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Publication numberUS1865127 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1932
Filing dateAug 26, 1931
Priority dateAug 26, 1931
Publication numberUS 1865127 A, US 1865127A, US-A-1865127, US1865127 A, US1865127A
InventorsWilliam Mckeen Clarence
Original AssigneeWilliam Mckeen Clarence
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Gun sighting
US 1865127 A
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I A June A28,

CROSS REFERENCE c.`w. MCKEN i I y1.1)865f127f aux slmir'lya.-

Filed Aug; 2s: '1.931` y CLARENCE WILLIAM Maxl-IEN, OP XAPUBKASING, OIbITABIO, CANADA GUN SIGHTING applicano ma .iugm 2a, 1an. semi au. 559,441.

The object of the invention is to attach a flashlight to a gun so that its beam of light will illuminate the object at. which the gun is aimed. The flashlight is so mounted hetween the front and the rear sights that it obviates blurring attendant upon night shooting or when the daylight is so poor as to render'it ditcult to aim accurate y..

A salient feature of the attaching clamp is l0 that it holds the flashlight to one side of thc barrel in order not to obstruct the sight.

A very distinctive feature of the invention resides in the provision of means for varying the clamp to adapt it to .various sizes of ns.

eferrin to the drawing, Figure 1 illustrates a tias ilight attached to a rifle by means of the present invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged cross section taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the clamp shown in Figure 2.

Fi re 4 1s an edge View of links composin t e adjusting means of the clamp. The

lin ts are shown detached from each other.

Figure 5 is a plan view of Figure 4.

Like numerals of reference indicate corre-4 spondin parts in each ofthe figures throughout the rawing.

3 In the drawing, the reference numeral 6 denotes a conventional rifle to which the. invention is applied. The barrel 7 has the usual front sight 8 and the rear sight 9.

10 designates the .flashlight which is of suit able type for the pur ose and is attached to the stock 11 interme iate of the gun-sights. It may be here remarked that the fiashlight itself does not form a art of the invention as it may be of any ma e that is of suitable construction. s

The flashlight is positioned to one side of the rifle at an angle of about and attachei by the clamp constitutin the invention, which clamp is generally indicated by the numeral 12. l

The clamp is composed of two hands 13 and 14 joined 4together at 15. The band 13 cneenzpasses the flashlight und is split so that tn e ends 16 can he dmail' together by the wing nut 17 cn the bolt 18,

. The band 14 is of like construction, the ends 19 being drawn together by the wing nnt i2@ on the bolt 21. It. is preferable to line this band to prevent its marring the barret and stock about which' it is eireninposed; A 5- serrated lining :'22 of rnhber or other xnatci rial may he employed for this purpose.

To provide for varying the band 1l toenable it to be adjusted to ditlerent .sr/:es of gun stocks, means may be interposed in the UW band strip. The means may consist of a pluralityv of links 23 that can he readily detached to shorten the band. One end of each link has an open female element 24 and the other end has a pintle 25 transversely extended and 7' joined to the body 26 at each vend by a narrow neck of material 2 of a lesser thickness than the width of the opening of the female element 24. The band terminals 28 are similarly fashioned.

By this construction the links can be inserted and removed by merely swinging them to an abnormal angle that brings the narrow necks of material 27 in register with the opening of the respective female element so that the pintle can be slipped in or ont of the engaged female element.

1. A clamp for attaching a flashlight to a gun, said clamp consisting of a bard for encompassing the flashlight, a hand for encompassing the. gnrr2 said bands being joined together and individnaily split, wing nuts and bolts for drawing the split portions of the bands together, and detachable links interposed in the gun band for varying its size.

2. A clamp for attaching a flashlight to a gun, said clamp consisting of a band for encompassing the flashlight, a band for encompassing the gun, said hands being joined toethenand ncizirlxally sollt, wing nuts and bolts for drawing xe sp it Dortons of the bands together, and' detnchalvle links interposed in thegun band, each link having an 5 open female end and s. pintle at the other end joined' to the body of he link b narrow neck portions of a lesser thickness an the width of the opening ofvthe female end.

Signed nt Kapusknsng, Ontario, Canada, 10 this 12th dav of August` 1931.


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U.S. Classification24/329, 362/110, 362/396, 362/191
International ClassificationF41G1/387, F41G1/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41G11/004
European ClassificationF41G11/00B6