fig. 1, it will be seen that a portion of the leg and foot of a wearer is shown in broken lines at 14:. This illustrates the approximate normal location of the parts of the breeches legs relatively to the portions of the legs of the wearer, particularly as regards the calf of the wearers leg and the breeches bottom. From this it will be seen that the resilient inserts 10 cause the breeches bottoms to snugly and neatly conform to the calves of the legs so as to give the desired fit necessary for comfortable application over them of puttees, leggings, boots and other leg coverings.

In addition to the fact that the fit thus obtained is comparable with that furnished by breeches bottoms having as their fastening means buttons, lacings and the like, the breeches bottoms of the invention provide a resiliency which will enhance the comfort of the wearer and will, when the knees are bent, relieve the strain upon the seams and fabric of the breeches adjacent to the knees.

Moreover, the resiliency of the breeches bottoms permits them not only to conform to the shape of the legs of the wearer but to move up and down thereon to relieve strains when necessary. This latter is impossible in breeches which are tightly buttoned or laced at their bottoms and must necessarily maintain a relatively fixed position.

It will be noted that by assembling the wedge-shaped pieces of resilient material 10 as parts of the backs of the bottoms the breeches may be made in the customary manner so far as the various parts ordinarily comprising breeches are concerned.

By forming the resilient members 10 of wedge shape and having their portions of greatest width at the bottom edges of the breeches bottoms the greatest resiliency is provided at the portions of the bottoms of least diameter. Thus the feet of the wearer may be passed through the breeches bottoms with ease.

Various changes are considered to be within the spirit of the invention and the scope of the following claims.

What I claim is 2-- 1. In breeches, a leg bottom of tapering tubular form, said bottom having a front and a back, said back including two relatively non-resilient members and a tapering rematerial and bottoms, each of said bottoms having a front and a back, and each of said backs including two relatively non-resilient members and an interposed resilient member joined to one edge of each of said non-resilient members, and the opposite edges of said non-resilient members joined to the edges of said front.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 1st day of July, A. D. 1930. HARRY Z. ISAACS.

silient member interposed between and joined to one edge of each of said relatively nonresilient members, said resilient member having its portion of greatest width arranged at the portion of said bottom of least diameter, and the opposite edges of said non-resilient members joined to the edges of said front.

2. In breeches, legs having front portions and back portions of relatively non-resilient

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