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Publication numberUS1865030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1932
Filing dateJun 24, 1931
Priority dateJun 24, 1931
Publication numberUS 1865030 A, US 1865030A, US-A-1865030, US1865030 A, US1865030A
InventorsTerrance Mccauley William
Original AssigneeTerrance Mccauley William
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Back rest
US 1865030 A
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June 28, 1932. w. T. MCCAULEY 1,865,030


This invention relates to improvements in back rests.

At the present time back rests have many uses, those generally known being for invalids, for visitors on vacational purposes, sitting on beaches, for canoei'sts, picnic parties, and the like, and such back rests have proven very useful and acceptable under such circumstances, but the difliculty of procuring back rests which are strong and durable, readily adjusted, collapsible, and possessing all the advantages which are necessary for transportation, packing, etc., are never found in one particular form of back rest. It is with this object in view that I have invented my improved back rest which may be formed of light metal which is, consequently, indestructible under ordinary weather conditions and is provided with slip 20. on covers which may be removed and washed and then .replaced when found necessary. Besides which, the back restcan be folded into a flat package so that several rests will only take up a minimum of space and thus be 2 capable of being transported when found desirable.

Further objects are to render the back rest 5 of simple construction and notliable to go out of repair and in which the adjustment of such back rest relative to the seat portion may be carried out in a minimum of time and effort; besides which, the inclination of the back may be varied to suit the desires of the person using the same. Other objects of the invention will be made clear as the specification proceeds.

So that the nature of my invention will be clearly understood, I have illustrated a pre ferred embodiment of the same, but I wish it i to be understood that I do not limit myself to this construction, but reserve the right to modify the same within the scope of my appended claims in which I have set forth the type of back rest which I claim to be new.

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved seat and back rest.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same with the canvas removed.

1 931. seiia1 No. 546,606.

Like characters of reference refer to like parts in the several figures.

Referring to the drawing,

'10 represents a seat which consists of V rectangular frame 13 of flat iron or other 5 like material which is practically indestructible with ordinary usage-and care, and on this rectangular frame is mounted a slip cover of canvas or other fabric as indicated at 9 and this slip cover is provided with tapes 25 by 00 means of which it is secured in position on the frame.

The side members of the rectangular frame '13 are provided with angle brackets 19 on the vertical arms of which slots 23and24 05 are provided, while at the forward ends of the angle brackets orifices 8 are provided with which the lower ends 21 of the U-shaped frame of the back rest 11 hingedly engage. The U-shaped frame 11 consists of side members 15 having the lower ends 18 offset and their upper ends also offset, providing a suitable combined form of backand head rest. The side members 15 are provided with brackets 17 for an object which will be made clear hereafter.

The U-shaped frame of the back rest is covered with a canvas slip-on cover 11A and is secured in position by eyelets 26, but any other form of fabric cover may be utilized if such is found desirable.

Extending rearwardly from the rectangular frame 13 is a U-shaped frame 14, the side arms of which engage with eithenof the orifices 23 and 24 asis found'desirable and the rear end of the frame 14 is upturned as shown at]. The parallel arms of the U- shaped frame14 ar provided with stop members 20.

A U-shaped prop or support 16 has its side arms pivotally mounted to the brackets 17 and thesaid side ,arms project slightly to overlap the said arms of the U-shaped frame 14, while the cross bar engages with one of the stop members 20 or with the turned 05 members 7 at the rear end of the frame 14.

The assembly of my combined seat and back rest will be readily understood from the foregoing description.

When the back rest is in use, it is positioned I00 to suit the desires of the user and then the back rest 11 is dropped to the proper angle of inclination with the support 16 engaging with the stop members 20 on the frame 14:

thereby retaining the back at the proper angle relative to the seat 10. If desired, the U-shaped frame let may be engaged with either the slot 23 or 24, depending on whether the user desires a more upright back rest.

When the back rest is to be transported from one place to another the support 16 is merely swung in towards the frame of the back rest 11 allowing the back rest to collapse and lie fiat on top of the seat 10 and the frame 14, in which position it will take up a minimum of space and several seat and back rests may be so packed and form a very small package which is capable of being readily handled as the seat and back rests are ex- 0 tremely light in weight.

Asthe back support is pivoted to the seat intermediate of the length of same, there is no bottom bar which will uncomfortably project into the back of the user to disturb 3 his rest while he is reclining.

' From the above description, it will be seen that I have invented a seat and back rest which may be used in sick beds, camping purposes, picnic parties, either on boats or in canoes or pleasure yachts, the seat and back rest being of such a nature that it will adequately perform the functions required of it under all ordinary circumstances.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A combined seat and back rest, comprising a rectangular frame having a slip-on cover thereon, angle brackets on the seat frame, an adjustable back rest pivotally attached to the rectangular frame, a rearwardly extending U-shaped frame having projections on the sides thereof and adjustably connected to the angle brackets, and a support coacting with the back rest and the U-shaped frame, as and for the purpose specified.

2. A combined seat and back rest, comprising a frame having a slip-on cover thereon, angle brackets on the frame, a U-shaped back rest, having a slip-on cover thereon, the back rest being pivotally attached to the angle brackets, a support attached to the vU-shaped back frame, and a rearwardly extending U-shaped frame adjustably connected to the angle brackets and having stops thereon adapted to coact with the support,

as and for the purpose specified.

Signed at Ottawa, this 17th day of June,


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