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Publication numberUS186487 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 23, 1877
Filing dateJul 1, 1876
Publication numberUS 186487 A, US 186487A, US-A-186487, US186487 A, US186487A
InventorsWilliam L. Miltz
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Improvement in head-rests
US 186487 A
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w. L. MILTZ.


-Patented Jan.23,1877.



Specification forming part of Le tters Patent N o. 1 86,487, dated January 23, 1877 application filed July 1, 1876. I

P the peculiar construction and combination of the devices for that purpose, as more fully hereinafter set forth.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a lounge-frame fitted with my improvement.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical section of the same.

In the drawing, Arepresentsaportion of the I frame ofa lounge, to which the head A is hinged I atain such a manner that it can be tilted up, as

shown. To the inner face of each side of the headis secured an arc-shaped ratchet, B, termi-' nating at its lower end in a rounded projection, b. O is a rock-shaft, transversely journaled in the frame A, and provided with two pawls, c c,

which engage with the, serrations of the ratchets. It is also provided near the middle with a toe, d, above which an idler-lever, D, is journaled in a slot in a bracket, E, secured to theihead-g'irt of the main frame. A notch, c, is cut in the under side of the lever D, into which the toe d is swept when the ratchets are raised so high as to have their projections b act upon the pawls c, in which case the latter are held out of contact with the ratchets,

thus allowing the latter to be dropped down,-

when it is desired, with the head-piece. Just before the latter is lowered into its normal position a stud, f, pendent from its lower edge, strikes the short arm of the lever, which de presses it, raising the long arm, and releases the toe of the rock-shaft, which then, under the weight of the toe and pawls, turnsfar enough to bring the latter in position to engage with the ratchets. A stopplate, g, on the main frame prevents the ratchets from being raised too far.

The head-piece being down, it may be raised to any desired angle, at which it will be supported by the pawls. To lower it,raise it until arrested by the stop-plates, when the pawls will be disengaged from the ratchets, and it then can be dropped down.

The improvement in question is equally appli'cable to and available for adjusting the backs of couches and reclining-chairs.

What I claim as my invention is The combination, with the frame A, of the head-piece A hinged thereto, and the ratchets B B, rock-shaft U, pawls c c, toe d, notched lever D, and stud f, all arranged to operate substantially as described, for the purpose specified.


Witnesses! WM. H. Lorz, GEo. FROMMANN.

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